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This drama series revolves around the romantic trials of a cast of characters, including a young fashion designer and the aspiring fashion student who winds his heart, an heir to a fashion empire, and his girlfriend. The series aired on the Korean SBS network in 2012.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on
1 Season, 20 Episodes
March 19, 2012
Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Ah In Yoo, Se-Kyung Shin, Je-hoon Lee, Yuri Kwon
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Fashion King Full Episode Guide

  • Young Gul and Jae Hyuk's rivalry is put to rest with their final battle.

  • Young Gul begins to push everyone close to him away when his greed takes over.

  • Ga Young asks to move back into the factory. Young Gul schemes to meet the chairman of J Fashion by using An Na.

  • Ga Young is promoted to Team Leader at J Fashion, putting her in a difficult position when Young Gul asks her to quit.

  • The rift between Ga Young and Young Gul is closed when they unexpectedly meet on a trip to New York.

  • The Fashion King competition wraps up and a winner is chosen.

  • An Na decides to leave J Fashion and joins Young Gul at Young Young Apparel.

  • Young Gul must choose between working with Jae Hyuk or selling the rest of YGM's shares to him.

  • Young Young Apparel is at a standstill while Young Gul is under investigation.

  • Jae Hyuk gives Ga Young one last ultimatum to join him.

  • When Jae Hyuk suspects An Na is having an affair with Young Gul, he tries to ruin Young Young Apparel and recruit Ga Young.

  • A new opportunity opens up for Young Young Apparel when Michael calls Young Gul from the States.

  • Jae Hyuk must choose between accepting defeat to Young Gul or framing Ga Young in order to save An Na and himself.

  • An Na schemes to get Ga Young away from J Fashion and more importantly, Jae Hyuk.

  • Young Gul and Ga Young create their new design company, Young Young.

  • Ga Young returns to Korea and presents a new design to Jae Hyuk.

  • When An Na is tired of being under-appreciated, she decides to take Jae Hyuk up on his offer.

  • Young Gul and Ga Young finally reunite, but things are complicated when Young Gul finds out he's a wanted man.

  • When Young Gul finds himself stranded in America, he searches for Ga Young in New York.

  • Lee Ga Young is falsely accused of burning down her adoptive mother's store and is forced to move out.

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