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While flipping channels you may land upon FABLife. Stayed there and watched the complete show you will be glad you did. Thoroughly entertaining. The ladies who host this show are very well spoken, educated and have a talent to keep you not only entertained but interested. Learning many things you may have never thought of before. Even though women have been wearing bras for many years, an expert was just on to educate you on HOW to measure yourself accurately, to arrive at the correct size that really feels good!

While that session was primarily for women not all of the shows are directed at or for women. They have delved into issues concerning both men and women. Not only for repairing homes, fixing food, dressing for certain occasions, some how to do's around the house for everyone. Cooking, baking, one pot dinners for busy working people, that to some will be very informative. Clothing that was designed and made on a 3-d printer, amazing to say the least.

Their guest list has been very interesting also; Chef's, designers, computer designers, people from the audience, hair designers, a wealth of various topics to keep you coming back for more. The ladies seem to be aware of what is going on in the world and what the people who watch them are interested in.

Daily 1:00 PM et/pt
1 Season, 15 Episodes
September 14, 2015
Talk & Interview
Cast: Joe Zee, Lauren Makk, Leah Ashley, Chrissy Teigen

FABLife Full Episode Guide

  • Celebrity chef Richard Blais shares burger secrets; finding the perfect fall boots; hair-makeover tips from stylist Kiyah Wright.

  • A woman, who lost nearly 200 pounds, shares her story and reveals her new body, six days following surgery to remove excess skin; seven key pieces women need in their closet; a viewer gets a mozzarella-stick recipe do-over.

  • A secret to getting rid of wrinkles; the monster-milkshakes food trend; baby products that double as beauty products; old cribs are made into brand new desks; tips for hanging a picture wall.

  • Five beauty secrets for moms on the go; a recently divorced mother gets a fashion makeover; how to turn 12 wardrobe pieces into 30 outfits; Chrissy and her mom, Pepper, give a cooking lesson to a Los Angeles doctor.

  • Stylists reveal secrets to "going nude"; Tyra shares makeup-free selfies and removes all of her makeup; a step-by-step guide to an all-natural, no-makeup look; a spicy, pan-fried chicken-breast recipe; nude fashion must-haves.

  • Identical twin sisters, a tomboy and a glamour girl with opposite personalities and styles, trade places to see if people treat them differently, based on how they look.

  • DIY Pinterest fails are revealed; tips on how a woman can raid her man's wardrobe and use his signature pieces to look fashionable; Chrissy hits the streets for a sour-taste-test challenge; fixes for four common decorating dilemmas.

  • Tyra and Chrissy thank viewers who supported their IVF struggles; an aspiring musician, who is donating a kidney to her mom, is surprised with a bedroom makeover; supermodel selfie secrets; five nonfood-related tips for using lemons.

  • A fried-chicken showdown between John Legend and chef John Besh; fall fashion trends; transforming workout pants into fancy ones; must-have apps for women.

  • Tyra and Chrissy discuss their pregnancy struggles; appetizers that can be prepared in less than 60 seconds; a kitchen gadget that can open bottles; secrets for getting back one's waistline.

  • Chrissy's Emmy Eats, Glam She-Shed Makeover, Fall Fashion Trends.

  • Makk Attack Makeover, Tyra's Fierce Beauty Tips, Secret Menus Revealed

  • Rocco DiSpirito Stops By, DISH-Asters, Thrift Store Finds

  • Tyra's Elevator Pitch, Reinvent your Wardrobe, DIY Doggie Beds!

  • Life's Series Premiere, Take On Teigen, Ultimate FABLife Makeover