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.hack//SIGN is an anime television series from the four part story of the show .hack. In this show the main character, Tsukasa is a magic user known as a wavemaster in a virtual-reality online game called The World. In The World, Tsukasa finds himself trapped as a player of a massive multiplayer online role-playing game unable to log out. In order to discover the truth of his capture, Tsukasa must work with other players in the game as he journeys to find a way out of this unusual online universe.

1 Season, 25 Episodes
February 1, 2003
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Mitsuki Saiga, Rie Tanaka, Nazuka Kaori, Shinichiro Miki, Akiko Hiramatsu
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.hack//SIGN Full Episode Guide

  • Drawing strength from Subaru, Tsukasa summons the courage to awaken Aura. Outside of The World, players share a true life encounter.

  • As the battle intensifies, the group seeks shelter in the Cathedral. Morganna summons guardians to do her bidding.

  • Upon arriving in Helba's realm - Net Slum - the group is forced to defend Subaru from an attack by Morganna.

  • Tsukasa is too frightened to pass through Helba's gate, and Crim explains Subara's true life condition.

  • Tsukasa lingers in a catatonic state, and some immensely powerful monsters make their presence felt in The World.

  • Aura goes missing, Morganna attacks Tsukasa, and the search for the Key of the Twilight continues.

  • Subaru drifts aimlessly through The World, reflecting on her past experiences. Her connection with Tsukasa grows even stronger after an unexpected attack.

  • Silver Knight disrupts any and all potential rendezvous between Subaru and Tsukasa. Subaru ponders the future of the Crimson Knights.

  • Crim refuses to meet BT outside of the game. Later, Tsukasa mounts a rescue attempt - and secrets are revealed.

  • After the Eye is opened, a secret area appears, complicating the group's search for the key.

  • A way to open the Twilight Eye is discovered, and the group decides to follow the new path unfolding before them.

  • Tsukasa stumbles upon Aura, an advanced AI, that is being held captive.

  • Mimiru, Bear, and Tsukasa join forces before embarking on a non-fighting quest.

  • Bear's shortcomings as a father may be root of his concern for Tsukasa. Clues arise as the search for the Key of the Twilight continues.

  • An elite hacker proves instrumental in the quest for the Key of the Twilight, and Tsukasa gets stuck with a sick Grunty.

  • Mimiru extends Tsukasa an invitation to meet; BT and Crim share an interesting encounter.

  • Mimiru encounters a novice player and offers her guidance in The World. This new relationship helps Mimiru uncover her own motivation for playing.

  • Subaru carefully observes Tsukasa, gradually getting to know him. Sora mounts a rescue mission.

  • Tsukasa finally tames his guardian monster, but unbeknownst to him, someone is plotting his capture.

  • Tsukasa's rampaging guardian monster wreaks havoc in The World, and an edict from Subaru makes him a wanted man.

  • BT and Sora suspect that Tsukasa is somehow connected to a very important artifact, the Key of the Twilight.

  • Tsukasa's inability to log out of the world worries Mimiru. The Crimson Knights, on the other hand, see Tsukasa as a threat.

  • Tsukasa is trapped in an MMORPG called The World. With his conscious inaccessible, Tsukasa attempts to find his purpose for being in the game.

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