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Founded by Brent Friedman in 2006, Electric Farm Entertainment was added to CrunchBase in 2009. Executive producers are Brent Friedman, Stan Rogow and Jeff Sagansky. There are four web productions under their belt. These include: Woke Up Dead, Valemont, Afterworld and Gemini Division. This limited liability company specializes in producing content meant to be watched on the internet and is identified as a digital media company because they create intellectual property for a variety of platforms. Based in Santa Monica, California, Electric Farm Entertainment targets youthful audiences with their online series.

Their 2007 series, Afterworld, was immensely popular and had an impressive run of 130 (mini)episodes. The animated series cost $3,000,000 and garnered over 1.5 million views on MySpace. Then it managed to grab over 20 million streams world wide and enjoyed a long run as a popular channel on YouTube.

Each project has helped Electric Farm to learn more about how to compile a webisode but nothing has taught them like Gemini Division. It was their first run at product placement and fans let them know how they felt about it. Now they are much more savvy about it and are working to blend it naturally into the video.

Their underlying philosophy about crating great video is that in order to get the quality that viewers are used to viewing, money must be spent. And spend they do, with each new project costing millions. Don't worry, they have found many creative ways to earn it back.

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