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  • 1964
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (1,391)

Stingray is a British children's television series produced by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson. The show stars Ray Barrett as the voice of Captain Troy Tempest, a member of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP). The show follows the adventures of Troy and the crew of the Stingray, a futuristic submarine designed to explore and protect the world's oceans from various threats.

Lois Maxwell voices the character of Lieutenant Atlanta Shore, another member of WASP and Troy's love interest. Robert Easton plays Phones, the Stingray's radio operator and comic relief character. Don Mason provides the voice of WASP's leader, Commander Sam Shore, and David Graham voices the Stingray's onboard computer, aptly named "Aquaphibian."

The show, which aired from 1964 to 1965, was an instant hit with children and adults alike. Its stunning underwater and action sequences, combined with cutting-edge puppetry and special effects, set the show apart from other productions of the time.

The series begins with WASP learning of the existence of a hostile underwater civilization known as the Aquaphibians, led by the villainous King Titan. The Aquaphibians seek to conquer the surface world by attacking ships and underwater cities. It is up to Troy and the crew of the Stingray to stop them and protect humanity.

Throughout the series, we see the Stingray and her crew face off against a variety of aquatic threats, from sea monsters to robotic submarines. The show's innovative use of miniatures and models bring the underwater world to life in a way that was previously unseen on television.

But the show isn't just about action and adventure. The characters of Stingray are fully fleshed out, with complex personalities and relationships that develop over time. We see Troy and Atlanta's relationship evolve from a professional one to a romantic one, adding an emotional depth to the show.

Stingray became a cultural phenomenon and its influence can be seen in many shows that followed. The show's theme song, written by Barry Gray, is still instantly recognizable to many and has been covered by various artists over the years.

Overall, Stingray remains a beloved classic of British television, with its combination of action, adventure, and character development appealing to audiences of all ages. Its place in television history is secure, cementing Gerry Anderson's status as a pioneer in the world of puppetry and special effects.

Stingray is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (54 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 1964.

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One Way Ticket
15. One Way Ticket
May 8, 1987
Ray helps a crop duster pilot who has been accused of poisoning crops by two rivaling marijuana growers.
14. Caper
May 1, 1987
Ray is asked to reunite a Soviet scientist with her father, who escaped years before.
Anytime, Anywhere
13. Anytime, Anywhere
April 17, 1987
Ray travels back to Vietnam to retrieve a statue in exchange for a list of POWs still being held.
Blood Money
12. Blood Money
April 10, 1987
A principal of an inner city school turns to Ray for help when a Fagin-like criminal has his sights on three of his students.
Cry Wolf
11. Cry Wolf
April 3, 1987
Ray is hired by a very dramatic actor who has narrowly survived several attempts on his life.
Night Maneuvers
10. Night Maneuvers
March 27, 1987
Ray goes undercover as an instructor at a military academy to help a student who witnessed his classmates commit murder.
The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived
9. The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived
March 20, 1987
Ray investigates the suspicious death of a dockworker he helped in the past.
The Neniwa
8. The Neniwa
March 6, 1987
Ray poses as a college anthropology instructor in order to investigate suspicious accidents occurring on what may be a Native American burial ground.
7. Autumn
February 27, 1987
Ray ends up in real trouble when he gets involved in a fantasy case made up by an author who needed an idea for his book.
The First Time is Forever
6. The First Time is Forever
February 20, 1987
Ray turns down a journalist who is later found dead. Recognizing he may have made a mistake, Ray decides to look into things.
5. Echoes
February 6, 1987
A sculptor that Ray helped in the past is once again being stalked, apparently by a man who is supposed to be dead.
Bring Me the Hand That Hit Me
4. Bring Me the Hand That Hit Me
January 30, 1987
After stealing $700,000 from a mobster, a dimwitted garage worker gets help from Ray.
3. Playback
January 23, 1987
Ray recreates a space isolation experiment to try to clear an old friend of murder charges.
2. Gemini
January 16, 1987
Someone from Ray's past is setting him up for murder.
The Greeter
1. The Greeter
January 9, 1987
A pharmaceutical chemist hires Ray to investigate lethal drugs.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 4, 1964
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (1,391)