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First In is a television show about real emergencies. It documents the work of paramedics and firefighters in Compton. The host, actor Tyrese Gibson, gives voice to each scene helping the audience make sense of what's being aired. Each episode features locals in dire situations. In addition, the demands of working a high stress job and balancing a home life is also explored in this series. Both factors involve surprising twists and turns.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
September 30, 2009
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First In Full Episode Guide

  • Did the Compton firefighters reach their goals?

  • Can the men save a 1 yr old trauma victim?

  • Can the rookies prove themselves?

  • Marcel tries to help a young gang member.

  • No amount of training prepares the men for this day!

  • The firefighters rescue a man in a canal.

  • A motorcyclist has a memorable and tragic birthday

  • Is Salazar giving too much attitude?

  • The guys deal with the aftermath of drag racing.

  • The Compton firefighters must deal with a man gone crazy and save a family whose home has been hit by a plane.

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