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  • 2016
  • 8 Seasons
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Rescuers Down Under
9. Rescuers Down Under
May 16, 2020
After Dr. Michelle Oakley sees the devastation caused by Australian wildfires, she travels there with her daughter, Sierra. The Oakleys help rescue kangaroos, transporting them to a wildlife triage clinic. Later, they help a koala sanctuary find a survivor and nurse it back to health.
Porcupine Posse
8. Porcupine Posse
May 9, 2020
At the clinic, Dr. Oakley gets puppies ready for adoption. Then, she examines a cat to find the cause of her seizures and tries to remove an odd lump from a French bulldog. In the field, Dr. Oakley discovers a problem that's infesting reindeer and gets an unpleasant surprise from a famous porcupine.
At the Cow Wash
7. At the Cow Wash
May 2, 2020
While examining cattle at Dev Hurlburt's ranch, Dr. Oakley learns that a cow is suffering from a nasty infection. Back at the clinic, everyone is on pins and needles as the doc performs eye surgery on a therapy dog. Next, Dr. Oakley and Sierra journey to a remote village to treat the local dogs. Finally, the team investigates what's ailing two reindeer at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
I Quill Survive
6. I Quill Survive
April 25, 2020
I Quill Survive
Squawk Off!
5. Squawk Off!
April 18, 2020
Dr. Oakley checks if cattle are pregnant and even lets Sierra have a hands-on opportunity. Back at her clinic, she races to diagnose what's ailing a sick German shepherd. Then she heads next door with fellow vet Dr. Doyle to remove a warped horn from a goat. Finally, Sierra gets a chance to test her veterinary skills on an injured horse.
Hoarse Horse, A
4. Hoarse Horse, A
April 11, 2020
Dr. Oakley helps diagnose and treat a horse with walking-and-breathing problems. Her daughter finds a fox in need, and the whole family rallies together to give it a shot at survival. Finally, Dr. Oakley performs surgery on a puppy in hopes of lessening its chronic urinary-tract infections.
Miracle Dog, The
3. Miracle Dog, The
April 4, 2020
Dr. Oakley travels to the Williams Reindeer Farm to check on newborn reindeer calves, only to find that one of them is seriously ill. Then, the team runs tests on a moose with the hope of curing its bad cough. Back in her clinic, Dr. Oakley attempts to tame a naughty bunny.
Law of the Claw
2. Law of the Claw
March 28, 2020
Dr. Oakley and her daughters rush to save a dog that has ingested a bottle of pills. They team with Dr. Doyle to operate on a horse with a critical leg infection. Next, the Oakleys tackle the dagger-like talons of a great horned owl. Finally, Drs. Oakley and Doyle use an innovative treatment to combat a mass on a horse's face.
The Big Bad Wolf
1. The Big Bad Wolf
March 21, 2020
The Big Bad Wolf

  • Premiere Date
    March 19, 2016