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A friendly quartet, the drum, guitar, violin and double-bass, set out on a fun journey to foreign countries where they meet other local musical instruments.

3 Seasons, 15 Episodes
August 1, 2011
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Family
Cast: Lizz Hickey, Natasha Leggero, Steve Little, Michael Showalter
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Jammers Full Episode Guide

  • In Holland, they musicians meet the special instrument called the concertina! | The Jammers spend time with the tambourine at the market.

  • The Jammers perform in a concert hall! | The clarinet lives in a small village in the mountains of Italy!

  • The pipe wakes up the Jammers as they sleep in a tent. | The oboe greets the Jammers in a zoo.

  • The flute invites the Jammers to play together in the pasture. | The kalimba helps bring rain to all the animals in Africa.

  • The Jammers explore Venice and ride in a gondola with the mandolin! | The guitar accompanies the musicians at a park while they have a picnic!

  • The cymbals come along with the musicians to celebrate the drum's birthday in the park! | The Jammers meet a round instrument called the French horn.

  • The music box tells our friends what has happened to the train in the amusement park. | The Jammers find themselves in a far away place called Scotland and meet the bagpipe.

  • The congos take the Jammers to see life in an African village. | The Jammers arrive at an ancient castle and discover a new instrument - the trombone!

  • The harmonica greets the Jammers in the plains of America. | The tuba lives in Germany and sings in a deep voice.

  • The quartet discover a tent - who lives there? | The Jammers visit the accordion, who lives in a palace in France!

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