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  • 1975
  • 1 Season
  • 8.3  (539)

Edward the King is a historical miniseries that originally aired on ITV in 1975. Starring an ensemble cast led by Timothy West as Edward VII, the show offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and reign of the British king who succeeded Queen Victoria. Set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Edward the King chronicles the dramatic events and personal relationships that shaped Edward VII's journey to the throne. Through a combination of historical accuracy and captivating storytelling, the series presents an intimate portrait of both the public and private life of the monarch.

Timothy West delivers a stellar performance as Edward VII, capturing the complexities of the man who spent much of his life waiting for his turn to rule. From his controversial relationships and scandalous affairs to his struggles with his mother, Queen Victoria, West brings depth and charisma to the character, painting a multi-dimensional picture of the king.

Annette Crosbie portrays Queen Victoria, lending an air of authority and wisdom to the aging monarch. Her portrayal showcases the delicate balance between the strong-willed Victoria and her son, Edward, as they navigate their often strained mother-son relationship.

The series also delves into the romantic entanglements of Edward VII's life, including his relationships with influential women such as Alice Keppel, played by Helen Ryan, and his wife, Alexandra of Denmark, brought to life by Jane Lapotaire. The chemistry between the actors adds an extra layer of authenticity to the complicated dynamics at play.

Supporting the central characters are a talented and diverse cast, including Robert Hardy as Prince Albert Edward (Bertie) and Felicity Kendal as Princess Alix, among others. Each actor brings depth and nuance to their roles, seamlessly weaving together the various storylines that make up Edward's journey.

The production value of Edward the King is also worth noting. The attention to detail in the costumes, set design, and overall period aesthetic is remarkable, immersing the audience in the late Victorian era. Authentic locations and exquisite cinematography further enhance the visual experience, transporting viewers to a bygone era.

The miniseries is masterfully crafted by Charles Sturridge, who skillfully blends historical facts with dramatic storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for capturing the nuances of the characters, Sturridge crafts a compelling narrative that keeps viewers engaged throughout the series.

Edward the King offers much more than a simple exploration of historical events. It provides an intimate portrayal of a complex man who yearned for the opportunity to shape his nation's destiny. From his struggles with familial expectations to his desire for social reform, Edward VII's story is one of personal growth and transformation against the backdrop of a changing world.

With its riveting performances, intricate storytelling, and lavish production design, Edward the King remains a standout historical drama that continues to captivate audiences. Whether one is a history enthusiast or simply a lover of engrossing storytelling, this series offers a compelling journey into the life and reign of one of Britain's most intriguing kings.

Edward the King is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 1975.

Edward the King
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Good Old Teddy!
13. Good Old Teddy!
July 1, 1975
Bertie helps Britain forge a treaty of alliance with Russia, despite Wilhelm's continued attempts to interfere. Meanwhile, a constitutional crisis looms in Britain, as the House of Lords resists the rise of the House of Commons and its social reforms. Worn down from work, Bertie falls gravely ill and dies, beloved by his family, friends, and country.
The Peacemaker
12. The Peacemaker
June 17, 1975
With Britain's popularity at a low point across Europe, Bertie courts friendly relations with other nations in defiance of the government ministers.
King at Last
11. King at Last
June 10, 1975
Taking Edward as his royal name, the government wonders what kind of king he will be. Anxieties mount as his sister warns him of Wilhelm's intentions.
The Years of Waiting
10. The Years of Waiting
June 3, 1975
Queen Victoria celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, but the festive spirit is short-lived when conflicts erupt in other parts of the world.
9. Scandal
May 27, 1975
Bertie's scandals rock the royal family once again. Trying to protect his dalliance from public exposure, he exacerbates the situation.
The Royal Quadrille
8. The Royal Quadrille
May 20, 1975
Bertie finally gains employment as head of a housing commission but still has time for an affair with the beautiful actress Lillie Langtry.
Dearest Prince
7. Dearest Prince
May 13, 1975
Restless and frustrated with Victoria's constant refusals to assign him work, Bertie finally wins her consent to take an official tour of India.
The Invisible Queen
6. The Invisible Queen
May 6, 1975
Victoria's self-imposed isolation stirs republican sentiment in Britain, which Bertie's social scandals further enflame.
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
5. A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
April 29, 1975
Distraught with grief, Victoria secludes herself from the public and insists Bertie marry Alix. The couple finds happiness together.
4. Alix
April 22, 1975
Although Victoria searches for a suitable wife for Bertie, he remains reluctant to marry, despite the appeal of Princess Alexandra of Denmark.
The New World
3. The New World
April 15, 1975
After charming America, Bertie returns home to attend Oxford University. Entrusted to the eye of his guardian, Bertie manages to make some friends.
An Experiment in Education
2. An Experiment in Education
April 8, 1975
Suffering under a tyrannical educational system designed by his father and Baron von Stockmar, Bertie grows up perpetually disappointing his parents.
The Boy
1. The Boy
April 1, 1975
A young Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert juggle marriage, a newborn and the demands of government.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 1975
  • IMDB Rating
    8.3  (539)