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The Fox Report is a American nightly new program that is hosted by Shepard Smith, Harris Faulkner and Julie Banderas and produced by Fox News. The weeknight editions were discontinued as of 2013 and currently only the weekend editions, by Smith and Banderas, persist.

The show follows a quick segment panel analysis format of current and trending events and used to take a somewhat comedic approach to it's material but has since obtained a more solemn tone as of roughly 2007.

The show is Executive produced by Jay Wallace, FNC's Executive producer for all news material.

Like many mainstream broadcast news programs, the Fox Report is broken down into segments which tend to have a specific focus or theme. The particular segments in each episodes include Across America, Around the World in Eighty Seconds, and U Report.

FOX News
1 Season, 15 Episodes
January 1, 2006
Cast: Harris Faulkner, Shepard Smith, Jonathan Hunt
Fox Report

Fox Report Full Episode Guide

  • President George W. Bush begins the final year of his Presidency.

  • A look at the life of William F. Buckley, leader of one of the most successful intellectual movements in American history

  • He's an evangelical superstar. His runaway best seller has transformed lives. But can Rick Warren's message change hell-on-Earth or has he bitten off more than he can chew?

  • FOX News Channel's Greta Van Susteren reports from Virginia Tech, after the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. She investigates the violent mind of student Seung-Hui Cho, and the crime scene where he killed 32 people and himself.

  • It was a heinous crime in the most unlikely place: the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country. Greta Van Susteren returns to the small town of Paradise, PA, where a madman shot 10 girls in a one-room schoolhouse.

  • It's a story that starts before most Americans woke up to reality of Islamic terrorism on Sept. 11, and is still unfolding today. We examine a terror organization perhaps even more dangerous than Al Qaeda itself: Hezbollah.

  • The U.N. Oil for Food Program was one of the biggest financial scams in modern history. FOX News investigates how Saddam Hussein used this program to steal billions of dollars, money which may have aided terrorists plotting to kill Americans.

  • This Fox News documentary captures heartfelt meetings between acclaimed actor Gary Sinise and our troops serving in Kuwait, and in the Iraqi cities of Al Qaim, Al Asad, Ramadi, and Baghdad.

  • FOX News reveals how taxpayers bought Wall Street

  • FOX News Reporting investigates the $10 billion-a-year textbook industry and how the drive to be politically correct might be taking over American schools.

  • Fraud; corruption; undercover tapes: We brought it all to you. Now, could ACORN face new scandals? Plus, for the first time, the founder of ACORN in an explosive interview.

  • Fox News Reporting tells the story of America's first showdown with radical Islam when the United States embassy in Tehran was stormed by Iranian students who took 52 Americans hostage.

  • 'Fox News Reporting' travels the globe to find out who the pirates of 21st century are and how they're getting paid

  • This unique hour tells the story of Barack Obama's first year in office in a way you've never heard: In his own words.

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