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  • 2003
  • 1 Season

Food For Thought is a thought-provoking television series produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that delves into the complex relationship between food and the environment, society, and human health. The show takes a holistic approach to exploring the multi-dimensional aspects of food, challenging viewers to rethink their perspectives on what they eat and how they consume it.

The series features a diverse range of experts, including farmers, chefs, food writers, healthcare professionals, and activists, who share their insights and experiences on various topics related to food. In each episode, the show explores a different theme, including food and culture, food waste, food and health, sustainable agriculture, and more.

Through compelling storytelling and insightful interviews, Food For Thought addresses some of the most pressing issues related to food production and consumption. For example, in one episode, the show examines how industrial agriculture practices are contributing to climate change and the degradation of the natural environment. The episode features interviews with farmers who suggest that alternative farming methods, such as regenerative agriculture, may offer a more sustainable approach to food production.

Another episode of the show explores the impact of food waste on the environment and the economy. The series highlights how many people take the abundance of food for granted, while others struggle to access nutritious food. The episode features interviews with chefs who have made it their mission to reduce food waste in their restaurants and with food recovery organizations that find ways to distribute excess food to people in need.

In addition to addressing environmental and social issues, Food For Thought also delves into issues related to human health. The series examines the impact of highly processed foods on the human body and explores how a diet that is high in whole, plant-based foods can potentially prevent chronic diseases. Through interviews with healthcare professionals and people living with chronic illnesses, the show highlights the transformative power of a healthy diet.

Overall, Food For Thought is a captivating and informative series that challenges viewers to think critically about the food they eat and the impact it has on multiple aspects of their lives. Through a blend of storytelling, expert interviews, and practical advice, the show offers a comprehensive look at the complex relationship between food, health, society, and the environment. Whether you are a food lover, an environmentalist, or an advocate for social justice, Food For Thought is a must-watch series that is sure to inspire and inform.

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At Your Service Food Catering
10. At Your Service Food Catering
July 25, 2003
We look at issues surrounding catering, maintaining high food quality and safety standards, the role technology plays in both the office and the kitchen, and more.
Hard Sell Marketing Food
9. Hard Sell Marketing Food
September 19, 2003
The challenges food marketers face as they compete for the consumer dollar, what triggers choice when food shopping, and how to recognise the influence of marketing strategies and the ethics of marketers.
Good Enough to Eat Developing Food Products
8. Good Enough to Eat Developing Food Products
September 12, 2003
This program explores the process of developing a new product from market research, developing and testing prototypes, manufacture, packaging and food safety.
Under Cover Packaging Food
7. Under Cover Packaging Food
September 5, 2003
Food packaging comes in a wide range of designs and materials that can be squeezed, shaken, poured baked and microwaved. Innovation and consumer pressures to reduce it are also explored.
Eating Green Environmentally Friendly Foods
6. Eating Green Environmentally Friendly Foods
August 29, 2003
Modern food production methods can damage the environment. This program presents ways to make informed choices about food regarding nutrition and environmentally friendly methods of production.
Redesigning Nature Gene Technology
5. Redesigning Nature Gene Technology
August 22, 2003
The controversial debate of gene technology, the specific ways genes have been manipulated to produce bigger and better crops and animals and the facts behind its potential impact on human health and the environment.
Wild Tucker Australia's Indigenous Foods
4. Wild Tucker Australia's Indigenous Foods
August 15, 2003
Naturally growing foods in Australia are the least understood by non indigenous people. A range of indigenous foods, their traditional uses and incorporation into modern cooking are explored.
Fats Friends or Foes
3. Fats Friends or Foes
August 8, 2003
One of the most misunderstood of food groups fats. The differences between saturated and unsaturated fats in terms of their chemical structures and their impact on health, storage and usage by the body.
Food Therapy Functional Foods
2. Food Therapy Functional Foods
August 1, 2003
Explores the boom in so-called functional foods such as folate enriched breakfast cereals and calcium enriched milk, and compares the benefits of functional foods to eating a variety of less processed foods.
  • Premiere Date
    August 1, 2003