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  • 2018
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"Enemies: The President, Justice & The FBI" is a six-part documentary series that chronicles the contentious relationships between the United States presidency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the justice system over the last few decades. The show offers a fascinating look at how these three powerful entities have often found themselves at odds with one another, as their respective ambitions and goals have come into conflict.

The series features interviews with several of the individuals who have been at the heart of these struggles, including former FBI director James Comey, former attorney general Eric Holder, and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, among others. These experts offer valuable insights into the complex and often fraught relationships between the presidency, the FBI, and the justice system.

At the core of "Enemies" is the notion that these relationships are critical to maintaining the integrity of the American justice system. When presidents or other powerful individuals attempt to subvert or undermine the work of the FBI or other law enforcement agencies, this can have significant consequences for the nation as a whole.

As the show illustrates, this tension between the presidency and the FBI is not a new phenomenon but has existed for decades. The series goes back to the Nixon administration to look at how some of these conflicts began to surface, particularly in the wake of the Watergate scandal. At that time, the FBI came under fire for its handling of the investigation into the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, with President Nixon accusing the agency of being biased against him.

The series goes on to explore other high-profile conflicts between the presidency and the FBI, including the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan administration, the Monica Lewinsky scandal during the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration's handling of the War on Terror. In each of these cases, the FBI found itself in the difficult position of trying to balance its obligations to the presidency with its duty to uphold the rule of law.

One of the most compelling aspects of "Enemies" is the way in which it highlights the personal stories of the people involved in these conflicts. For example, the series features interviews with former FBI agent John O'Neill, who was investigating Al Qaeda in the lead-up to 9/11 and died in the attacks. O'Neill's story serves as a reminder of the incredible sacrifices that many FBI agents have made in service of their country over the years.

Another standout feature of "Enemies" is its use of rare and archival footage to help tell the story. For example, the series features audio recordings of Nixon's conversations with White House Counsel John Dean during the Watergate scandal, which provide amazing insight into the former president's perspectives and motivations. The use of these types of materials helps to make the show feel more immersive and engaging for viewers.

Ultimately, "Enemies: The President, Justice & The FBI" is a fascinating look at the complex relationships that exist between some of the most powerful institutions in America. Through its interviews, archival footage, and insightful analysis, the series provides a unique look at how these relationships have evolved over the last several decades and what the future may hold for the FBI, the presidency, and the American justice system as a whole.

Enemies: The President, Justice & The FBI is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on November 18, 2018.

Enemies: The President, Justice & The FBI
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You're Fired
4. You're Fired
December 9, 2018
Trump's firing of Comey sets off a potential constitutional crisis.
Witch Hunts
3. Witch Hunts
December 2, 2018
An examination of the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton in light of the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the Trump administration.
That's What Friends Are For
2. That's What Friends Are For
November 25, 2018
President Ronald Regan does whatever it takes to free U.S. hostages and fund the Contra anti-communists; as the FBI investigates, Regan's team shreds documents, perjures themselves and conceals evidence.
A Cancer on the Presidency
1. A Cancer on the Presidency
November 18, 2018
How the FBI, and the nation, came to realize that the President could be held accountable for his actions. Using the long relationship between FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and President Richard Nixon as a map, we gain a new understanding of the complex dance the two institutions still engage in to this day. Premiere.
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    November 18, 2018
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    7.1  (341)