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I Survived A Japanese Game Show is a television show which airs on ABC. The show takes a bunch of ordinary people from the United States and other parts of the world, and the show makes them play games which have the similarities of a Japanese Game Show. People in the United States noticed how the majority of people in Japan have creative ideas, so the American Producers decided to look into the way Japanese shows are and they created a show that was titled "I Survived A Japanese Game Show" where some of their most famous game shows come together.

Each American who is invited to play would actually join by having to fly to Japan. The show takes a bunch of different things that common games in Japan look into. The truth is that there are so many unique ideas that Japanese people have, and you will find that this specific game show has all kinds of those ideas brought into this show.

The best part about the I Survived A Japanese Game Show is that ordinary people from the United States are a part of this. There were some people who are from different countries who are able to join in on the show. This makes the entire show interesting. The point of the show was to let Americans Survive a Japanese game show since many people around the globe know how corky and funny most game shows really are in Japan.

Most games in this show are very tough and painful. Viewers even considered them as somewhat more dark and tougher to play compared to the games of real Japanese shows. However, I Survived A Japanese Game Show is very fun and lets ordinary people experience the difficulties that other Japanese people go through on their most famous game shows. This show has received high ratings from critics and viewers. The show is popular because it allows for everybody to see how everybody can experience those scary Japanese game shows.

I Survived A Japanese Game Show is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on June 24, 2008.

Where do I stream I Survived A Japanese Game Show online? I Survived A Japanese Game Show is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch I Survived A Japanese Game Show on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, ABC online.

on ABC
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
June 24, 2008
Reality Game Show
Cast: Tony Sano, Rome Kanda
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I Survived A Japanese Game Show Full Episode Guide

  • One of the final five will win the $250,000 on the Season Finale.

  • Jamie Lewis has been eliminated. This episode's games will be: Sour Milk For Kitty, Big Foot Bang Bang and You Look Funny Stuck On A Wall.

  • This episode's games will be: Soccer Time with Brain Freeze Fish Breath, Baby Go Boom Boom and Dragon Up Your Nose.

  • This week includes Soccer Time with Grandpa and Stretchy Squid Face.

  • This week's games are, Paint Splash Madness and Alien took my Teddy Bear.

  • 12 Americans compete in the ultimate Japanese game show.

  • The 11 remaining contestants face the following challenges, catching tennis balls fired at them inside the large pants they wear; and finding clothing hid in a pile of flour and then dressing a mannequin which they are told is Judge Bob. Also, they will go through an obstacle course while covered in lotion.

  • The contestants don Velcro rabbit suits for one game, which involves boxes, a narrow beam and being shot at with a cannon using Velcro balls as ammunition. Then they change into spider suits for the second game where they carry bug parts to the top of the playing field and must make a match in patterns before being yanked away. Also, in Human Torpedo, the players take turns being launched from a spinning platform and try to knock as many metal cans as possible off the playing field while sliding through slippery lotion.

  • Games include a pair of teammates spinning in chairs at opposite ends of the playing field, then must come towards each other to match a lock and keys, then return to two smaller spinning disks to open up the locks. The other game finds the contestants challenged to change three times into three unique Japanese costumes, with the fastest time declared the winner.

  • Among the games include contestants tossing projectiles at their partner hanging from a wire while wearing a Velcro suit and being swung side-to-side by their opponents to keep the objects from sticking. Then, contestants will swing on a rope in front of a line of seven doors, trying to find the three solid ones.

  • This episodes_4-18 contestants will be spun around until they are dizzy while dressed in baby clothes, then must pour a container of milk into baby bottles once they make their way through an obstacle course carrying the milk. then, the contestants will pop egg like balloons filled with a yolk like substance, using only their butts while oiled up and feathered.

  • Challenges include riding a tricycle on a conveyor belt above a swimming pool of ice cold water, while the belt's speed is controlled by the teammates on a stationary bike (riding faster slows down the conveyor belts speed). Then, contestants wearing velcro suits will try to match body parts as they slam into a wall outlined in body like patterns.

  • Among the challenges the teammates face is the placement of stuffed animals in a chute by having three contestants controlling the movements of the fourth, who will act as a "human claw." Also, the contestants must face a stiff wind from a high powered fan while delivering packages in a mail chutes and dodging objects tossed at them by the other players.

  • 10 contestants are challenged to eat food from a plate which is resting atop a teammates head while running on a treadmill, and throw themselves into a replica of a car windshield while dressed as a bug.

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