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The children's animated TV series Fat Dog Mendoza is about a dog who is a smart-mouth and very fat. He is so fat that he is shaped like a round ball but has very stubby limbs. The show follows his different adventures throughout town. Although he is such a smart-mouth, he genuinely has good attentions and means well even though things do not always go the way he wishes. The show is meant to teach kids the importance of friendship, loyalty, honesty, and so forth. Despite having good intentions, Mendoza finds himself in some sticky situations which is when his good values help him out.

Vitello Productions
1 Season, 27 Episodes
April 6, 2000
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Kathleen Barr, Mark Acheson, Erin Fitzgerald, Veronica Scheyving
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Fat Dog Mendoza Full Episode Guide

  • Mom Rectangle leaves the tub running by accident and floods the world -thus fulfilling her prophecy of a "Great Flood" completely by accident. Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy must use their wits and wiles to save all the good people of Neighborhood X - oh, and the bad ones too.

  • Aliens arrive on Neighborhood X soil in order to test humanity's worthiness to stay alive on the planet. Unfortunately, they pick Fat Dog as their test subject. Humanity has no hope now. Luckily, during the trial, Fat Dog proves himself unworthy but hungry. He eats the aliens, thus saving the world ...

  • Fat Dog turns Piranha Mae evil in order to help Little Costumed Buddy fulfill his dream of being a member of the Squad Patrol. Of course, Piranha Mae takes it a little too seriously and goes over the edge.

  • Fat Dog turns Piranha Mae evil in order to help Little Costumed Buddy fulfill his dream of being a member of the Squad Patrol. Of course, Piranha Mae takes it a little too seriously and goes over the edge.

  • When Fat Dog eats a glowing rock that the meteor coughed up, he starts growing to gargantuan proportions. Little Costumed Buddy calls the veterinarian for critical advice, but Fat Dog eats the phone. It's ringing and ringing from the inside. Little Costumed Buddy and Piranha Mae must brave a dangerous and fantastic voyage through Fat Dog's innards in order to answer the phone and save their pal. Can they make it in time? Don't hang up - the answer is just on the other end of the line ...

  • When Fat Dog takes over the class at school as the substitute teacher, he leads the kids on a wild and crazy odyssey to the snowy wastes of the North Pole block of Neighborhood X. He wants to prove that he had been there and had indeed written his name in the snow. Of course, it all goes horribly wrong as Fat Dog is making it up as he goes along.

  • Little Costumed Buddy and Fat Dog manage to rescue three superheroes from the turn of the century who've been trapped in the hold of a Spanish Galleon for over a hundred years. Little Costumed Buddy wants them to go out and fight crime, but a Secret Government Man is determined to put them in his lab and find out the secret of their strange powers AT ANY COST.

  • Little Costumed Buddy gets a hankering to earn his "Sales Merit Badge" just like in the Squad Patrol Handbook. Fat Dog isn't so sure but agrees to help his little chum and teach him sales. Things get out of control and LCB goes on a selling frenzy until he sells Fat Dog to Cruddy MacPherson (by accident -or so it seems). Now, LCB must work to get his best friend back from his worst enemy.

  • After a particularly humiliating defeat at the hands of Doc Rectangle and his bowling monkey, the bowling team of Little Costumed Buddy and Fat Dog Mendoza stage a comeback that leads them on a search for a battle-scarred retired bowler named Pee Wee "Chili" Bottoms. Together they join forces to unlock the mystery of the "Haunted Lane 13". In the process they help Bottoms conquer his inner demons and unlock the tortured souls that are trapped just beneath the grimy surface of... that's right, Lane 13!

  • Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy discover their "Older Selves" trapped in a small room off the garage. Once free, the "Older Selves" waste no time in catching up on their lost years - much to the annoyance of our heroes. Unable to leave their annoying "Older Selves", Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy set out on a series of tasks to free their "Older Selves" from the curse, which trapped the "Older Selves" in the first place. Food is consumed, old men are battled, and laundry is done before our heroes finally get some alone time...

  • Through an accidental stunt including a tractor and a flaming hay bailer, Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy are hurtled into worldwide fame. Fat Dog, now dubbed "Hot Dog" Mendoza, squanders their fame and causes a falling out with his Little Costumed Buddy, who thinks they should use their new found fame to do good and fight crime and stuff like that. Luckily, hearts prevail and LCB saves the big dog in the end.

  • When Fat Dog is accused of having committed a crime, he goes on the run as a fugitive. Hounded by a self-righteous Investigative Reporter, it seems that Fat Dog has no chance. Even LCB begins to doubt his pal's innocence. Is he guilty? Is there food involved? The truth will be exposed - in the next thirty minutes - tick, tick, tick, tick, tick ...

  • Little Costumed Buddy finds a robot baby and convinces Fat Dog to let him keep the little metal tyke. The only problem is that it grows and grows and grows until it's too big for the house. Fat Dog and LCB must return the robot to the wild where it belongs.

  • When Little Costumed Buddy and Fat Dog accidentally fall to the center of the Earth, they're stuck there unless Piranha Mae can borrow the drilling machine from Mavis Rambunctious, her arch-rival. Down at the center of the Earth, Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy discover the Evil Professor Quadra-ped and try to foil his dire plans.

  • Little Costumed Buddy gets a hankering to earn his "Sales Merit Badge" just like in the Squad Patrol Handbook. Fat Dog isn't so sure but agrees to help his little chum and teach him sales.

  • When the Bald Moose Lodge hits Neighborhood X in their miniature cars and silly hats, Fat Dog starts acting funny. He's hiding something. He's worried about these guys. But, LCB sees the Bald Moose Brethren doing good around town and is sucked into their world. Then, Fat Dog's greatest fear comes true. The evil leader of the Bald Moose Lodge shows up. Fat Dog must face him or lose Little Costumed Buddy forever.

  • A relentless and widespread promotional campaign for the latest crazed footwear, Superboots, hits Neighborhood X. Since the ads promise "˜to make you run faster and be better,' LCB and Fat Dog decide to find jobs so that LCB can buy a pair. But Doc Rectangle has his own fiendish ideas about what he could do with this extra power. The race is on to acquire the last pair of Superboots.

  • Fat Dog influences Little Costumed Buddy and friends to put their money into a living piggy bank for safekeeping. But, when the piggy bank runs away (and after Fat Dog stops laughing), Fat Dog feels guilty and goes off to find the pig.When Fat Dog doesn't return by the next morning, LCB is worried sick. He, Onion Boy and Piranha Mae set off on an adventure to find Fat Dog.

  • Power outages send Little Costumed Buddy outside to play in the sunlight - what a pain. When the power lines crackle next door and next door to that, Little Costumed Buddy begins to suspect foul play. He consults the Squad Patrol Handbook and he and Fat Dog set out to get to the bottom of the mysterious power drain. Finally, they discover Doc Rectangle up to an evil scheme to destroy the world with his Obliterator 2000. Our heroes must foil his evil plan.

  • When on a field trip to the Museum Of Unnatural History, Onion Boy is wrongly accused of breaking a valuable dinosaur skull. He's glibly told to simply go next door to the Land of The Dinosaurs and pick up a new one. Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy accompany him. Onion Boy causes quite a stir with his head full of oniony goodness and is arrested forthwith. Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy must use their wits to procure the freedom of their friend from the pompous (and very hungry) dinosaurs.

  • Little Costumed Buddy takes his pal Fat Dog out for a birthday dinner at an all you can eat Italian Buffet called "Caesar's Place." It turns out the place is run by Caesar (the real Julius Caesar), and he's a big jerk. Before the day is through, our heroes are battling rabid gladiators in the coliseum for the after dinner show.

  • Little Costumed Buddy figures he's worthless as a hero without any super powers, so Fat Dog takes him on a quest to the Secret Hidden Fortress of the Crime Fighter's League, who is poised to award a new superpower to a deserving hero!

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