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Ed's Up! is a show that takes place in a variety of countries, cities, states, and towns. Since 2006, Ed Robertson of the band Barenaked Ladies has been the star of this show. He has chosen to show the world what it is like to work daily in dirty and often dangerous conditions.

Ed flies throughout the world to experience the hard jobs that help people keep food on their tables. Ed takes on new jobs in places such as Ireland and the Caribbean. He works a variety of jobs such as pit crew and tree planter.

One episode films Ed as he attempts to be a Jamaican coffee farmer. During each episode, Ed gives a report about how exhausted he is after completing each hands-on occupation. He also includes his experience with his new boss. Ed Robertson gives the viewers a realistic breakdown of how hard the job is and what he has experienced while at his new job.

OLN Canada
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
November 1, 2006
Reality, Travel
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Ed's Up! Full Episode Guide

  • It's a race around the world on some of the fastest and sleekest yachts. New designs and safety measures keep these up to date racers moving and Ed jumps aboard to help one team on to victory, at the very least the finish line.

  • Ed lands in Bamfield, British Columbia to dive and avoid being swept out to sea while working at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. Ed needs to master all kinds of new gear before he can join the scientists and count Abalone.

  • One of the most disrespected professions; schoolteachers, get no glory. Ed arrives to take over a class of sixth graders in Mandeville, Jamaica, far from the resorts and beaches. Ed runs through the various lessons and activities.

  • Canadian Search and Rescue is on standby 365 days a year to respond to just about every emergency. From injured hikers, downed aircraft, and capsized boats, the team has a system that works, and Ed has been recruited to do it.

  • Over the seasons Ed has really stuck it out when it comes to the messy jobs and believes he has seen the worst. This episode will really test Ed on a number of levels as he is introduced to cleaning up the grisly remains of human.

  • Ed's never been so scared. He'll have to swallow his nerves as he attempts to shadow a seasoned courier on his daily routine. From dodging traffic to rush orders across town, he's never seen this side of London and likely nev

  • If you want to do something like this, you have to go where the heavy equipment is. In this case, he's in Fort McMurray Alberta, the tar sands. Ed's big adventure in what could be termed as "The New Wild West."

  • The world is a dangerous place, and somebody has to tell the story. Before a journalist can travel to an earthquake, war zone, or other disaster, there are a few skills to learn. What if they are taken hostage or get in a car accident?

  • Living history is often hard to find outside of mothballed fighters and the remains of castles. In San Francisco it's a whole different story. Over a hundred years and showing no signs of going anywhere is the antiquated fleet of Cable cars.

  • Ed jumps into a whole world of food prep on what could easily be considered North America's most important drink. Ed is going to be on a whirlwind of learning while he makes his way through one of the oldest Coffee manufacturers in Jamaica.

  • Ed is a hot-shot pilot, or so he thinks. He is put through the "assessment" test to see if he has the balls to be behind the stick of an F-18 "super hornet".

  • Watch as Robertson gets intense fire fighter training, including CPR and hose control, when he joins a team of busy firefighters. Robertson helps keep order in the house and the equipment ready for any circumstance - including the trucks.

  • Robertson hopes to be a great role model and positively influence the kids he encounters. Watch as he sets out to clean up the streets and help the kids take them back.

  • Ed works early morning on the streets of Pittsburgh as a trash man.

  • In this episode, Robertson flies to London Ontario, to test his talents as a carnival worker. The crews here know everything there is to know about setting up a travelling carnival. Robertson knows everything there is to know about candied apples and hot

  • Ed will help a team of builders to gut the houses of their contents, rid them of mould, and begin the reconstruction. In the 35 degree weather, this may be a challenge for the rock star.

  • Ed trades in the guitar and mic for a floor jack and spare tire - ready to spring into action as an integral part of an elite stock car Pit Crew.

  • Ed is on the team of Animal Control Officers patrolling the mean streets of NYC. Day one is mostly dogs from a pleasant pit bull to a surly spaniel keeping him busy. Day 2 is a little different - lots of cats and a pet store eviction!

  • Ed eats meat, and he is proud of it. So why should he have any problems working in a place where animals are turned into meat? Ed's nerves will be tested working in the kill room.

  • Ed learns what it's like to work 4,000 feet below the earth where it's pitch-black, cold and can be very dangerous. Fortunately, he's in good hands. He'll learn exactly what it takes to be a miner before he decides

  • Ed's new coordinates send him to Galveston, Texas where he touches down between several massive off-shore oil rigs. Ed will be doing maintenance on the rigs in dry dock to prepare them to be sent out to sea...

  • In this episode Ed is joining a Louisiana research team which is studying alligators to find out how they manage to heal themselves after the vicious injuries they receive in both territorial and mating fights.

  • Cleaning up bedpans and scrubbing the blood and gore-covered floors of surgery, Ed begins to understand the arduous work involved in keeping places of healing clean and sanitary.

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