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A British children's adventure series featuring the famous Supermarionation techniques of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. In the year 2065 the high tech World Aquanaut Security Patrol keeps the oceans safe with its flagship combat submarine; the highly advanced Stingray. Captain Troy Tempest and his navigator "Phones" Sheridan explore the oceans and often find themselves in conflict with various submarine races, including the Aquaphibians and their bellicose ruler, King Titan.

Sundays on ITV
1 Season, 54 Episodes
October 4, 1964
Animation & Cartoon, Science Fiction, Kids & Family
Cast: Ray Barrett, Robert Easton, David Graham, Don Mason
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Stingray Full Episode Guide

  • Ray helps a crop duster pilot who has been accused of poisoning crops by two rivaling marijuana growers.

  • Ray is asked to reunite a Soviet scientist with her father, who escaped years before.

  • Ray travels back to Vietnam to retrieve a statue in exchange for a list of POWs still being held.

  • A principal of an inner city school turns to Ray for help when a Fagin-like criminal has his sights on three of his students.

  • Ray is hired by a very dramatic actor who has narrowly survived several attempts on his life.

  • Ray goes undercover as an instructor at a military academy to help a student who witnessed his classmates commit murder.

  • Ray investigates the suspicious death of a dockworker he helped in the past.

  • Ray poses as a college anthropology instructor in order to investigate suspicious accidents occurring on what may be a Native American burial ground.

  • Ray ends up in real trouble when he gets involved in a fantasy case made up by an author who needed an idea for his book.

  • Ray turns down a journalist who is later found dead. Recognizing he may have made a mistake, Ray decides to look into things.

  • A sculptor that Ray helped in the past is once again being stalked, apparently by a man who is supposed to be dead.

  • After stealing $700,000 from a mobster, a dimwitted garage worker gets help from Ray.

  • Ray recreates a space isolation experiment to try to clear an old friend of murder charges.

  • Someone from Ray's past is setting him up for murder.

  • A pharmaceutical chemist hires Ray to investigate lethal drugs.

  • After receiving the 'Aquanaut of the Year' award, Troy finds himself part of a 'This is Your Life' programme where he reminisces some of his greatest adventures.

  • Just as an aircraft begins its approach towards a new airfield, the light from a disused lighthouse comes on, confusing the pilot and causing him to crash. The ex-lighthouse keeper returns to investigate, only to be captured by members of an alien race who are using the building's power to provide energy for their city. Troy and Phones set off in Stingray to investigate.

  • When Troy meets the orphaned son of an ex-WASP aquanaut, he decides to give the boy a Christmas to remember. He arranges for the young lad to join the Stingray crew in a re-enactment of a battle with a mysterious enemy craft, which was left abandoned after the original conflict. However, Troy is unaware that a member of the crew is still aboard the vessel - and when Phones boards the ship to take command, he is captured and forced to lure Troy into a trap.

  • Having been dethroned by the people of his Eastern nation, El Hudat's twin brother, Ali Khali, arrives in Marineville. Surface Agent X20 sees this as an opportunity to free the evil El Hudat, who is currently languishing in the WASP brig, so he arranges for him to switch places with his brother. But when Commander Shore discovers the substitution he immediately despatches the Stingray crew to recapture El Hudat.

  • When the insane Professor Cordo kidnaps Atlanta and takes her back to his undersea farm, Troy and Phones give chase in Stingray. Having left their ship to investigate, the two crewmen return to what they think is their ship, only to discover that this Stingray is in fact a mock-up created by Cordo. Meanwhile, Cordo's subjects have hijacked the real Stingray, and are preparing to attack Marineville.

  • When a seemingly indestructible craft is sighted heading towards Marineville on a collision course, the eccentric Professor Burgoyne is called in to help develop a new super missile with which to destroy it. However, the professor and Commander Shore immediately clash - and when the professor and his lab subsequently explode, all hope for Marineville seems to have gone up in smoke as well.

  • Whilst musing over what to wear to Atlanta's fancy dress ball, Troy falls asleep. He dreams of encountering a race of underwater cavemen who have plundered the cargo of a vessel carrying radioactive material...

  • As part of his training to become an aquanaut, Lieutenant Fisher is given temporary command of Stingray and assigned target practice. However, he is unaware that Surface Agent X20 has attached a bomb to one of the targets and one to Stingray's hull. It is up to Troy to save the day by dropping onto Stingray from the air.

  • Learning that a jazz group is to give a concert in the undersea city of Aphony, where Marina's father lives, Surface Agent X20 plants a bomb in the group's bass. Troy learns of the plot to kill his friends, but before he can act, he is trapped inside a burning building - can he escape and reach the bomb in time?

  • When pop star Duke Dexter pays a visit to Marineville, he causes a commotion amongst his fans. Mistakenly believing him to be a visiting dignitary, Surface Agent X20 kidnaps the singer and takes him to Titan as a hostage. However, Dexter drives his fellow Terraneans crazy with the weird noises he emits, causing Titan to believe him to be an ally.

  • Professor Graham is searching for the lost temple of Tajmanon, which was submerged when a dam was built in Africa. When Troy and Phones are assigned to aid the professor in his quest, they soon encounter their old enemy, El Hamra.

  • After a robot probe inexplicably disappears, the Stingray crew is ordered to investigate. Troy, Phones and Marine follow the trail to the base of a volcano, which is about to erupt. However, Troy and Phones are then captured by two survivors of a destroyed city, who tie them up and leave them behind while they head for Stingray so that they can escape the imminent destruction.

  • While out on escort patrol, Phones hears a mysterious sound through his headset. But when Stingray leaves the escort to investigate, the crew are unable to locate the source. Beginning to doubt his senses, Phones visits a psychiatrist - unaware that the doctor is none other than Surface Agent X20 in disguise. It seems that X20 is using a remote sounding device to make it appear that Phones is unfit for duty in the WASPs.

  • An Eastern dictator named El Hudat arrives in Marineville, wishing to become a member of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. However, just before his enrolment, he is deposed by a revolution back in his home country. Blaming the WASPs for his predicament, El Hudat kidnaps Marina and takes her aboard his yacht as a hostage. Troy and Phones immediately set off in Stingray to rescue her from El Hudat's clutches.

  • During a Terror Fish attack, Stingray is damaged. When Troy goes to make repairs, an Aquaphibian poisons him with some purple liquid. At Marineville, the doctors can't find a cure. Without treatment, ttroy will die within four hours. Titan has the antidote but will only send it in exchange for Marina. Commander Shore refuses but Marina makes up her mind and returns to Titanica. Titan keeps his word and sends the antidote. Once recovered, Troy plans to rescue Marina.

  • Reports come in from all over the world about pink ice. Whilst investigating, the Stingray crew become trapped in the rapidly freezing pink water.

  • While waiting for the call to action in the Stand-By Lounge, Troy falls asleep. He dreams that he and the Stingray crew have all shrunk in size and are now trapped inside a giant fish-tank sitting in a banquet hall. When Troy and Phones investigate their surroundings they discover that Titan and several representatives of the undersea races are about to convene in the room - so that they can plan their final attack on Marineville.

  • Commander Shore is framed when a piece of equipment disappears from Marineville control. Troy places the commander under arrest but who would want to frame the commander and why doesn't Shore protest his innocence?

  • When a boastful naval Captain arrives in Marineville to demonstrate a new missile, he and Troy immediately experience a clash of personalities. Meanwhile, Surface Agent X20 sabotages the test missile by loading it with real explosives. After Troy narrowly avoids being killed during the test, Commander Shore demands that the naval Captain be court-martialled - unless Troy can swallow his pride and prove the man's innocence.

  • When three disused freighters that are to be blown up by remote control mysteriously vanish, Troy and Phones set off in Stingray to find them.

  • A film crew arrives at Marineville to make a movie on Stingray. Everyone will play themselves except Troy, who is to be replaced by an actor. Even worse, the director is in fact Surface Agent X20 who has a plan to kill Troy.

  • While the Stingray crew go to the rescue of two crazy treasure hunters, Troy falls down a crevasse, runs out of air and lapses into unconsciousness. When he comes to, he discovers he doesn't need breathing equipment to breathe and he is now the richest man in the world.

  • After recovering a giant oyster, two explorers are captured by Troy in restricted waters. They persuade Commander Shore to let the Stingray crew help them collect its pearl. However, the crew are unaware of their real intentions.

  • The Stingray crew fall into a trap set by aliens at a weather station .

  • Commander Shore's friend Admiral Denver claims to have seen the Loch Ness Monster. As a result, the Stingray crew travel to Scotland to see if the legendary beast exists.

  • When the Stingray crew has their holiday abruptly cancelled, they set off to probe the ocean depths. Troy and his friends soon discover a deep undersea shaft, which leads them to a desert-like plateau. However, while they are investigating their surroundings a huge wall of water appears and transforms the desert into an underground sea. As the waters threaten to drown them, Troy and Phones desperately swim against the tide - but will they reach Stingray in time..?

  • The Stingray crew track the launch site of missiles fired on Marineville to a volcanic island. However, on investigating they become captured by the aliens responsible.

  • Commander Shore keeps having nightmares about the time when he was crippled in a sea battle with an underwater craft five years ago and rescued by a mysterious stranger.

  • As part of his plan to destroy Marineville, Surface Agent X20 infiltrates the base by posing as a professor who can teach mute people to speak. Then, unknowingly, Troy and Phones place Marina in his hands.

  • Using an old Spanish galleon, the villainous Idotee is attacking passing ships and plundering them for their cargoes. He soon captures Commander Shore and Phones and holds them prisoner on his ancient sailing vessel. When Troy gives chase in Stingray Shore orders him to destroy the galleon using Sting Missiles - can Troy find a way to save his comrades, or will he be forced to kill them?

  • The Stingray crew is assigned to make monthly visits to Professor Darren and his team, who have developed a method for making gold from minerals taken from the sea bed. When Surface Agent X20 learns of this he informs his master, Titan, who sees an opportunity to destroy his enemies once and for all. Placing a sounding device on the hull of the professor's bathysphere, Titan despatches a giant killer swordfish to destroy both the 'sphere and Stingray.

  • While the Stingray crew are on shore leave in Casablanca, a merchant sells Phones a map leading to ancient treasure. However, when Troy refuses to search for it, Marina secretly alters Stingray's course.

  • When an undersea alien named Gadus kidnaps World Navy Admiral Carson and his wife from their remote island home, Troy, Phones and Marina head off on a rescue mission in Stingray. With the help of a coded signal from the Admiral, the crew escape being killed by a booby trap but when they attempt to follow Gadus' submarine, the villain dives into a deep trench too narrow for Stingray to enter. Marina sets off in pursuit on her own, only to be captured by Gadus. Troy and Phones set off to rescue their friend - but will they be in time to prevent the young girl from being impaled by a swordfish's razor-sharp sword..?

  • The Stingray crew are sent to investigate the mysterious destruction of oilrigs.

  • Following the escape of his slave Marina, Titan plots revenge by planning to kill the Stingray crew with a deadly plant that gives off toxic fumes. Meanwhile, Marina is feeling homesick.

  • Troy and Phones are sent to investigate the destruction of a WSP submarine. They are soon captured by an enemy submarine in the form of a gigantic fish, which takes them to the underwater city Titanica. There, they meet Titan for the first time.

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