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  • TV-Y7
  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 5.6  (25)

Dream Defenders is a thrilling animated series that aired on 3net in 2011. The show originated from the collaboration of 3net, a joint venture network from Discovery, Sony and IMAX, and Tiny Island Productions, a top-notch Singaporean animation company. The show follows the story of a brother and sister who protect the world from nightmares that come to life in their dreams.

The plot of the show is set in a fictional world called Sigmund, where dreams have the power to materialize into reality. The main characters of the show, a dynamic duo named Zoey and her younger brother Zane, are both sorcerers and capable of entering the dream realm to fight against the evil that ruins people's dreams. They are joined by a range of allies, including their grandfather, who trains them in their magical abilities, and a helpful creature named Iceling, who has the power to freeze enemies.

The team of fighters are known as Dream Defenders and draw upon magical powers to fight against various monsters and villains who seek to take over the dream realm. These enemies can come in many forms, from giant bosses and hostile environments to more subtle threats like manipulative mind-benders and menacing illusions. If the Dream Defenders lose, the enemies from the shattered dreamlands could enter the real world and threaten both Sigmund and Earth.

The show's style of animation is one of its most distinguishable features. The 3D graphics are top-notch, created with a great sense of detail and attention to natural movements. The style feels fluid - making it feel more like a video game than a television series. The attention to detail extends into the characters' designs and the broader landscape of each episode. The show boasts one of the most visually immersive experiences one can find in an animated series.

The creators of Dream Defenders make an effort to weave in some teaching moments into their episodes, educating viewers in a way that subtly reconciles folklore and culture from around the world with its storyline. The show draws on many mythological elements and global cultural references to create environments and mixes of magical powers that are both fascinating and authentic. The series strikes a balance between 'monster-of-the-week' style menacing creatures and more complex villains who have motives that transcend their ambition for pandemonium.

The soundtrack is also worth noting, with bubble gum upbeat music beds matched with a techno-pop-infused needle drops. The sound design is crisp and adapts seamlessly to each episode, heightening the tension and immersing viewers further into the show's dream world.

Overall, Dream Defenders is an engrossing tale with rigorous animation that pushes the boundaries of what is capable with 3D rendering technology. It's a series with a lot of heart and substance, which makes it a rare gem in the animated world. With a unique premise, relatable characters, stunning visuals, and a solid storyline, the series is a must-watch for anyone who loves high-quality animated shows that strike a balance between drama, action, and fun.

Dream Defenders is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 2011.

Dream Defenders
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MIST ery Part 3
26. MIST ery Part 3
November 17, 2012
After Dr Daedelus, Zeus's creator and the first human to consciously enter the Dreamworlds, is captured, he refuses to reveal how he traveled between worlds. Icela then snags Dr Mercer's dreamer to help her instead, and its up to the kids to save the day.
M.I.S.T.-ery, Part Three
26. M.I.S.T.-ery, Part Three
December 29, 2013
When Dr. Daedelus, Zeus's creator and the first human to consciously enter the Dreamworlds, is captured, he refuses to divulge how he traveled between worlds.
M.I.S.T.-ery, Part 2
25. M.I.S.T.-ery, Part 2
December 29, 2013
Zane races against time to rescue Zoey, whose dream-self had been captured by a monster under the command of the Dreamworld's imperious queen Icela . Zeus gives Zane a high-tech Neural-suit, but that alone might not be enough to help him defeat the MOMOK.
Dancing with the
24. Dancing with the "˜80s
November 2, 2012
When Zane and Zoey's class have a "retro 1980s" dance party, a Dreamwalking Ms. Bunsen starts to trash the place. The twins must unravel why a horrifying Disco-Momok has snagged Ms. Bunsen's Dreamer, who appears 14-years-old in her dream.
Dancing with the '80s
24. Dancing with the '80s
December 28, 2013
When Zane and Zoey's class have a "retro 1980s" dance party, a Dreamwalking Ms. Bunsen starts to trash the place. The twins must unravel why a horrifying Disco-Momok has snagged Ms. Bunsen's Dreamer, who appears 14-years-old in her dream.
Exo-icela Breaks Through
23. Exo-icela Breaks Through
December 27, 2013
Nodd & Druul built an exoskeleton which allows Icela to remotely control the menacing Deprevator, which follow Zane and Zoey back to the Real World! Zane and Zoey must stop The Deprivator without their powers which only work in the Dreamworlds.
M.I.S.T.-ery, Part One
22. M.I.S.T.-ery, Part One
December 28, 2013
Zane and Zoey discover a supercomputer named Zeus, who has a way to show them to the Dreamworlds.
Family Business
21. Family Business
December 27, 2013
Zane and Zoey discover new information about Dr. Mercer's father.
Hi, Dad
20. Hi, Dad
December 26, 2013
Zeus is excited to find Dr. Daedelus, but it could be a trap.
19. Fearless
December 26, 2013
Nodd and Druul are stunned to discover a human Dreamer that they cannot scare with a monster. It's Steph, whose off-center, wacky, illogical imagination has made her nightmare-proof! Can the twins rescue Steph before Icela discovers her hidden fears!
Big Man on Campus
18. Big Man on Campus
December 25, 2013
Zane and Zoey attempt to right the situation when Chad changes schools and his reputation causes nightmares.
Nodd & Druul 2.0
17. Nodd & Druul 2.0
December 25, 2013
Icela gets fed up with Nodd and Druul, and replaces them with the haughty Dribble & Snooze. After they succeed in capturing Zane and Zoey, the twins must convince Nodd & Druul to help them escape in return for their old job.
Drama Queen
16. Drama Queen
November 4, 2012
As Vi pushes everyone to the limit to stage the perfect theater production, her dreams catch the attention of Icela. Though annoyed with Vi, Zane enters the Dreamworlds to rescue her, while Zoey must keep the real world play production from falling apart.
Fears of a Clown
15. Fears of a Clown
November 4, 2011
Class clown BILL has been pranking Zane lately. When the twins discover that Bill is Dreamwalking, they enter the Dreamworlds to rescue him, where a terrifying carnival of scares -led by a grinning Clown Momok -triggers Zoey's childhood fear of clowns.
The Back-Up Plan
14. The Back-Up Plan
October 31, 2012
Tucker freaks out when he loses all his data for his huge school project. But a backup exist. The twins must break into the mysterious Dreamworld warehouse where the dreams are "stored", while evading Icela's merciless elite Momok, THE DEPRIVATOR.
The Mind of a Child
13. The Mind of a Child
November 4, 2012
ZOEY gets more than she bargained for when she offers to babysit Dave's 2-year-old niece, Sue-Sue. It gets worse when a Dreamworlds emergency forces Zoey to find a replacement sitter, only to...
Queen of Meridian
12. Queen of Meridian
November 3, 2012
When Icela mistakes Lydia Mercer, mother of our twin heroes, to be the queen of Meridian, Zane and Zoey must go into their mother's dreams to rescue her, while confronting her greatest nightmare
Patel Mans up
11. Patel Mans up
November 3, 2013
Patel has always been bad at gym class. And yet in his nightmares, he is faster and stronger -especially when fleeing his nightmare monsters.
Neither Here Nor There
10. Neither Here Nor There
November 3, 2012
When Zane drops his communicator in the Dreamworlds, Icela uses it to attempt to cross over to the real world. But the attempt leaves her trapped halfway between our world and hers. When the twins attempt to retrieve the device, Zane gets trapped as well.
The Art of Icela
9. The Art of Icela
April 22, 2012
Icela has simultaneously taken over the other students in Zoey's art class. As the artists create images of Icela, the creative energy allows the villainess to start to cross over into the real world. Will the twins stop her before she crosses over?
The Fever Inside Me
8. The Fever Inside Me
April 22, 2012
Icela infects Zeus with a virus that causes him to break down. When Zane and Zoey try to help, Zeus switches their minds and bodies instead.
Saving Private Zane
7. Saving Private Zane
November 4, 2012
Zane is captured by Icela when he falls asleep without his Dreamblocker. When Zoey's solo attempt to rescue Zane fails, she recruits a terrified Patel to enter the Dreamworlds with her to save Zane by convincing Icela that she had captured the wrong boy.
Wanted: Daedelus or Alive
6. Wanted: Daedelus or Alive
November 6, 2011
Zane finds Hera, another supercomputer that zaps him into the Dreamworlds. There, he finds Dr. Daedelus, Zeus's creator, but is trapped with no way to return to the real world. Zoey goes in rescue him while managing Zeus's jealousy over his new "sister".
On the Ball
5. On the Ball
October 28, 2011
When Zoey's secret crush, Todd, starts to dreamwalk during a tennis competition, the twins dive into the dreamworlds to rescue him -and discover a dream version of Zoey. Now real Zoey must convince Dream Zoey to help them save Todd.
Game On
4. Game On
October 16, 2011
Zane goes nuts over the hot new online roleplaying game, Spawn of Odin, until the mysterious Viking King defeats him easily. And it only gets worse for our heroes when Icela gets Dennis, the player behind the Viking King, to train her new super momok!
I Walked With a Teacher
3. I Walked With a Teacher
October 9, 2011
When Dreamworld engineers Nodd and Druul tricks Coach Stubble into building a Sleep Field Generator powerful enough send scores of Meridian residents to sleep, Zane and Zoey must find a way to stay awake while foiling Icela's plan to capture them.
Lights, Camera, Traction
2. Lights, Camera, Traction
October 2, 2011
Patel's uncle, who owns Meridian's movie theater, somehow opens a portal to the Dreamworlds with his projector! As momoks enter the real world, a powerless Zane tries to stop them while Zoey goes solo into the Dreamworlds to pull the plug on the portal.
Food Fight
1. Food Fight
September 25, 2011
When diner owner Dave gets caught by a momok, Zane and Zoey must travel to the Dreamworlds to save him, while keeping one step ahead of Icela. And they must hurry, or the chaos at the diner will be broadcast on live TV by their reporter mum, Lydia.
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Dream Defenders is available for streaming on the 3net website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dream Defenders on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon and The Roku Channel Free.
  • Premiere Date
    September 25, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    5.6  (25)