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  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.6  (39)

In The Zimmern List, Andrew Zimmern reveals his personal list of favorite foods, places and experiences that should be on everyone's travel itinerary. He navigates each city like a local and gives his spin on amazing eateries, including what to order and where to find it.

The Zimmern List
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16. Philadelphia
February 2, 2019
Andrew visits Philadelphia and reveals its status as a cultural crossroads by making stops at Mexican, Indonesian and Israeli restaurants. Finally, a trip to Philadelphia isn't complete without visiting the oldest Italian restaurant in America.
15. Orlando
February 2, 2019
Andrew Zimmern heads to Orlando, Florida, to discover the incredible rich food scene that's often left in the shadow of Disney World.
14. Cleveland
January 26, 2019
Andrew visits Cleveland for a taste of the city's culinary comeback. He gets nostalgic at the West Side Market, discovers new classics in a 100-year-old food hall and swings by a neighborhood butcher shop that's earning rave reviews from old timers and youngsters alike.
Louisville, Ky
13. Louisville, Ky
January 26, 2019
Andrew travels to Louisville, KY, which boasts one of the most eclectic food scenes in the country. He digs in to Southern favorites with an Asian twist, fried chicken served with a fiery sauce and comfort food for the modern era.
12. Detroit
January 19, 2019
Andrew heads to the Motor City to grab a slice of Detroit-style pizza, line up for a Coney Island dog and chili fries, fill up on timeless Middle Eastern classics and dine at a Detroit institution in the making.
Charleston, Sc
11. Charleston, Sc
January 19, 2019
Andrew heads to Charleston, SC, and his first order of business is paying a visit to the queen of soul food. Then, he chows down on Gullah cuisine, a favorite among locals, and indulges in fresh seafood.
10. Miami
January 12, 2019
Andrew travels to Miami, Florida, where the food scene fuses new ideas with old classics. From sizzling Cuban dishes to Peruvian bites with a glitzy Miami twist, Andrew immerses himself in the bold and mouthwatering flavors of Latin America.
9. Providence
January 12, 2019
Andrew heads to Providence, RI, one of the oldest cities in America and home to a unique food scene. He savors authentic Portuguese-style seafood, discovers a refreshing take on New England pub food and is wowed by a one-of-a-kind tasting menu.
8. Oakland
January 5, 2019
Andrew discovers the true soul of Oakland, CA, as he explores its diversity and sense of community. He visits a cozy breakfast joint, samples some of the city's freshest fare at Swan's Market and makes his way to the Fruitvale neighborhood for a taste of Cambodia.
7. Pittsburgh
January 5, 2019
Andrew heads to Pittsburgh where new restaurants are building on old culinary traditions. He tries a vegan twist on pierogies, checks out the newest wave of local chef talent at the Smallman Galley and indulges in classic dishes from Spain.
6. Houston
December 29, 2018
Andrew travels to Houston, TX, one of the most dynamic and underrated food scenes in the United States. He digs into some classic Tex-Mex fare, loads up on the best brisket in town and gets a taste of the city's crave-worthy international cuisines.
St. Louis
5. St. Louis
December 29, 2018
Andrew heads to St. Louis to get his fill of comfort food. He savors barbecued pig snoots, indulges in a modern Midwestern incarnation of traditional Italian fare and slurps noodles at one of the hottest new spots for East Asian fare.
4. Birmingham
December 22, 2018
Andrew travels to Birmingham, Alabama, home to one of the fastest growing food scenes in America. From the state's signature barbecue to innovative takes on Southern cuisine, he gets a taste of what makes the Magic City so unique.
3. Reno
December 22, 2018
Andrew heads to Reno, NV, for a food scene that loves to entertain. He embraces Reno's small town pride as he savors homemade meatballs and ravioli, gets a taste of Basque culture and meets some forward-thinking chefs.
2. Queens
December 15, 2018
Andrew takes us around the world as he eats his way through Queens, NY. He digs into a monster Mexican sandwich, samples some of New York's best Egyptian cuisine and feasts on Argentine meats and authentic Taiwanese fare.
1. Memphis
December 15, 2018
Andrew visits Memphis and makes stops at some of the city's most beloved barbecue joints. Then, he drops by one of America's most iconic soul food restaurants and visits a joint where Italian and Southern comfort food are combined.
The Zimmern List
The Zimmern List

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In The Zimmern List, Andrew Zimmern reveals his personal list of favorite foods, places and experiences that should be on everyone's travel itinerary. He navigates each city like a local and gives his spin on amazing eateries, including what to order and where to find it.The Zimmern List is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 2017.

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    September 14, 2017
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