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The South Korean series Fashion King is a romantic drama centered around the life of Kang Young a vendor, who was aspiring to become a successful designer at the market in Dongdaemun. For this dream to come true, Kang young needed to work extremely hard to overcome the numerous challenges that came his way.

However, Kang Young despite dreaming big, had not set any goals on what he was planning to do and how to get to where he wanted to be. Young had great relief after he met Lee Ga a talented seamstress who had similar desire of wanting to become a very successful designer in the future. Lee Ga was more focused and more determined in life to get whatever she wanted because of her past experiences in life. She lost both parents at a tender age and had learnt even from an early age in life to be smart and coupled with the gift she had on designing had grown up to become a clever young lady.

Unlike Lee Ga, Kang Young was not a smart guy and just lived without any focus of actually aiming higher.

These two aspirants worked together through the challenges they faced to achieve their dreams. In the course of time, Young fell in love with lee who was in love with someone else. Young knowing about it, did not give up but did all he could hoping he will one day win lee's love.

The main characters in the series include Yoo Ah-in who featured as Kang Young and Shin Se-kyung who featured as Lee Ga and Lee Je-hoon.

The series which was directed by lee Myung-Woo and had two screen writers Lee Sun Mi and Kim Ki Ho.

Fashion King comprised twenty episodes in all.

The series was broadcast on SBS.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on
1 Season, 20 Episodes
March 19, 2012
Korean Drama, Romance
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Fashion King Full Episode Guide

  • Young Gul and Jae Hyuk's rivalry is put to rest with their final battle.

  • Young Gul begins to push everyone close to him away when his greed takes over.

  • Ga Young asks to move back into the factory. Young Gul schemes to meet the chairman of J Fashion by using An Na.

  • Ga Young is promoted to Team Leader at J Fashion, putting her in a difficult position when Young Gul asks her to quit.

  • The rift between Ga Young and Young Gul is closed when they unexpectedly meet on a trip to New York.

  • The Fashion King competition wraps up and a winner is chosen.

  • An Na decides to leave J Fashion and joins Young Gul at Young Young Apparel.

  • Young Gul must choose between working with Jae Hyuk or selling the rest of YGM's shares to him.

  • Young Young Apparel is at a standstill while Young Gul is under investigation.

  • Jae Hyuk gives Ga Young one last ultimatum to join him.

  • When Jae Hyuk suspects An Na is having an affair with Young Gul, he tries to ruin Young Young Apparel and recruit Ga Young.

  • A new opportunity opens up for Young Young Apparel when Michael calls Young Gul from the States.

  • Jae Hyuk must choose between accepting defeat to Young Gul or framing Ga Young in order to save An Na and himself.

  • An Na schemes to get Ga Young away from J Fashion and more importantly, Jae Hyuk.

  • Young Gul and Ga Young create their new design company, Young Young.

  • Ga Young returns to Korea and presents a new design to Jae Hyuk.

  • When An Na is tired of being under-appreciated, she decides to take Jae Hyuk up on his offer.

  • Young Gul and Ga Young finally reunite, but things are complicated when Young Gul finds out he's a wanted man.

  • When Young Gul finds himself stranded in America, he searches for Ga Young in New York.

  • Lee Ga Young is falsely accused of burning down her adoptive mother's store and is forced to move out.

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