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  • 2010
  • 2 Seasons

First Day 2: First Dance is a captivating teen web series from Alloy Entertainment that aired in 2011. As a follow-up to the original series, this engaging sequel presents an authentic and relatable teen experience, effectively catering to its target audience. The storyline continues with the highly anticipated Frosh Dance where hopes, dreams, and dollops of drama unfurl. The series can easily be identified as a high-school drama, brimming with teen romantic escapades, friendship conundrums, the quintessential school dance, first time heartbreaks, confusing emotions, and humorous dialogues.

The central character is a young woman entering the ninth grade, who is grappling with the chaotic atmosphere and myriad challenges that come hand-in-hand with navigating through high-school life. Thrust into a completely new environment, she faces the task of fitting into an entirely unfamiliar social structure, making friends, and figuring out school cliques. This story encapsulates many firsts in a teenager's life: namely the 'first dance'. This pivotal event embodies the adolescent rite of passage and serves as a focused plot point.

The creators of the show have carefully plotted the layers of character development, allowing each individual to have personal story arcs that audiences can follow along with. The characters, while diverse and multi-faceted, are believable and worthy of empathy. The undercurrents of confusion, anxiety, expectation, excitement, and innocence that ring through each episode give the characters a relatable and authentic feel.

The script is nuanced, expertly capturing the subtleties of teen-speak and their realities. The dialogues are natural and resonate well with the age group it represents, while the narrative smoothly alternates between drama, light-hearted comedy, and the occasional pathos. This balance ensures that young viewers stay engaged and interested throughout the series.

In terms of visuals, First Day 2: First Dance stands out with its vibrant cinematography that is heavily rooted in the contemporary era. The setting of the school and the dance venue is vividly created, ensuring a visual spark that adds to the show's magnetism. The costumes, makeup, and overall aesthetic echo the essence of the teenage characters, offering audiences a visually appealing, colorful world to view.

One of the hallmarks of the series is its potent slice-of-life narrative. The story doesn't shirk from presenting the challenges and pressures faced by today's teenagers, including navigating personal relationships and handling the upcoming dance. Through this mixture of sweet and sour moments, First Day 2: First Dance manages to convey valuable lessons to its viewers.

However, while addressing these scenarios, the show maintains a joyous, easy-going vibe. It knows when to be serious, but it also has ample amounts of humor, sitcom-style episodes, and adventure-filled arcs. This light-hearted approach ensures that the viewers are exposed to the realities of teenage life without the plot becoming overly intense or heavy.

Music is another integral element of the series. The soundtracks, from popular tunes to original compositions, drive the narrative and punctuate impactful scenes. They capture the mood of the series, going from upbeat, fun numbers to more poignant, reflective tracks as the series progresses. The music adds another dimension to the show, making it not just visually but also audibly appealing.

In essence, First Day 2: First Dance is a true-to-life portrayal of teenage experiences. The show beautifully encapsulates the trials, tribulations, happiness, and heartbreak that come with the transitional phase of entering high school. It provides a balanced mix of entertainment, learning experiences, and a genuine reflection of the youth's lives. A relatable story, vibrant characters, and an engaging screenplay wrapped up with humor and drama make this series a must-watch for any teenager or individual who can appreciate an authentic teen saga.

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Never Saw It Coming
6. Never Saw It Coming
September 26, 2011
Boy drama? Sabotage? Shocking twists? Rosie has repeated today so many times, she's seen it all. Now she's ready for a total crush-i-cation and a biffles-only night at the back-to-school dance. She's had 1000 chances at the night of her life-but on day 1,001, she finally gets it right! Watch what happens on the season finale of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE.
Pretending Sucks Way More
5. Pretending Sucks Way More
September 21, 2011
It seems like everyone is out to sabotage Rosie's Cinderella moment, but she'll do whatever it takes to make it to the dance with JT. She's got an adorbs dress, the perfect date, and a few sneaky tricks up her sleeve. This could finally be the night of her dreams! Watch what happens in Chapter Five of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE.
More Like Honesty
4. More Like Honesty
September 19, 2011
When pretending to be biffles with her frenemy backfires, Rosie decides to fight fire with fire. Her psychic dream is officially a nightmare, but she can't give up until she makes it to the dance. When Rosie gets tough the truth comes out-and it's totes tragic! Watch what happens in the shocking Fourth Chapter of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE.
Friending the Enemy
3. Friending the Enemy
September 14, 2011
It's déjà boo all over again, as Rosie takes another shot at back-to-school-dance Friday. She's lived today so often, she has all the sucky parts memorized-but this time she has a plan. Operation "Friend the Enemy" is the perfect scheme to stop Whitney from framing Rosie. If it works, she'll finally make it to the dance with JT in Chapter Three of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE.
Deja Boo
2. Deja Boo
September 12, 2011
Rosie's should-have-been-best-day-ever was totes her worst, thanks to sabotage, getting banned from the dance, and Whitney and JT's triple vom hookup. But the worst part is: Rosie has to live the same day all over again! Is it all just a psychic dream, or is she destined to dougie by herself at home, while Whitney flirts with JT at the dance? Find out in Chapter Two of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE.
Totes Adorbs
1. Totes Adorbs
September 9, 2011
The day of Canterbury High's back-to-school dance starts off perfectly for Rosie Rovello. As Rosie's longtime biffle Taylor would say, it def for sure has best-day-ever potential. Then, somewhere between a crush crushing back and a starting spot on the soccer team, everything goes totes wrong on the season premiere of FIRST DAY 2: FIRST DANCE. Watch what happens!
  • Premiere Date
    October 12, 2010