Jay Jay the Jet Plane

This American children's program revolves around the adventures of a talking computer-generated image airplane named Jay Jay. Jay Jay lives at the fictional Tarrytown Airport along with many other talking airplanes. All of the characters on this 30-minute show are computer-generated images and each airplane has a face and distinct personality.

Each episode of Jay Jay the Jet Plane features songs and fun stories that young children can understand. The stories are educational in nature and they often contain morals or lessons for children to learn.

Porch Light Home Entertainment
3 Seasons, 45 Episodes
January 1, 1999
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Donna Cherry
Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Jay Jay the Jet Plane Full Episode Guide

  • A dinosaur fossil causes Lina to have dream about a large, friendly dinosaur. / Jay Jay and Lina are introduced to constellations in the night sky.

  • When a bee interrupts Lina's nap, the young planes learn how insects are useful. / Jay Jay and Lina discover how they use their five senses.

  • Lina learns how to tell time -- just in time to make her first delivery. / The planes find shapes all over town, and also learn about different sizes.

  • Jay Jay and Lina learn how weather varies from place to place. / When Revvin' Evan can't cross a bridge, the planes learn what makes planes fly.

  • Jay Jay and Lina discover how seeds to grow into plants and how some plants become food! / Jay Jay and Lina learn that every living thing needs water.

  • When he has to sing about his favorite color, Snuffy can't decide on one! / Snuffy's song was a hit, but he still doesn't know his favorite color.

  • Tracy shows Jay Jay how books can "magically" transport you just by using your imagination. / Jay Jay, Tracy and Herky play the counting game.

  • A blackout causes the cancellation of a light parade Jay Jay had planned. / Snuffy's learning the names of the seasons but he can't get them straight.

  • Tuffy's heard stories about Pangabula, but since Tuffy's a truck, he figures can never visit the tropical island -- until Snuffy thinks of a plan.

  • Jay Jay gets caught in a tornado and ends up in a magical place in the sky. / Brenda's mother is coming to Tarrytown, but Tracy makes a mess!

  • Jay Jay is disappointed that the leaves haven't yet changed color. / Snuffy wants a snowblower for his birthday! But his friends don't understand why

  • Jay Jay, Tuffy and Revvin' Evan discover a treasure map! / Everyone but Snuffy is excited about the Big Tarrytown Airport Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • Tuffy wants to work at the airport, even though Jay Jay thinks Tuffy is too tiny to tow planes. / Snuffy wants to bring a snowman back to the airport.

  • When Revvin' Evan becomes a temporary Fire Engine, the gang signs up to be volunteer firefighters! / Tracy devours an entire basket of candy.

  • When airport traffic becomes a problem, Capt. Hightower, an air traffic controller, comes in to help. / Tracy is still attached to her baby blanket.

  • Winter is approaching, and Jay Jay's worried about his friend Brezzy the Butterfly. / One day, Jay Jay hears music coming from a flowery meadow.

  • Herky and Jay Jay challenge each other to a game of Opposites. / Savannah has agreed to help Tracy learn how to fly fast enough to do a sonic boom.

  • After Jay Jay and Big Jake spot a shooting star, Tracy wants to see one, too. / It looks like Herky's come down with a case of Upsy-Downosis.

  • Big Jake is worried that Jay Jay has outgrown their trips to Lightning Bug Lake. / Learn the story of how Snuffy came to live in Tarrytown.

  • All the planes in Tarrytown are practicing for the annual sky parade. / Jay Jay thinks his chores are harder than everyone else's.

  • Herky, Tracy, Jay Jay and Snuffy use their imaginations to play a game of "pretend." / Tracy wants to get her good friend Savannah a present.

  • Jay Jay has decided that he wants to do chores that big planes get to do. / Brenda decides to put her hat in a safe place next to her workshop.

  • When Brenda Blue gets a new fish named Gilbert, Snuff is fascinated. / Jay Jay loves to play games after all his chores are done.

  • Jay Jay, Herky and Tracy set out to find evidence of a living dinosaur. / Brenda Blue and Big Jake give Herky a new, more important delivery route.

  • Big Jake, Jay Jay, Tracy and Snuffy prepare for a trip to Pangabula Island. / Snuffy's excited to see the famous Sparkleberry Tree.

  • Jay Jay and Tracy are allowed to go on their first flight alone. / Herky's constant attention is starting to annoy Tracy.

  • Everyone in Tarrytown is preparing for Christmas, which is only a few days away. / Old Oscar gets a phone call from his old buddy, Santa Claus.

  • As Jay Jay plays a game of Jump-Jet, we learn of his need to always win. / Savannah asks Snuffy if he knows the special surprise rainy days can bring.

  • Tracy wants to honor her hero, Amelia Earhart, by singing a song written especially for her. / On picture day, Snuffy feels insecure.

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