I Can't Believe I'm Still Single

I Can

Monday 1:00 AM et/pt on Showtime
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
June 22, 2008
Comedy, Family
Cast: Eric Schaeffer, Mark Ebner, Dan Hanks, Dolores McDougal
I Can't Believe I'm Still Single

I Can't Believe I'm Still Single Full Episode Guide

  • Eric dates a reality television star in Las Vegas, then competes against Mark in a swimming contest.

  • Eric dates a spiritual-minded yogi in Denver and ponders a debated question.

  • Eric dates a disc jockey from Kansas but suffers after dining on fast food.

  • Eric has a date in Chicago with a woman from Miami.

  • Eric causes a mutiny in his film crew; a single mother dates Eric during a blizzard in Michigan.

  • Eric drives across Canada to have dinner with his father; Mark and Eric look to buy female companionship.

  • Eric dates a Roller Derby queen in Vermont.

  • Eric continues his search with Alicia, Adi and Mela

  • Eric Shaeffer continues his search with Lauren...

  • Eric's journey begins with Wendy Ho.

  • While in Denver, Eric hits on blonde women with dogs, attends yoga class, visits philosopher Ken Wilber, and ultimately contemplates relocating.

  • Eric and his new friend face the morning after; Eric drives through an Arizona traffic jam to visit his therapist.

  • Eric embarks on a mission to convince a MySpace friend to accompany him on his road trip.

  • Eric counsels a friend en route to Las Vegas, then has a quick encounter at a truck stop.

  • Eric meets some Mormon women in Salt Lake City and interviews a born-again Christian woman.

  • Eric becomes convinced that truckers are trying to drive him off the road; Eric tries to convince a British fan to come meet him.

  • Eric interviews an old friend and juggles three ex-girlfriends at the same book reading.

  • Eric rushes to make it to a Portland meeting, but stops for a five-minute meditation in the Redwoods.

  • Eric encounters an eclectic group of fans in Mendocino, Calif., then interviews a couple about their true-life fairy tale love story.

  • Eric tells tales of his dominatrix experience, and meets a group of musicians traveling the world by bus.

  • Eric visits a desert spa for a colonic, sets up a date with a musician in San Diego, and meets family members at a reading.

  • Eric meets up with a dominatrix in New York and dates a brunette in Hollywood.

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