Jaws and Claws

"Jaws and Claws" (1997) was a Discovery Channel documentary series aimed at school children. It was about predatory animals and emphasized superlatives, like strongest jaws or fastest runner. The episodes were made from edited versions of adult nature films. The animals showcased included sharks, snakes and Komodo dragons.

Discovery Kids
1 Season, 5 Episodes
August 3, 1997
Documentary & Biography, Animals, Children
Cast: David Martel
Jaws and Claws

Jaws and Claws Full Episode Guide

  • Paraglider Nicky Moss is attacked by a pair of wedge tailed eagles while in flight. Forced to descend, she works desperately to keep her canopy intact and land safely. In January 2007, Sergeant Jeff Tanswell is nearly drowned by a 9 ft saltwater crocodile

  • In 2006 Brenda Wright and her family were on the shores of Lake Superior when a lone wolf attacked them. In 2002 Paul Jocelyn and his family were in Yellowstone National park where a bison charged him. Will they be able to move on After the Attack?

  • In 2007 the Hamm's go hiking in a California state park when a cougar pounces on Jim, viciously mauling him. In 2003 Hannah Strobbe took a shortcut behind her home where she was trampled by a 900 lb moose. Will they be able to move on After the Attack?

  • Shannon Ainslie, a young South African surfer, was 15 when two Great White Sharks off East London, South Africa attacked him. Rick Cabot, a pastor from Lutz, Florida was attacked by a 6-foot alligator while training for a triathlon.

  • Denton Turner, an avid bird watcher and outdoorsman surprises a female grizzly and her 2 cubs; the adult female immediately charges and mauls Denton. Anne Hjelle, a young wife and avid mountain biker, was attacked by a 130lb mountain lion.

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