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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Everything You Didn't Know About Animals is a fascinating scientific series that premiered on NAT GEO WILD in 2015. The show stars a young and vibrant science communicator named Natalia Reagan, who takes viewers on an exhilarating journey through the world of animals.

The show's premise is simple but engaging – to uncover the lesser-known truths about animals, their behavior, and their adaptations – some of which might surprise you. Through her in-depth research and witty insights, Reagan brings to light some of the most intriguing and lesser-known animal facts.

In each episode, Reagan covers a range of topics on an array of animal species. Some episodes focus on creatures that are typically perceived as dangerous or aggressive – such as sharks, crocodiles, and snakes. Reagan explores their behavior, habitat, diet, and anatomy while also shedding light on myths and misconceptions about these creatures.

But the show isn't just about the infamous animals; it covers a wide variety of species, including some that are often overlooked. For instance, in one episode, Reagan dives deep into the world of hyenas, revealing how they live, hunt, and communicate. In another episode, she explores the mating habits of the quokka, which is known as the world's happiest animal.

Reagan's passion and enthusiasm for science are apparent throughout the show. Her quirky sense of humor and playful demeanor make the episodes enjoyable to watch. She also adds a personal touch to the show by sharing her experiences and personal encounters with animals, such as her attempt to track a leopard through the African savanna.

One of the most significant draws of the show is its stunning visuals. The cinematography is breathtaking, capturing the animals in their natural habitats, and allowing viewers to get up-close and personal with them. The footage is shot in such a way that it makes the viewer feel like they are right there in the wild with Reagan.

Additionally, the show makes use of animation and 3D imaging to explain complex concepts, such as animal adaptations and anatomy, in a way that is easy to understand. This approach makes the show accessible to viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

Another notable aspect of the series is the use of experts and specialists to provide additional insights and information. Reagan interviews a range of animal experts, including biologists, ecologists, and zoologists, giving viewers a well-rounded understanding of each creature covered in the episodes.

Overall, Everything You Didn't Know About Animals is an enjoyable and educational series that will leave viewers with a greater appreciation and understanding of the animal world. Reagan's expertise, coupled with the stunning visuals and expert interviews, creates a show that is not only informative but also entertaining. Whether you're an animal lover or just curious about the wonders of the natural world, this series is sure to captivate you.

Everything You Didn't Know About Animals is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on April 13, 2015.

Everything You Didn't Know About Animals
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Everything You Didn't Know About Animals is available for streaming on the NAT GEO WILD website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Everything You Didn't Know About Animals on demand at Amazon, Vudu and Google Play.
  • Premiere Date
    April 13, 2015