Extra Yardage

This series, devoted to topics regarding landscaping, focuses on helping homeowners transform outdated, tired and neglected backyard spaces into truly beautiful as well as functional outdoor entertainment areas. Hosted by landscape designer/builder Billy Derian, Extra Yardage shows viewers projects ranging from installing an outdoor kitchen to transforming a patio into a comfortable sports bar.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on DIY Network
3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
April 5, 2011
Extra Yardage

Extra Yardage Full Episode Guide

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will provide Leela and Sean with a taste of Italy by its transforming their concrete eyesore yard into an Italian Renaissance staycation destination.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will take Rob and Lisa's burned out backyard and transform it into a Big Easy destination where every day is Mardi Gras.

  • The designer helps transform a yard into an nice retreat where the family can relax.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian transforms Jon and Erin's overgrown backyard, creating the outdoor Serengeti Safari feel they love.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Doug and Jenn turn their small rectangular yard into a Tibetan Tranquility Garden that is a perfect fit with their Zen lifestyle.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Scott and Janie turn their outdated backyard into a Retro Ranch Revival that perfectly suits their love of ranch living.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Matt and Taryn turn their blank screen of a yard into a true Old Hollywood Glam yard with the elegant style of a 1940s movie set.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Jason and Jami turn their lackluster yard into a true staycation destination, bringing the adventure of the islands with a "Happy Island" theme.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Todd and Jessica transform their weed-and-concrete-filled yard into a Mid-Century Modern masterpiece worthy of their 1950's California bungalow.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help schoolteachers David and Christina transform their rundown yard into a bright and colorful, low-maintenance Greek-style resort.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Mike and Tiffany convert their backyard of sloping dirt into a chic outdoor space inspired by the coastal Carolinas. The finished yard will feel like a vacation spot for this couple, as they entertain outdoors, enjoying their lakeside view.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Danielle and Lance convert their stylistic void of a backyard into a clean and elegant Asian-inspired domain that will attract friends, family and birds alike. They will build their very own Wasabi Water Garden!

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Neiyra and Vaughn transform their cramped, hodge-podge backyard into a sleek and sophisticated Miami martini lounge where they can entertain without feeling claustrophobic.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian helps Jerry, Kim, Julie and Jack transform their inaccessible, flat patch of yard into an al fresco amphitheatre where everyone can play music, perform and party.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Rachel and Justin transform their odd-shaped, rundown yard into a sleek, low-maintenance modern dog park.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Daniel and Katie turn their flat, dirt wasteland into a stunning Spanish Estate where their friends and family can enjoy.

  • Exterior Designer Billy Derian will help Emma and Greg transform their backyard concrete jungle into a lush, Caribbean-style tropical island paradise.

  • Kathy and Peter are an adventurous couple hoping to transform their yard into a romantic escape inspired by the City of Love - Paris, France.

  • Exterior designer Billy Derian and his crew help Jennifer and Chris, who dream of converting their bland backyard into a sweet sports pub. They'll create a fun outdoor hangout where they can kick back after a day of playing sports with their kids.

  • Joe and Kim's neglected backyard is in serious need of some TLC from exterior designer Billy Derian and his crew. The team transforms this backyard wasteland into a Balinese resort, where Joe and Kim can entertain their friends in an elegant, tropical setting.

  • Ashley and Mike want to turn their hillside yard with relics of roses into a functional and entertaining space. With the help of Billy Derian, the couple creates an artist's haven where they can escape the city and entertain in style.

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