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I Do, I Do is a romantic comedy television series released in South Korea. The show focuses on a 30-something popular shoe designer who gets pregnant accidentally, and explores the effect it has on her life and career. The show stars Park Geon-hyeong, Lee Jang-woo, Im Soo-hyang and Kim Sun-a.

Hwang Ji-ahn, played by Kim Sun-a, has a long, successful career as the head of a designer shoe company. She had a dream of becoming a shoe designer since she was a little girl, and her love of shoes prompted her to begin working for a shoe manufacturer. She works her way up through the ranks and is soon promoted to the director position at the firm. She has a strong personality and takes pleasure in working hard to make the company successful. She enjoys her life as a goal-oriented, single woman and has no desire to settle down.

Park Tae-kang, played by Lee Jang-woo, is a young man who also desires to become a successful shoe designer, but never completed his college education. He earns a living selling counterfeit merchandise and is often on the run from law enforcement. He tries to network his way to a higher paying job. He ends up being hired by a shoe company as one of its new designers, but he has no schooling or experience in the field. Park Tae-kang and Hwang Ji-ahn briefly become romantically involved, and Hwang Ji-ahn winds up pregnant. From that day forward, their lives become forever intertwined. In a struggle against their society's customs, Hwang Ji-ahn and Park Tae-kang work together to try to get their lives in order. The two of them face many challenges in their quest to discover joy in an unforgiving world.

I Do, I Do was written by Jo Jung-hwa and directed by Kang Dae-sun. The show's first season ran for sixteen episodes on MBC in South Korea. It is preceded by The King 2 Hearts and followed by Arang and the Magistrate.

Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 16 Episodes
May 30, 2012
Comedy, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Soo-hyang Im
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I Do, I Do Full Episode Guide

  • With the cat out of the bag, Tae-kang decides to start his own business while Ji-an ponders what her heart truly wants.

  • Ji-an makes up her mind to sacrifice her career for Tae-kang's future, and Tae-kang decides what it means to be a worthy father.

  • While Tae-kang prepares to leave for the States, Ji-an finds herself pushed to the edge of the cliff at work because she has chosen single motherhood.

  • Tae-kang receives the surprise of his life when he proposes to Ji-an. Meanwhile, Madam Jang pressures Na-ri to fire Ji-an.

  • Ji-an decides to be open and honest about her plans to be a single mother, putting her at odds with Madam Jang.

  • An article is printed about Ji-an and Eun-seong getting married, and Ji-an finally finds inspiration for a design.

  • Eun-seong finds out that Tae-kang is the father. Meanwhile, Na-ri and Jake Han discover Tae-kang's hidden talent.

  • Na-ri declares war by bringing in a famous designer and splitting the office into two for the collaboration design.

  • Ji-an hesitates to get an abortion but can't figure out why. Meanwhile, Tae-kang starts picking up on the signs.

  • Ji-an is thrown into confusion upon hearing about her pregnancy, putting her relationship with Eun-seong and her work on the rocks.

  • Rumors about Ji-an and Tae-kang's relationship spreads and puts Ji-an in a difficult situation.

  • As the winner of the reform contest, Tae-kang is given the opportunity to join the company. Only, rumors spread that he's Ji-an's lover.

  • Though Ji-an takes Tae-kang to the police station, he refuses to reveal who made the knock-offs. Meanwhile, Yeom Na-ri, daughter of the chairman, becomes the VP and Ji-an's superior.

  • Cool-headed, sophisticated top shoe designer Hwang Ji-an meets unemployed, immature hopeless dreamer Park Tae-kang.

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