Watch TV Shows on FOX News

Fox News has been bringing individuals the latest information in the world of news and politics for many years now. This channel has many great programs that can help individuals be informed about all of the latest issues that are affecting the United States and the world. It was started in late 1996 and has grown to be one of the leading cable news networks on air today. Over 97 million households receive the Fox News channel in their home. This gives the Fox News channel a very wide reach with their programming.

Fox news has a wide array of different anchors on air that help with the credibility of the network. One of the most famous news anchors on the network has to be Bill O'Reilly. He is one of the most viewed news anchors on the Fox News channel. Famous news correspondent Glenn Beck also got his start on the Fox News Network. During the Boston Marathon Bombings, Fox News was the number one most watched television channel on all of cable television. Fox News stands behind their slogan "Fair & Balanced", where they tried to bring the most unbiased views of current events to the individuals of The United States.