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"Gadget Boy's Adventures in History" is a educational spinoff/second season of the "Gadget Boy" children's television program, debuting in 1997. Rather than just worry about criminals stealing things in present day, this series revolves around the nefarious Spydra as she jumps through different points along the flow of time. While Spydra plots to change or remove elements of history to better suit her life in the present, Gadget Boy, the cyborg detective, does whatever he can to stop her. The show addresses quite a variety of moments in history, with many famous faces, like James Cook, serving as allies.

Gadget Boy's Adventures in History is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 1998.

Gadget Boy's Adventures in History is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gadget Boy's Adventures in History on demand atVudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
January 10, 1998
Kids & Family, Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Stevie Vallance, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche, Don Adams, Ian James Corlett
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Gadget Boy's Adventures in History Full Episode Guide

  • Spydra goes back to the 1950s to grab the world's first time machine.

  • Spydra decides to eliminate Christmas by destroying its very roots, as she goes after St. Nicholas, Old Befana of Italy and Martin Luther.

  • Spydra, realizing she needs a scientist with more experience than Boris, builds a Spydra clone and travels back in time to kidnap three geniuses.

  • The team is sent back to 700 A.D. Spydra, depressed about her birthday, has learned the ancient Mayans could control time and can make her stop aging.

  • Spydra goes to the Nile River Valley in 1922 to steal all of King Tut's treasures before the world even knows they exist.

  • Spydra plans to travel back to California in 1849 so that she can pick up enough gold to repair the Spydratron and finish off Gadget Boy for good.

  • To enact the power of a mystical, sun-controlling ruby, Spydra takes Boris back to India in 1928 and enrolls him as a student of a great swami master.

  • All Spydra needs to bring the world to its knees is a whole lot of the rare Humongous Fungus, which causes anyone who eats it to hiccup violently.

  • Spydra wants her production of Shakespeare's King John to be perfect. And what better way than to have the real crown originally worn by Charles I?

  • Agent Heather, Gadget Boy and G-9 go back in time to 1955 Rhodesia to save the last black rhino.

  • Angry about losing a boat race, Spydra travels to Phoenicia, circa 1300 B.C., where she steals the newly-invented first prototype movable-sail boat.

  • Spydra goes to the 1939 World's Fair in New York City to destroy the first robots ever made. If she succeeds, both Gadget and G-9 will cease to exist!

  • It's Gadget Boy to the rescue when Spydra sojourns to 1903 to stop the Wright brothers from ever pioneering manned motorized flight!

  • To eavesdrop on all the world's communications satellites, Spydra plants her "Polar Controller" satellite-controlling device at the North Pole.

  • Spydra travels back in time to use her new invention. Spydra's machine uses horrific thoughts to create terrible monsters. She decides to use them on Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. Its up to Gadget Boy, Heather, and XG-9 to foil Spydra's plot, save Mary Shelley, and stop Spydra from unknowingly altering the future.

  • Spydra plans to go back in time to destroy Henry Ford's factory so that her range of arachnid cars will be driven by everyone.

  • Gadget Boy and Heather must thwart Spydra's plans and go back in time to 1915 Australia to steal a rare gem that can help them to destroy the city.

  • Spydra goes back in time to the court of Louis XIII to steal the Queen's diamonds. Boris has his own agenda: He needs the Three Musketeers' swords.

  • It's off to the Cretaceous period for the Gadget team as Spydra tries to amass an army of dinosaurs with plans to house them in her special biosphere.

  • After getting a particular interest in silk, Spidra takes her minions back to July of 1853 to take over the silk industry in Japan. Gadget Boy must now travel though time and with the help of Heather and G-9, foil Spydra's plan and save history as we know it.

  • Spidra goes back to 211 BC to the time when the china wall was in it's last days of construction, to steal the magical jade dragons from the Temple of Chi Chi one Ti and awaken them from their hybination. Heather, G-9 and gadget boy must follow her through time to stop her from aquiring the jade dragons and changing history.

  • Spidra plans to steal the moon rocks that today are the main power source of the world, but the problem is that they are so heavily guarded it is impossible. So Spidra and her minions go back in time to when they were discovered, and steal them there and take them to an alternate future. Knowing the consecuences, Gadget boy, G-9 and Heather follow her through time, and attempt to fulfil history by stopping Spidra.