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  • 2018
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The Journal Editorial Report is a political commentary show that was first released on Fox News in 2004. The show is hosted by Paul A. Gigot, who is also the editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal. Daniel Henninger and Kimberley Strassel, who are both columnists for The Wall Street Journal, join Gigot on the panel each week to discuss the latest political developments and offer their unique perspectives.

The show's format includes a panel discussion of the week's top news stories, with special emphasis on how they might impact the economy, national security, and foreign relations. The program is broken down into four segments, each of which offers a different focus or angle on the news of the week. Gigot, Henninger, and Strassel offer their insights and analyses about each topic, with the aim of providing viewers with an informed and comprehensive take on the news.

The first segment of the show is called "Opening Shot," and this is where the panelists set the tone for the rest of the program. They provide a brief overview of the week's news stories and offer their initial reactions and observations. This segment serves as a warm-up for the more detailed discussions that follow.

The second segment is called "Street Talk," and this is where the panelists take a deeper dive into the news of the week. They analyze the events and explore the various factors and forces that are at play. This segment often features interviews with experts and insiders who can shed more light on the stories being discussed.

The third segment is called "Hits and Misses," and this is where the panelists offer their opinions on which politicians, policies, or events were successful and which were not. They also discuss the potential implications of these successes or failures for future events.

The final segment of the show is called "Next Week," and this is where the panelists make predictions and offer their final thoughts. They discuss what they believe will happen in the coming week, and offer their advice on how viewers can stay informed and engaged.

The Journal Editorial Report is known for being thoughtful, analytical, and deeply informed. Gigot, Henninger, and Strassel are all highly respected writers and political commentators, and their insights are highly valued by viewers. The show is also known for its conservative perspective, although the discussion is always rigorous and open-minded.

Overall, The Journal Editorial Report is a valuable source of political commentary and analysis for anyone who is interested in understanding the week's top news stories. With its insightful panelists, informative segments, and engaging format, it has remained a fixture on Fox News for over a decade.

The Journal Editorial Report
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Sat, Nov 17, 2018
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Sat, Nov 17, 2018
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    November 17, 2018
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    6.7  (19)