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Doki is one very adventurous dog with a signature ball cap. He is always on the look out for a new discovery. Learning is his passion and he thinks it is great fun, Doki especially enjoys experimenting with science. Once his curiosity is peaked Doki has to find out why things work the way they do. How do balloons stay in the air? Join Doki the dog to find out.

Discovery Kids
1 Season, 26 Episodes
December 23, 2009
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Katie Grant, Sarah Sheppard, Lucas Kalechstein, Tara Emo
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Doki Full Episode Guide

  • The Team heads to a CARIBBEAN ISLAND, to find out about a multiple day party called Carnival. The festival is underway and the parade is starting soon! But a few misadventures leaves the team wondering if they'll make it to the parade in time. / When Fico's fossil-making experiment falls flat, his friends chuckle. You can't make a fossil by burying a rubber dinosaur! But when Fico asks how do you make fossils, Doki realizes that they don't exactly know. So they fly off to the badlands of NORTH DAKOTA, USA, to investigate!

  • Fico gets a package from MUMBAI, INDIA. But mistakenly receives a talking mynah bird! The Team decides to return the bird to its owner going only off what the bird says like the word 'Bollywood.' The team ends up exploring a market and movie studio. / It's sandfly season, and the only place to get away from their bites is out in Lake Weewannanoh. Oto thinks they need a floating clubhouse... but how do you build a floating house? Luckily, a club member named Omar is building a floating house right now. He invites the Team down to LAKE TITICACA, BOLIVIA.

  • After months of saving Doki has bought a baseball glove but doesn't have enough for a ball so the Team heads to PISAC, PERU where they explore a barter's market and dig up wild potatoes to trade for a ball, and for fuel to fly home. / The Team is happily making hand-shadows in the beam of Doki's flashlight, when a call for assistance comes in. A friend named Davy needs help changing a light bulb! But what kind of light bulb needs more than one person to change it? Intrigued, they set off to CORNWALL, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Doki catches the 'treasure hunting' bug and heads to LUXOR, EGYPT. They team gets lost in a pyramid but when they stumble upon a cache of ancient items, some impressive and some utilitarian, Doki comes to a new understanding of what 'treasure' is. / Team Doki is on an expedition to put on a puppet show! But upon landing in BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, they meet a fellow club member named Gerardo, and accidentally switch packs.

  • Fico wishes he had a robot to do his chores! The team heads to TOKYO, JAPAN and get a tour of a robot factory, and learn how to 'program' robots. Fico programs a cleaning robot and the team ends up with a real-life robot rampage on their hands! / Anabella wants a photo of lightning, but the weather isn't cooperating. So Doki does a little research, and is amazed to learn that in MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA.

  • The Team wonders how they can keep the clubhouse warmer in the winter so they head to NUNAVUT, CANADA to find out! The Team learns how people and animals of the North use parkas, snow, and animal-hair insulation to keep warm. / During a prank-filled sack race, the kids almost break an interesting 'vase', which has pictures of running, jumping, throwing athletes on it. Oto knows it's a Greek urn... but what sports game are these guys playing, anyway? A club member from OLYMPIA, GREECE thinks he knows - so they take the urn on an expedition to find out!

  • Gabi and Doki love playing 'Wild West' so they head to COLORADO, USA, where a real 'cowgirl' gives them a chance to spend the day working as real ranch hands! With teamwork they stop a runaway chuckwagon and realize what makes a 'real' cowboy. / One hot day, Gabi jokes that it's 'hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk', and Doki's ears prick up. Could we really fry an egg on the sidewalk? Curious, they try it - and fail. But Doki thinks it might work, if they were in the place on earth that's closest to the hot sun. So they fly off to CHIMBORAZO, EQUADOR!

  • Fico decides to turn a big tarpaulin into a Team Doki-sized hammock. They head to REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA to see if the biggest trees in the world are big enough. While they're there Mundi sees 'smoke' and they embark on a rescue mission! / Team Doki has volunteered to help with a concert for the GREAT BARRIER REEF, on the AUSTRALIAN COAST.

  • Every year, Fico finds his birthday gift and wrecks the surprise. So they decide to keep Fico too busy to snoop! They set off to HAWAII where they can ski and surf in the same day! Thanks to some mishaps, the party transforms into a Hawaiian luau. / When Anabella reads about 'wishing on falling stars', she wishes one would fall near her, so she could see it. Doki isn't sure that's possible. Is there really such a thing as a 'falling star'? To find out, they fly to PUERTO RICO, home of a powerful radio-telescope.

  • Team Doki tries to race paper boats down the stream and wonder why rushing water crumples the boats. They set off the PANAMA CANAL, but mistakenly land on the wrong coast. So, they have a real boat race to a meeting spot in the middle of the Canal! / When Fico paints Doki's portrait, his picture generates a lot of confusion. It doesn't look anything like Doki - it's just a squiggle! Is Fico's picture of Doki real art? Eager to find out what 'real' art is, they visit an art studio in BERLIN, GERMANY where a fellow club member's Dad creates modern art.

  • Moving Anabella's massive new sculpture is on the teams mind so Doki and Oto set off to EASTER ISLAND in the SOUTH PACIFIC where they discover that by using 'simple machines' like pulleys and rollers, you can make work easier. / Team Doki loves playing Hide and Seek, but their 'hiding' skills need work. So when they get a tip about some 'expert hiders' on a nature reserve in NAMIBIA, they're eager to meet them, and find out; How can we get better at hiding?

  • Oto is proud of his rock collection, and wants to complete it with gold. The Team sets off to the YUKON TERRITORY, in CANADA where they pan for gold. The boys split off to look for a gold mine and get lost. It's up to the girls to fly to the rescue! / When their sandcastle contest is rained out, Team Doki sets off to the driest sandy place Oto knows - the SAHARA DESERT, in AFRICA - only to discover that the sand is too dry to build anything.

  • Team Doki is throwing a spooky party, they head to HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA to meet a director who shows them that with ordinary household items and a little imagination, you can make believable special effects! / Anabella is playing princess one day, when she and Doki have a difference of opinion about castles. What were castles really like? They set off to Urquhart castle in LOCH NESS, SCOTLAND, to find out!

  • When the Team's Christmas cake is too wobbly to stand, they head to NEW YORK CITY to explore a skyscraper from bottom to top. They learn about how tall buildings are built and apply what they learned to their cake back home./ Seeing 'The Nutcracker' is Anabella's favourite Christmas tradition. And this year, the whole Team will see it, in MOSCOW, RUSSIA!

  • Team Doki arrives in PARIS, FRANCE, all set for a bike tour. A debate arises about which bike is best? They decide to have a race, like the famous Tour de France, to find out! Ultimately deciding it's all about which bike is best for you. / When Oto runs out of storage space in the kitchen, Doki proposes they build him a food shed. Too bad they're also out of lumber! How can they build, with no building materials? A mysterious tip sends them to the ancient city of PETRA, in the JORDAN desert.

  • After a spicy lunch Doki wonders how could they get running water in the clubhouse? The team sets off to SPAIN to figure out how the Romans brought water to their city from faraway, while keeping it clean and then the team constructs their own. / It's time for the Team's annual grilled-cheese sandwich cook-off - but Fico has eaten the main ingredient! To save the contest, they decide to make some more. But how do you make cheese? They set off to SWITZERLAND, to find out.

  • Anabella gives party balloons to her friends but they don't all float. They set off to a balloon festival in NEW MEXICO to find out they need either helium or hot air to rise! In teams they join a race where Doki uses his new balloon knowledge. / After retrieving Oto's glowing fishing rod from the bottom of Lake Weewannanoh, the Team wonders... is there any light at the bottom of the ocean? So they set off to dive in the MEDITERRANEAN SEA, near EGYPT, to find out!

  • When Oto runs out of vanilla while making ice-cream, they head to a magical vanilla fountain in MADAGASCAR for more. They get lost, have a misadventure, and arrive at a vanilla farm, to discover that vanilla is actually dried fruit of an orchid! / When a favourite plant outgrows its pot, Gabi's distraught. Where can she find a bigger flower pot? Fortunately, they get a Tip about some 'amazing flower pots' in the BAY OF FUNDY, in NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA.

  • Doki has mastered Gabi's climbing wall, and now he wants to climb the world's highest mountain, MOUNT EVEREST. Doki's overconfidence almost causes disaster, but he listens to reason and turns back. Doki realizes challenge is good if you're prepared. / Fico needs a bath, but doesn't want to muddy his Mom's floors. Where can he take a hot bath, outside? On a tip, they set off to ICELAND, a country that sounds cold but is known for underground heat.

  • Doki is learning to juggle, and when Oto reveals new rocket-boosters for the plane, it gives Doki a unique opportunity to find out could he juggle, in space? Team Doki blasts off to the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION to find out. / Fico needs more rubber bands to expand his rubber band ball. Maybe he could make some, but where does rubber come from? On a tip, the Team flies off to the BRAZILIAN RAINFOREST, expecting to pluck rubber bands from the branches of rubber trees!

  • While playing knight, Fico boasts that he's brave enough to fight a dragon. Gabi tells him she knows where to find one! Team Doki flies to KOMODO ISLAND to investigate. His bravery is tested when he faces off with dragons and he rescues Anabella. / When Anabella accidentally ruins her Mom's silk scarf, she's determined to fix it. But they'll need silk thread - and just what is 'silk', anyway? The Team heads off to BEIJING, CHINA to find out.

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