Jack the Ripper in America

This show is about the infamous serial killer that was dubbed the name Jack the Ripper. The killings began in London and years later killings being investigated by the NYPD in America bore a striking resemblance. The show theorizes that Jack the Ripper eluded investigators by showing up in America.

The show details how investigators have been looking in all the wrong areas trying to find this monstrous serial killer. The show portrays that this elusive killer made his way to America, terrorizing citizens all over. NYPD investigators believe they let this killer go free after mutilated bodies turn up in the city.

The show will have you on feet with all the thrill and suspense. It will even have you second guessing some of the theories.

Discovery En Espanol
1 Season, 1 Episode
November 15, 2009
Horror & Suspense
Cast: Edward T. Norris, Terry MacDonald, James Card, Newson Osbourne
Jack the Ripper in America

Jack the Ripper in America Full Episode Guide

  • The greatest serial killer in history has never been named. But what if we are looking in the wrong place? In the 1890s a series of murders took place across the United States, and incredible new evidence may reveal the true identity of Jack the Ripper.

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