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"The Mind of a Chef" is a popular food-oriented television series that was created by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. This program transcends far beyond the average cooking show by focusing on the mind and perspective of chef and restaurant owner David Chang. The show is fast-paced with multiple segments and maintains a sense of humor.

Each episode of "The Mind of a Chef" is narrated by Anthony Bourdain and explores the connection between the preparation of food items and the world around us. There are frequent trips to where food products are made or grown as well as introductions to unusual variations on familiar recipes.

One episode of "The Mind of a Chef" is dedicated to noodles most notably ramen noodles. In this episode recipes using ramen noodles are prepared, a scientific analysis of the noodles is offered and David Chang tours a noodle factory in Japan.

On other episodes Mr. Chang bakes cakes and other desserts, plays golf, tours open air markets and offers variations on cooking specific types of seafood.

David Chang travels to a wide variety of destinations worldwide on "The Mind of a Chef". In most episodes he visits at least one restaurant or other type of food-related business. In any given episode of the show Mr. Chang may be visiting Spain, Japan, Canada or somewhere in the United States.

The cooking segments on the "The Mind of a Chef" are mostly shot on location in the kitchens of David Chang's restaurants. The viewer gets a closeup view of a chef in action while learning how to prepare delicious recipes. Quite often Mr. Chang is joined in the kitchen by other well-known chefs and they cook their signature dishes.

In-depth step by step recipes are also presented on "The Mind of a Chef". These can range from variations on simple soups and sandwiches to classic French dinner entrees and desserts.

The Mind of a Chef is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (83 episodes). The series first aired on November 9, 2012.

Where do I stream The Mind of a Chef online? The Mind of a Chef is available for streaming on PBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Mind of a Chef on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on PBS
6 Seasons, 83 Episodes
November 9, 2012
Drama, Kids & Family, Talk & Interview, Travel
Cast: Gabrielle Hamilton, Anthony Bourdain
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The Mind of a Chef Full Episode Guide

  • Danny has been to China several times, but he’s visited Chengdu (the geographical and spiritual capital of Szechuan food) only once. He’s returning here to reconnect with the place, the food and the person – renowned chef Yu Bo – that have influenced him the most. Szechuan food has been the greatest source of inspiration for Danny, and consequently his life. This episode is about the dishes, cooking methods, unique flavors and stories (both his and Yu Bo’s) that have driven Danny on a quest to master this style of food.

  • Danny spends the bulk of his time obsessing over the future – there is urgency in him that needs to be on top of everything, ahead of every trend, aware of what lies beyond the curve. But it would be impossible to know where he’s going without first examining where he came from, and from where that drive was borne. Once he committed to leaving Oklahoma, Danny emerged in San Francisco as a human tabula rasa, open to all of the experiences the city laid before him. It was here that Danny formed who he was as a person and as a chef, and the grassroots movement of Mission Street Food blossomed into what is now his greatest success.

  • Nobody gets a say in the life they’re born into. Thrust into a body, a family, a country and a history, the story of our lives are merely the sum of an endless combination of circumstantial factors determining who we will know, how we will fare, who we will become. But for those adopted, their origins are complicated as the where they were born fuses with the world in which they’re raised. Danny Bowien was born in Korea but only spent the first 3 months of his infant life there. He was adopted and raised by American parents in Oklahoma — religious, hard-working folks – and instead of a life in Seoul, Danny grows up in suburban middle-America. Adapting to this life was easy, for it was all he knew, but he constantly carried traces of his past with him, superficially and also buried deep below.

  • Learn how and why Ludo created a unique dining experience in the form of small, reservations only, chef's choice dinners that became known as LudoBites, a pop-up that food critic Jonathan Gold deemed a transforming moment for the LA dining scene.

  • Ludo discloses how it took relocating to L.A., starting a family and a rough restaurant review for him to discover what he really wanted to do. Included: the links between artists and their education; and how childlike curiosity can turn into a career.

  • How Ludo led the spirit of the bistro to L.A. Also: the persons and places in Paris that influenced his culinary career.

  • Chef Ludo Lefebvre flees the pressures of work with a springtime trip to Paris.

  • See how a move to Los Angeles and a rough restaurant review determined Ludo's culinary path.

  • At its core, a bistro is a place where everyone can eat, and eat well. See how Ludo has brought the spirit of the bistro to Los Angeles. Join him in Paris to meet some of the people and places that first inspired him to begin a culinary career.

  • Ludo meets with his partners to discuss the business decisions that go into serving fine food in a strip mall setting. He demonstrates the restaurant dishes that best embody the cultural mash-up and high/low flair of his strip mall philosophy.

  • Meet one of the most influential members of the food scene in LA, Chef Ludo Lefebvre.

  • Explore the oceanic bounty of France. Ludo€™s eyes light up when he describes the lobsters of Brittany, oysters from Cancale and a myriad of other extraordinary culinary jewels. €œLa mer€ means, simply, the sea.

  • Chef Hamilton shows us her love for an ancient city and its food. She fixes her traditional favorites and learns some new techniques.

  • Take a look at what chef Gabrielle Hamilton thinks of as kitchen garbage. Also, a plumber shows her some toilet tricks.

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