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  • 2005
  • 3 Seasons

Fog and Crimes is a crime procedural television series produced in Italy that premiered in 2005. This series is a faithful adaptation of the crime novels written by Italian author Valerio Varesi. It explores the dark side of Parma, an ancient Italian city that is known for its beautiful architecture and culinary delights. However, beneath the exterior lies a seedy underworld filled with deceit and crime.

The show follows the character of Inspector Franco Soneri, who is played by Luca Barbareschi. He is the head of the criminal investigation unit of the city of Parma, and he leads his team of detectives to solve complex crimes that take place in the area. His character is driven and methodical, and he is not afraid to take risks to crack a case. He is joined by his team of detectives, including the insightful and book-smart Monica Guerra, the streetwise and tough Paolo Baiocchi, and the seasoned veteran Sergio Spallanzani.

Each episode follows a different case and delves into the intricacies and complexities of the Italian justice system. The show is anchored by the excellent acting of the cast, and the tension and suspense are heightened by the show's impressive cinematography, which showcases the beautiful, yet eerie atmosphere of the Italian countryside.

The themes of the show are universal and timely, as the characters navigate through moral dilemmas, corruption and greed that often have severe consequences. The show also offers a glimpse into the socioeconomic reality of Italy, where the city's elite mingle with the mafia and other criminal elements. These social strata are also depicted in the show, where the working-class detectives are often tasked to investigate crimes that are linked to the wealthy and powerful.

One of the strengths of Fog and Crimes is that it does not shy away from highlighting the darker aspects of society. The show is not afraid to show the brutal reality of Italian crime that is often ignored in other mainstream media. The show also sheds light on the bureaucratic and legal challenges the characters face daily, which adds another layer of realism to the plot.

Overall, Fog and Crimes is an exceptional television show that provides insight into the Italian justice system, and the complex social fabric of the country. It explores the depths of human emotions and motivations, and it does so with a strong eye for detail and a keen sense of focus. The series is engaging, engagingly memorable, and heightens the senses, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

Fog and Crimes (English Subtitled)
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Fog and Crimes Season 3: Off Season
4. Fog and Crimes Season 3: Off Season
October 23, 2009
In Italian with English subtitles. Immacolata is found off a pier practically beaten to death. When he learns that she's witnessed a murder, Soneri urges Chiara to bring her to the southern seaside town of Otranto, where he's gone to escape for a few days. He offers to hide them while he keeps Immacolata from becoming a murder victim herself.
Fog and Crimes Season 3: Well-Bred Boys
3. Fog and Crimes Season 3: Well-Bred Boys
October 16, 2009
In Italian with English subtitles. A gang of hooded youths has been stealing from luxurious villas in the hills, leaving a black hood behind as a signature. When a young man from an aristocratic family is found murdered, it's easy to blame the hooded thieves. While working the case, Soneri also has to deal with the challenges of being Immacolata's caretaker.
Fog and Crimes Season 3: Hard Lives
2. Fog and Crimes Season 3: Hard Lives
October 9, 2009
In Italian with English subtitles. Soneri gets transferred to Torino, where his first case involves a beautiful woman found strangled in a car that's plunged off a cliff. He also becomes involved in the lives of two young women: a wily and precocious street urchin whom he accidentally hit with his car and the dedicated ER physician who treats her.
Fog and Crimes Season 3: The Secret Room
1. Fog and Crimes Season 3: The Secret Room
September 29, 2009
In Italian with English subtitles. Soneri's ex-girlfriend Angela wakes up in a strange bed next to a former client who's been stabbed to death. The murdered man is a photographer with a sketchy past and links to drug trafficking. Soneri claims he can work impartially on the investigation, but the judge assigned to the case questions his motives.
  • Premiere Date
    November 30, 2005