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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

What does it mean to be young today and what will it mean in the coming years of this rapidly changing world? Shot on trains in more than 50 countries on six continents, this road movie series captures inspiring conversations and unexpected observations of young travelers.

In 80 Trains Around The World
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Germany Part 2
34. Germany Part 2
A final trip through Germany.
Russia Part 2
33. Russia Part 2
Through Russia, one last time.
USA Part 2
32. USA Part 2
The second part of a meeting with the American brings Robert and Erik in a train between Chicago and Seattle. Traveling daily between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest the Amtrak Empire Builder provides the perfect way to experience the rugged splendor of the American West.
USA Part 1
31. USA Part 1
In this episode Robert and Erik meet father and son travelers between New York and Chicago. The Lake Shore Limited travels daily between Chicago and New York City, along some of the country's prettiest shorelines.
30. Bangladesh
Bangladesh is one the poorest and one of the most densely populated countries. A country overwhelmed by social and political struggle. But one thing connects everybody, the ability to appreciate poems and songs, who tell the story of these romantic people.
29. Malaysia
Traveling by train through Malaysia - one of the Asian tigers, is like traveling through a continent full of different people and cultures. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, they all live here together.
28. Cambodia
In this film Robert and Erik make one the most picturesque train voyages of his life. The trip starts with a laughing monk, predicting their future. In the train travelers in hammocks or on the roof of the carriages tell about their life story.
27. Vietnam
Robert and Erik travel from Hanoi to Saigon on the so-called "Reunification Express". Travelers talk about coping with war, hate and forgiveness.
26. Thailand
In Thailand everyone seems to be on the train, with stories about the pain of leaving the village and children, and carrying hope for a better future. The city calls in Thailand.
India Part 4
25. India Part 4
In this last India episode, traveling from Mumbai across Delhi to the Pakistani border youngsters tell stories about the sky being the limit for their aspirations: "Everything Bill Gates has achieved, we can achieve. The situation in the United States and Europe has come to a standstill. We Indians can only win."
India Part 3
24. India Part 3
From the southernmost city Rameswaram the train travels across Madurai to Mumbai. In the train there are discussions with travelers from several religions. How do they put up with each other?
India Part 2
23. India Part 2
In this episode the train goes from Chennai via Bangalore to Rameswaram. A journey through India is also a journey through a myriad of cultures and religions.
India Part 1
22. India Part 1
Robert and Erik travel from the border of Bangladesh to southern Megapolis Chennai-, profiling a fast-changing society trying to keep its cultural identity. A young traveler talks about his dream to become the manager of an IT- multinational firm.
21. Indonesia
Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world with 200 million Muslims. In Indonesia, church and state are strictly separated and the constitution firmly declares freedom of all religions. However, bombs went off at a number of Christian buildings throughout the country on Christmas night of 2000.
20. Bosnia
Ethnic violence between Bosnian Muslims, Croatians and Serbians caused more than 100,000 casualties in three years time, and millions of people fled from the country. When the fighting began in 1992, the engine driver of the train had to assess every station to decide whether it was safe to drive through it.
19. Kosovo
A journey through Kosovo, the youngest nation in Europe, is a journey along nightmare and dreams. Only a few years ago parliament proclaimed Kosovo's independence.
18. Turkey
In "Living in Two Worlds" Robert and Erik listen to the stories of train travelers en route from Istanbul to Kars in the extreme eastern part of the country.
17. Israel
There is no country on earth with more dreams and nightmares by square kilometer than Israel. Words of Israeli writer Amos Oz, whom Robert Hof met several times in the last twenty years during his visits to Israel.
16. Algeria
Between 1991 and 2004 more than 100,000 people were killed in a conflict between local forces and Islamic fundamentalists in Algeria. Train 1001 between Alger and Oran was hit 25 times by terrorist bomb attacks where dozens of people died. Now it runs again safely and Algerian travelers tell their stories along the Rails of Dreams.
15. Australia
After Israel Australia is the country with the highest percentage of migrants in the world. A quarter of the population originates from other countries.
Sri Lanka
14. Sri Lanka
Robert and Erik Hof take the train from the coastal town Galle - once a colonial trading post - to the town of Trincomalee on the coast, largely populated by Tamils. Until recently, such a train trip would have been almost impossible due to one of the longest, most relentless civil wars of recent history.
13. Taiwan
Traveling by high-speed trains Robert and Erik discover an island, Portuguese seafarers once named 'Ilha Formosa', the beautiful island. In 1949, two million Chinese arrived here, fleeing from communist China.
Russia Part 1
12. Russia Part 1
In this first episode of Mother Russia Robertand Erik travel from St. Petersburg via Moscow, Omsk, and Novosibirsk to Khabarovsk in the Far East. How has the collapse of the Soviet Union affected the people?
South Africa
11. South Africa
Train lovers Robert and Erik Hof travel for two weeks with the legendary Shosholoza train between Capetown and Johannesburg. They travel across a country where people were humiliated for many years during the Apartheid regime, which segregated the society in two camps, the whites with access to everywhere and the blacks, confined in ghettos.
10. Zambia
Zambia is among the top three countries that are plagued by HIV and AIDS. One in five adults are here suffering from HIV or AIDS. There is no Zambian who hasn't been affected directly or indirectly by this epidemic plague.
9. Tanzania
Never give up are the recurring words of one of the train passengers heading from Victoria Lake towards the Tanzanian capital, Dar es Salaam. In search of happiness and fortune it's like everyone is heading here to the city life.
8. Kenya
Kenya is one the fastest growing economies of Africa. A country with a myriad of cultures and religions. They did not live always in harmony.
7. Chile
Chile was governed by dictator Augusto Pinochet after the coup of 1973 up to 1990. During his reign of terror, thousands of political opponents were imprisoned, tortured and killed.
6. Argentina
In Argentine train dreams are told between Buenos Aires to Bariloche in the Andes. Filmmaker and train traveler Robert Hof fell during the years of the military junta in love with this South American country, its people and their lifestyle.
5. Brazil
The only passenger line in Brazil is a twelve-hour journey from the coastal city of Vitoria and the megacity Belo Horizonte in the interior. During two weeks train travelers Robert and Erik Hof meet in this train the Brazilians, descendants of the original European immigrants and African slaves.
4. Pakistan
Train lovers Robert and Erik Hof start this trip through no man's land between India and Pakistan aboard the Samjautha Express, also known as the Friendship Express. This train connects two age-old enemies, Pakistan and India.
3. Syria
Train lovers Robert and Erik Hof take a ride from the Turkish-Syrian border through Aleppo and Damascus to end station Amman in Jordan. On the train they hear the dreams and frustrations of country in transition.
2. Iran
Twice a week an international train connects Teheran with Istanbul. It is a train full of dreams and expectations. Train lovers Robert and Erik are on board and are immediately aware of a hopeful, but tense atmosphere.
Germany Part 1
1. Germany Part 1
On a train trip through Germany the Hof's travels from Leipzig to Berlin and onwards to Frankfurt, along the Rhine to Essen and Hamburg. Father and son discover unexpectedly a reborn Germany, a country without borders.

What does it mean to be young today and what will it mean in the coming years of this rapidly changing world? Shot on trains in more than 50 countries on six continents, this road movie series captures inspiring conversations and unexpected observations of young travelers.

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    January 1, 2015