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The Korean drama, A Little Love Never Hurts, focuses on the trials families go through when parents are re-married. An older couple marry in their twilight years, both bringing adult children from a previous marriage into the relationship. The heart-warming storyline, written by Choi Hyun Kyung, focuses on how the adult children react to the situation of their new, blended family.

As the newly married couple settle into their new lives together, there is often turbulent times, as the adult children adapt to the changes, figure out their place in the family, overcome insecurities and deal with emotional issues related to the changes within the family structure.

A Little Love Never Hurts is a International series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on September 28, 2013. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

A Little Love Never Hurts is available for streaming on the MBC America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch A Little Love Never Hurts on demand at Viki , Viki online.

MBC America
1 Season, 50 Episodes
September 28, 2013
Cast: Go Eun-i
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A Little Love Never Hurts Full Episode Guide

  • HyunSoo prepares to leave the hospital in order to return home to his family.

  • Hyun Soo progresses fairly well in the hospital to regain his consciousness.

  • Hyun Soo gets admitted to the hospital causing concern for his family and Soon Ae.

  • Hyun Soo's children object him from moving to Silver Town and fight to keep him at home longer.

  • Mijoo and Harim get married with everyone from both families are in attendance.

  • Soonae tells Hyunsoo that she can't get re-married however is still open to them dating.

  • HyunSoo and SoonAe finally go on a couples retreat which they have been planning for a long time.

  • Hyunsoo and Soonae find out that his son and her daughter stopped dating because of their relationship.

  • Jaemin tells Hakyung that he is going to transfer to Beijing alone.

  • Jaemin finds out that Mijoo is the daughter of his fathers woman.

  • Keun Hyung and Hwa Yeon meet and greet each other family members. Now, everyone is more accepting of their relationship.

  • Jung Hyun Soo and Hong Soon Ae want to get married but their children bars that from happening.

  • Hyunsoo and Soonae "officially" start going out.

  • Soonae and Hyunsoo's children oppose the wedding and refuse to let their parents remarry.

  • Harim's mother asks Mi Joo to break up with her son.

  • Lee Hye-Shin refuses her son and daughter's proposal to marry the people they are currently dating.

  • As Hyunsoo and Soonae go out on more dates, it seems as if Hyunsoo's children are becoming more accepting of Soonae.

  • KeunHyeong tells his children that he has feelings for HwaYeon and has moved on after the death of his wife.

  • Sunghoon and Yoojin meet to talk about their future together as husband and wife or to start all over as a dating couple.

  • Hyunsoo and Hosob have lunch to talk about their children's future.

  • Jaemin sets things straight with Mijoo about their relationship and tells her to face her problems head on instead of falling back on people to rely on.

  • HaRim spontaneously asks MiJoo to go meet his parents and it catches her by surprise.

  • As Soon-Ae's children throw her a surprise party, an unexpected guest crashes the event.

  • Jaemin and Mijoo exchange gifts for Christmas and talk about their future together.

  • Yoojin and Sunghoon talk about taking a break from their marriage to have time to self reflect upon each other.

  • Min Young confesses to Yoo Jin about the lies of the scandal.

  • Yoo Jin suffers from the thought of her husband cheating on her. She moves back in with her father and sister.

  • Yoo Jin leaves Sung Hoon after reading of his scandal on an online article.

  • Seonghoon gets set up in a love affair scandal with Minyoung.

  • Soon Ae and Hyun Soo go out for a simple dinner but it progresses into a date.

  • Yoongchul's wife agrees to get divorced.

  • Yoongchul's divorce gets dismissed in court and Yura calls off the secret relationship.

  • Yoo-Ra's family is torn apart after finding out that Yoon-Chul is divorcing his wife to be with her.

  • Park Keun-Hyeong is confronted by the lady he is dating after he is spotted by his family with a new woman at a coffee shop.

  • Go-Eun and her secret lover meet for the last time which causes chaos within the family again.

  • Na-Woon decides to move in with Hwa-Yeon in order to get back at her husband and live with his daughter.

  • Jung Yoo Ra breaks off her relationship and tells her lover to return back to his wife.

  • Jang Yoonchul's wife goes over Doctor Yang's house to speak to her husbands secret admirer.

  • Jung Roo-Ya is asked to move out after finding out that she is in an affair with a married man.

  • Song Eun-Joo is furious that her father (who is now divorced) asked to get back together with her mother.

  • Jung Yoo-Ra's father meets with her secret lover to set thing straight with his daughter's scandalous situation.

  • JUng Hyun-Soo discovers that his daughter is with a man that is already married and has a mental breakdown.

  • As Jae-Min and Min-Joo continue to have relationship problems, Jae-Min threatens to break up for good.

  • Miju seeks to end her relationship with Jaemin.

  • Drama is abound in Jung Jae Min life.

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