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Peter Davison stars as the Doctor in this classic story about the Doctor battling to save the Earth from destruction within the confines of an underwater nuclear missile base. Two warring factions now control the World, with one hiding their telepathy based nuclear missile system hidden beneath the see. The arrival of the Doctor on the base also alerts a series of sea dwelling creatures to the base and threatens to see the World destroyed as the different armies begin a battle over control of the base.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
January 5, 1984
Fantasy, Science Fiction
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Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep Full Episode Guide

  • The Silurians now have total control of Sea Base 4 and its proton missiles. They intend to trigger a full scale war on Earth that will wipe out the human race. The Doctor tries to find a solution that will save both the humans and the Silurians, but he is eventually forced to make a very difficult choice.

  • The Myrka continues its devastating attack on Sea Base 4 and the Doctor can only halt its progress temporarily. Meanwhile, traitors within the base are working to sabotage the defences. When the Doctor catches up with them the confrontation alerts a Sea Devil patrol.

  • The Sea Devils launch their attack on Sea Base 4 with the Doctor and Tegan inside. The Doctor's attempt to broker peace fails and the Sea Base retaliates with a missile attack which backfires badly. The Silurians then send the Myrka, a giant reptilian machine, to attack one of the base's airlocks.

  • A cold war between two superpowers is being fought on Earth in the year 2084. Deep down on the ocean floor the reptilian Sea Devils and Silurians are planning an attack on a missile base, their aim is to eradicate all humans and take back the planet. As tensions begin to escalate, the Doctor arrives in orbit during a tour he is giving to Tegan.

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