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Dr. John Meredith has been driven from civilization by the criminal activities of his twin brother Bradley Meredith. With his infant daughter, he settles in the African jungle, where his ability to cure the native ills has resulted in his virtual control of the Masamba tribes, who possess vast diamond mines coveted by a gang of crooks. They use Shamba, a witch doctor jealous of Dr. Meredith's influence over the tribe, to further their schemes. They lure Dr. Meredith away from the jungle, and he is murdered by "Slick" Latimer. The natives believe that a sacred amulet is the secret of Dr. Meredith's power, and Shamba attempts to kill Nyoka, Meredith's now-grown-up daughter, to obtain the amulet (which actually contains the secret to the entrance of the Caves of Nakros). Jack Stanton rescues her and assists her in her efforts to recover the amulet. Latimer works with Shamba, and with Bradley Meredith, who poses as his murdered-brother so successfully that even Nyoka does not realize the deception.

Jungle Girl is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1941.

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1 Season, 15 Episodes
January 1, 1941
Action & Adventure
Cast: Frances Gifford, Tom Neal, Eddie Acuff
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Jungle Girl Full Episode Guide

  • Our exciting series concludes with one final standoff between Shamba, the evil Latimer, and Nyoka. Stanton rallies the natives to attack Latimer and the imposter in order to save their village. Meanwhile, Kimbu reveals the hiding place of the missing diamonds and Shamba meets an ugly end. Later, Latimer and Stanton have a high-flying battle and the diamonds are returned to their rightful owner.

  • Nyoka, Kimbu, and Curly come up with a clever trick to frighten away the attacking natives from the plane! Stanton sustains a bad injury during the fight, and Nyoka and Curly take him someplace safe. Will Stanton be able to recover? Later, Nyoka travels by elephant and is spotted by Shamba and his men. Nyoka is going to be burned at the stake unless her friends can arrive in time to save her!

  • The fraudulent doctor makes off with the diamond treasure, heading for the plane with the evil Latimer. But Curly proves he has some tricks up his sleeve as he produces a vital piece of the airplane's engine. Latimer sets up a trap for our heroes, and Stanton attempts to recover the stolen diamonds from the villains.

  • Our suspenseful cliffhanger resumes as Nyoka is about to be attacked by a vicious gorilla that the village witch doctor has let loose for revenge! Later, Latimer and his men kidnap Stanton with plans to torture him until he reveals where the previous diamonds are. Time is running out, and things look grim for Stanton! Will his friends be able to show up in time to save him?

  • Our heroes finally catch hold of Shamba and he reveals a critical piece of information that leads them back to the treasure cave. They happen upon the trove of diamonds, and pick up a clever disguise to save their own skins. Meanwhile, the evil Latimer takes Shamba captive until the diamonds are found; Shamba shows cunning of him own when he realizes an angry gorilla who is intent on destroying Latimer.

  • Curly and Stanton are hard at work distilling gasoline to fuel their airplane trip home when they are attacked by a group of Shamba's men in a local cave! Nyoka arrives in the nick of time to foil their evil plot in a daring fighting scene. Shamba's men retreat, but our heroes are hot in pursuit, with hopes that they will be led directly to Shamba himself. Later, they come across a patch of deadly quicksand-will they be able to escape in time?

  • Nyoka and Stanton come upon a vital clue that puts them hot on the trail of the deserters. To follow, the pair must journey across a perilous overhang. Will they escape with their lives? Later, the man falsely claiming to be Nyoka's father plots to find the priceless diamonds and trick the witch doctor, Shamba, into handing them over. Meanwhile, Curly is at the mercy of the natives, who are attempting to assassinate him!

  • The villagers have taken young Kimbu captive! Nyoka attempts to rescue him, but discovers the natives have set a trap for her. Will she be able to avoid the trap in time to rescue little Kimbu? Meanwhile, the villagers have discovered a new weapon and surround Nyoka's home camp to enact revenge for the murder of their chief. Kimbu discovers a weapon of his own, and with it, Nyoka is more powerful than ever!

  • Our heroin Nyoka is back at it! Our story resumes as Nyoka is trapped in a secret cave passage by the cunning witch doctor, Shamba. Luckily, she has some very clever friends. Later, the group finds a possible solution to the missing gasoline for their airplane on the tribal grounds. The tribe is hot on their trail and they have to perform some crafty maneuvers to stay out of harm's way. "Tribal Fury

  • Nyoka and her friends are hot on the trail of the thieves who have stolen the gasoline for their airplane! The natives are attempting to thwart all chances of escape, and seem to be around every turn! Will Nyoka be able to retrieve the stolen gasoline and escape the savage villagers? Later, a heated battle ensues between the witch doctor Shamba and Nyoka in a secret cave.

  • Nyoka's back in action as the story picks up right where left off, with the group abandoned in the middle of a flaming river, surrounded by fire. The natives believe that Shamba's enemies have been killed, and thank the gods, but they don't know how cunning Nyoka and her friends can be! Later, Jack and Curly have a close encounter with a vicious lion. Can Nyoka get there in time to save the men?"Treachery

  • The brave Nyoka is on her way out of the village with Latimer to board a plane when the witch doctor's men make a surprise attack, surrounding her, and forcing her towards Shamba's camp. Luckily, little Kimbu sees the pair captured and foils the plot in the nick of time. Shamba's men continue to chase Nyoka, and later, the entire river catches fire in a terrifying scene, and Nyoka is caught right in the middle!

  • Our tale resumes with an exciting battle between the locals and Nyoka, who is trying to reclaim an amulet for a man she believes is her father, Dr. Meredith. He has taken sick and is having mysterious lapses in memory, which he claims is the result of amnesia. But, is he telling the truth? Later, Nyoka comes up with a clever scheme to get the witch doctor Shamba to return the amulet to its rightful owner and ends up in a sticky situation.

  • In 1941 Republic thrilled audiences with perhaps the best jungle serial every produced. This thrilling adventure was based loosely on the famous novel Jungle Girl by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It starred the very beautiful Frances Gifford as Nyoka, with Tom Neal as the male hero Jack Stanton, and Trevor Bardette and Gerald Mohr as their villainous adversaries. Jungle Girl was packed with thrilling cliffhangers as opposing sides fought from chapter to chapter for a fortune in diamonds hidden in the African jungle. With both Helen Thurston and David Sharpe providing incredible stunt work, Gifford was able to swing through the jungle on vines with the agility of Tarzan, dive from cliffs into alligator-filled lakes, wrestle with man-eating lions, and battle quicksand and poison gas throughout all fifteen exciting episodes!