Jump City

Parkour is a complex discipline that developed out of military obstacle courses and has now been fully integrated into civilian life as an independent athletic endeavor. This is an opportunity to see the championships of this event and to witness all of the struggle and pain that goes into being able to successfully complete these challenges. No matter who wins, anyone who goes to the trouble of competing and is able to finish the course is already a winner for having undertaken such a complex and physically challenging task.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
February 15, 2011
Jump City

Jump City Full Episode Guide

  • The playoffs are underway at Seattle City Hall.

  • Team Rogue member Drew Dreschel runs the Freestyle Round on the rooftops of the city. Check out how he starts off this sweet routine.

  • Team Tempest bounds across the rooftops of Seattle in a mad dash to show off their fearlessness as well as their speed. But will a broken toe slow these competitors down?

  • After a short profile on one of the legends of the sport, Brian "Nosole" Orosco, we get to watch him run a truly rad freestyle.

  • Rogue team member Jake Smith puts on a show for his competitors in an ill freestyle performance with a lot of flow.

  • A rolled ankle on this course could cost you a few teeth. Watch The Tribe blaze through the Concrete Jungle. Then, maybe do some jumping jacks to feel better about yourself.

  • Series premiere.

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