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  • 2007
  • 1 Season

Future is Wild is a fascinating television series from Discovery Kids that examines the hypothetical evolution of life on Earth millions of years from now. The show is based on scientific predictions about the future of the planet, and it takes viewers on a thrilling journey through time, exploring the various ways animals and habitats might adapt and change as they evolve.

The show is an exciting mix of science and imagination, blending cutting-edge CGI animation with real-world science to create a world that is both believable and fantastic. Each episode focuses on a different time period, ranging from hundreds of thousands of years to millions of years in the future. The show explores a vast array of ecosystems and habitats, from the depths of the ocean to the barren expanses of the polar tundras.

The premise of Future is Wild is based on the idea that evolutionary changes occur in response to environmental pressures, and that the habitats and climates of the future will be drastically different than those of today. Viewers get to see how various creatures might adapt to these changes, taking on new features and evolving in unexpected ways.

One of the things that makes Future is Wild so fascinating is the attention to detail that the producers put into imagining the future. The show employs a team of scientists and experts to help guide its creative process, ensuring that every creature, landscape, and ecosystem is grounded in scientific fact. As a result, viewers get to see believable, imaginative scenarios that are based on real-world science.

The show is accessible to viewers of all ages, providing a fun, engaging way to learn about the science of evolution and how it might shape the future of the planet. The CGI animation used in the show is top-notch, creating vivid, lifelike creatures and landscapes that look like they could almost be real. Viewers get to see everything from giant octopuses to flying tortoises, each with unique features and characteristics that help them survive in their respective environments.

Future is Wild is a rare example of a show that manages to be both entertaining and educational, offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of evolutionary biology. The show encourages viewers to think about the future of the planet, and how the actions of humans today might impact the world for generations to come.

The show's host, John Laws, provides a lively, engaging presence to help guide the audience through each episode. He provides plenty of background information and scientific context to help viewers understand the creatures they're seeing, and he injects plenty of humor and enthusiasm into his narration.

Overall, Future is Wild is an excellent show for anyone interested in science, biology, or environmentalism. The show has won plenty of awards and critical acclaim, and it's easy to see why. With its imaginative scenarios, stunning animation, and entertaining host, Future is Wild is one of the most compelling shows on television for people of all ages.

Future is Wild is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 2007.

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Snowstalker in a Strange Land
26. Snowstalker in a Strange Land
July 5, 2008
After counting the populations of animals of The Great Northern European ice the crew heads to the Amazon Grasslands not knowing that a Snowstalker has snuck on board!
Queen of the Squibbons, Part 2
25. Queen of the Squibbons, Part 2
June 28, 2008
The crew is trying to get back to the Northern Forest of 200 million years A.D where they left Emily, but they are facing some problems.
Queen of the Squibbons, Part 1
24. Queen of the Squibbons, Part 1
June 21, 2008
During a trip to the Northern Forest of 200 million years A.D., Emily discovers a baby squibbon who's been orphaned during a Megasquid attack.
Cure For The Common Megasquid Cold
23. Cure For The Common Megasquid Cold
June 7, 2008
Luis believes he has a megasquid disease. Squibbon helps a forest flish from a slithersucker, and the flish tries to convince his friends that Squibby is a good Squibbon.
Ghost in the Machine
22. Ghost in the Machine
May 31, 2008
The kids test a falconfly repellent. All compounds are unsuccessful, except for a mystery mixture found by C.G. Also, things are being lost and the Time Flyer is moving on its own. What's more, the crew are seeing ghostly copies of themselves! Later it is found that Squibbon has learned to control the Time Flyer and chameliographic helmet and mixed the successful falconfly repellent! He also finds an egg in an unknown era that begins to hatch!
He Might Be Giant
21. He Might Be Giant
May 24, 2008
A tree falls on the Time Flyer and the crew uses the molecular compressor to make Ethan large enough to move it. Then, Ethan (still a giant) befriends a megasquid.
Scared Safe
20. Scared Safe
May 17, 2008
After an accident on a glacier 5 million years in the future, C.G. becomes overly protective of the crew. Also, a curious gannetwhale named Tooby investigates the Time Flyer and gets himself, Emily, Ethan, Luis and Squibbon cornered by a snowstalker.
Swimming with Slickribbons
19. Swimming with Slickribbons
May 10, 2008
The kids can't leave the Central Desert until they wash the Time Flyer. Also, a tough slickribbon named Philo who wants "a meal with a challenge" gets more than he bargained for when he chases a miniaturized Luis in the flooded Time Flyer.
Monkey Brains
18. Monkey Brains
April 26, 2008
Ethan dares C.G. to use the chameliographic helmet to spend time with the babookari and prove she can be silly and wild. After an accident with some carakillers, C.G.'s brain is implanted with babookari behavior patterns! Zodek, the carakiller hunt leader is demoted after being afraid of the "lightning monkey" (C.G. with the chameliographic helmet) that zapped him and Subo, the new hunt leader, tries to rekindle his spirit.
Around the World In 80 Minutes
17. Around the World In 80 Minutes
April 19, 2008
Luis leaves behind geocaches for other time travelers. He doesn't however, know that he made them out of a toxic material! The crew must find one in all the environments of 100 million AD in 80 minutes!
Parent Trap
16. Parent Trap
April 12, 2008
C.G. tests a fast growing crop in the Antarctic Forest, 100 million years in the future. Simile, a false spitfire bird must defend her eggs from spitfire birds and (so she thinks) Emily and Ethan! In this episode, it is hinted that CG and Luis have a crush on each other. Also Ethan may like Emily, by the way he tried to protect from the false spitfire bird and blushed when she thought it was a hug.
Shallow Pals
15. Shallow Pals
April 5, 2008
C.G. gives herself, Luis,and Emily food poisoning so Ethan and Squibbon go to investigate an ocean phantom they think is someone's boat. Also, a spindletrooper is unsure of what to defend his ocean phantom from, and so is his leader!
Sweet Home Pangaea II
14. Sweet Home Pangaea II
March 29, 2008
CG's dad tells her to study Squibbons unaware that they hid one. While visiting the Northern Forest in 200 million AD, the crew finds that Squibby has forgotten his basic survival skills and consider teaching him and then releasing him. Squibby makes friends with other Squibbons after one of them saves him from a Megasquid.
Night Crawlers
13. Night Crawlers
March 15, 2008
The kids disagree with C.G.'s decision to leave Pangaea 2. C.G. feels she is not a capable leader. Also, Torq, a rock borer terabyte is curious about the big open outside his home.
De-Tour de France
12. De-Tour de France
March 1, 2008
The kids land on the North European Ice in search of an alloy to repair the time flyer. Also, Art, a lazy shagrat herds up with Luis and Ethan after he is separated from his real herd.
Sign of the Time Flyer
11. Sign of the Time Flyer
February 16, 2008
The kids encounter the last primate on Earth: the Babookari. Also, Dex, a Babookari is showing some interest in Emily and the Other "No-Tails", much to the displeasure of the troop leader, Alpha.
Be True to Your Crew
10. Be True to Your Crew
February 2, 2008
The team discovers that C.G. is secretly trying to reactivate her former robot crew members. In this episode, we learn how C.G. met Ethan, Emily, Luis and Squibbon.
The Future Is Underground
9. The Future Is Underground
January 19, 2008
When blasting forward 200 million years in the future, The time flyer crash lands in a desert wasteland and loses most of its water. Luis shrinks Emily, C.G. and Ethan so they can search a terabyte mound for water. A transporter terabyte tries to gain equality with a warrior terabyte.
Phantom Fear
8. Phantom Fear
December 15, 2007
Ethan must confront his claustrophobia and C.G. her arachnophobia when the Time Flyer becomes stuck under an ocean phantom and the crew has to deal with the ocean phantom's tentacles and hungry reef gliders. A cautious reef glider named Bobber is reluctant to chow down on the ocean phantom after hearing tales of their various weapons and defenses.
A Poggle's Not a Pet...Yet
7. A Poggle's Not a Pet...Yet
December 1, 2007
Emily attempts to do some girl bonding with CG in the Great Plateau 100 million years in the future, but they wind up in a situation where they're really going to be closer than ever. A poggle named Geb is suspicious about the Silver spiders who look after him and his friends after a few go missing.
Squibbon See, Squibbon Do
6. Squibbon See, Squibbon Do
November 11, 2007
While the crew is in the Bengal swamp 100 million years in the future, the always playful Squibbon runs off with the telecommunicator key which is the only way CG can communicate with her father. Squibbon tries to get the key back from a Swampus.
Think Big
5. Think Big
November 3, 2007
The crew accidentally knock a Toraton mom on her back and Luis becomes a de-facto parent to a pair of Toraton infants.
4. Toratonnage
October 27, 2007
While the crew's time flyer is stuck in mud, Luis stays to try to fix it while the rest of them investigate an unusual heat source. Meanwhile, an elderly Toraton,Stoney, trying to reach a Toraton Graveyard, falls asleep on the time flyer thinking its a rock.
Sky High Anxiety
3. Sky High Anxiety
October 20, 2007
CG tries to launch a weather station 100 million years in the future, but a great blue windrunner crashes into it and now they must find a way to take care of both her and her chicks
Extreme Bird Watching
2. Extreme Bird Watching
October 13, 2007
Ethan decides to go out along on a bird watching mission, which has disastrous consequences.
Electric Fisherman
1. Electric Fisherman
October 13, 2007
The crew must lure and use two lurkfish to jump start the Time Flyer or be stuck in the Bengal swamp, 100 million years in the future. Gill and Butch, two selfish lurkfish, argue over who gets to eat Ethan!
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