Gemini Division

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This series follows Anna who is an undercover cop with the New York Police Department. She meets a man named Nick and really likes him. She cannot get too involved with him or let her guard down. If she did she could put her undercover work in jeopardy. They start a relationship and Nick is murdered when things get serious. Now Anna is determined to bring his killer to justice.

Weekdays 11:30 PM et/pt on Electric Farm Entertainment
1 Season, 41 Episodes
August 18, 2008
Action & Adventure, Drama, Kids & Family, Mystery, Science Fiction
Cast: Justin Hartley, Rick Ravanello, John Kapelos, Norbert Weisser, Allison Scagliotti-Smith
Gemini Division

Gemini Division Full Episode Guide

  • Although Gemini Division believes Anna is a trusted agent, The Cleaner is determined to prove them wrong.

  • One thing is clear...Amasso wants Anna. But is she to be his ally or his hostage?.

  • Anna is partnered up with The Cleaner as SIMs descend upon the facility looking to free their imprisoned SIM brothers.

  • In Northern Italy for Gemini Division weapons training, Anna comes face to face with The Cleaner and his mangled ear.

  • Anna learns more about Nick and his connection to the mangled-ear Gemini agent nicknamed Van Gogh.

  • After obtaining the items on M&M's list, Anna and Walken begin to setup the hardware at a hospital in Mexico City. When Anna receives M&M's video call from the hospital parking garage, she realizes that they are being watched by the Sims and may be in great danger.

  • Anna needs help to unlock the memories in the SIM core...say hello to M&M

  • Anna get's her hands on a new prize: a SIM experience core.

  • Anna's journey takes her inside the Mexico City drug trade searching for the "Conejo Blanco", The White Rabbit.

  • Anna gets her hands on Gemini Division's primary weapon - the "Genfixer" - and just in time too, as SIMs swarm around her.

  • Anna gets in gory detail exactly what makes the SIMs tick, courtesy of Dr. Ng's autopsy.

  • The trap has been set; a SIM has arrived. Now its Anna's turn to be the hunter.

  • Still looking for a way to get at the SIMs, Anna decides to set a trap using herself as bait.

  • Anna confronts Dr. Gallivan/Jill Sinclair about her SIM research, but time is running out for both of them.

  • Trapped in Dr. Gallivan's lab with Baoshi's latest experiment coming after her, Anna has to ask herself, "What the hell is a Beetant?".

  • As the battle between the SIMs and Gemini Division rages, Anna finally understands what Nick was searching for all along. But now that she knows the truth, will she return to Gemini; or will she continue to stand and fight beside the SIMs?

  • For her first GD assignment, Anna must go undercover to infiltrate the Shanghai biotech firm, Baoshi, and gather whatever intelligence she can on the SIMs' mysterious terror plot known only as 'Thanatos.' Can she do it before her cover is blown?

  • Though Amasso shows her the true purpose of Thanatos, Anna still doesnÂ’t trust him – and vice versa. But with the key to the SIMsÂ’ survival hidden on NickÂ’s missing core, theyÂ’ll have to work together to liberate the one man who can help them find it.

  • Anna comes one step closer to uncovering the truth about Thanatos when she infiltrates the SIM Underground. Convinced Thanatos is a genuine threat to humanity, she sets her sights on taking out Amasso. But can she bring herself to pull the trigger?

  • Her loyalty to Gemini Division tested by Van Gogh, Anna is sent to the USS McKinley where Cpl. Ryder, a human sympathetic to the SIM cause and a member of the SIM Underground, shows her footage of the seminal moment that sparked their rebellion.

  • At a secret Gemini training facility in Italy, Anna undergoes orientation on the use of the agency's brutal new field weapons. But the lessons are cut short and Gemini's secret exposed when a captive SIM escapes and launches an all-out SIM assault.

  • The search for the technology to hack the Pudong SIM Core leads Anna, Walken and M+M to a hi-tech cattle ranch outside where they soon find themselves surrounded by SIMs. Will GeminiÂ’s weapons arrive in time – or is this the end of the line?

  • With an Experience Core to sell, Anna infiltrates the SIMs black network within Mexico Citys underground club scene. But to get anywhere near them, shell first have to deal with their middleman, a lowlife drug dealer by the name of Walken.

  • Enlisting the aid of Dr. Ng, Anna tries to smoke out Dr. Gavilan by capturing a SIM. After NgÂ’s autopsy reveals new data about SIM physiology, Anna discovers a way to track them via her PDA – and finds an important message from their leader, Amasso.

  • For her first GD assignment, Anna must go undercover to infiltrate the Shanghai biotech firm, Baoshi, and gather whatever intelligence she can on the SIMsÂ’ mysterious terror plot known only as “Thanatos”. Can she do it before her cover is blown?

  • Anna returns to New York determined to verify Geminis claims about Nick only to end up caught in the middle of a secret war raging between them and the SIMs. If she wants to know the truth about her fiancée, shes going to have to choose a side.

  • Returning to the scene of Nick's murder, Anna discovers its been covered up down to the dust by the enigmatic Gemini Division, who claim the man she loved wasn't a man at all. He was an artificial life form, and wanted terrorist, known as a SIM.

  • Determined to get to the bottom of Nick's strange behavior, Anna decides to trust her instincts and tail him. But things take a turn for the surreal as she watches him murdered by a pair of mysterious agents and realizes she's their next target!

  • NYPD Detective Anna Diaz uncovers a global conspiracy of genetic experiments when she's investigating the murder of her fiance, Nick.