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The main host of the show, Get Out, is Lindsay Clubine; however, Misty Rice is often on the show. The duo and their friends like to travel to different places, some of these places are half around the world. Lindsay and her friends bring the audience to a new happening place each episode.

Lindsay and her friends have been to many happening places from Hawaii to Cabo to Maui to Miami. Lindsay and her pals have investigated everything from the coolest clubs and the ocean resorts. Not only will Lindsay show what the nightlife is like in the city, she will also show what the history and culture of the city is like. According to her tastes, she will show what the coolest places are in the city. Viewers get VIP access to hot spots around the world.

The TV show will broadcast what it's like to be in the featured city's bars, beaches, and other fun tourist attractions. This can be seen from the privacy of your own home. Some of the time, the TV viewer has not seen the places that are being broadcast to you, so you get to learn about places from around the world.

One of the episodes showed Madonna's former mansion. Another episode showed the way sharks are fed. The show covers a wide range of topics. The TV show will broadcast behind the scenes footage. The staff stop at some beautiful places around the world, and they want you to be a part of their action. It will show you the diversity that can be found throughout the world. The TV show goes to some of the most famous places throughout the world.

Friday 12:30 PM et/pt on HDNet
18 Seasons, 238 Episodes
October 13, 2003
Learning & Education, Travel
Cast: Lindsay Clubine
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Get Out Full Episode Guide

  • The Get Out! girls go on a zip line adventure and then hook up for some drinks at a local pub.

  • Brittany and Michelle go sky diving while Lana has a photo shoot.

  • The girls cross the border on a high speed zodiac boat to scope out killer whales.

  • The Get Out! girls head to the frigid waters of the northwest for a challenging wakeboard ride on a glacial lake.

  • Lana and the Get Out! girls take a float plane to a wintery glacier hike.

  • The Get Out! girls head out on jet skis to tour the Vancouver bays.

  • Lana and the Get Out! girls get cabin fever and decide to go on a pub crawl in Vancouver in a party bus.

  • Lana tries her horse riding skills once again at Pitt Lake.

  • Lana and the Get Out! girls hit the backcountry of Whistler Mountain on ATVs.

  • The Get Out! girls head to Nita Lake for a paddle boarding adventure and a rope swing into icy waters.

  • Lana Tailor and her friends from the west coast of Canada head to Sooke on Vancouver Island for their cabin in the woods and later head out for some windsurfing on English Bay.

  • Brooke has a seaside photo shoot, Lana and the Get Out! girls head out on a sunset cruise that ends up in a party cove and later the girls hit the clubs.

  • Lana and her friends check out the north side of the island on a Jeep safari, then chill out at the beach while Rachel has a sexy villa photo shoot.

  • The Get Out! girls tour the island on mopeds and try their skills on go-karts while Natalia has a sensuous rocky photo shoot.

  • Lana and Brooke tour the island on Quads while Kelli gets sexy on the rocky shores with her photo shoot.

  • The Get Out! girls take a zodiac ride to the island of Formentera and Kelli takes an adventurous jump on the way.

  • Lana, Kelli and Brooke head underwater on a scuba adventure, while Ana has a revealing photo shoot.

  • The Get Out! girls check out the island on mountain bikes and Paula has a revealing photo shoot.

  • The Get Out! girls head out at night for the super clubs of Ibiza, Kelli and Brooke hit the waves for some water sports action, and Lana has an accident.

  • Cherie takes a horseback ride through the island trails while Lana gets down and sexy with her sexy photo shoot on the rocks.

  • The Get Out! girls check out the funky town of San Antonio and go parasailing; Mia has a sexy photo shoot you don't want to miss.

  • Lana meets up with her girlfriends from Spain, than heads off to do some wakeboarding.

  • The Get Out! girls check out a super luxurious beach club for some jet ski action while Natalia has a bronze photo shoot on the beach.

  • Lana and her friends head to the Island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain. The girls check out the beach for a crazy twister jet boat tour and Maureen has a sexy photo shoot on the beach.

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