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Junior League is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on October 28, 2013.

Junior League is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Junior League on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

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2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
October 28, 2013
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Junior League Full Episode Guide

  • Makeev appoints Dima a meeting and invites him to return to the team. Ponomarev tells the team about the offer from the KHL agent. Romanenko decides to act through the relatives of Ponomarev and leads the agent to their home. Kazantsev avenges Romanenko for treachery. Dima tells the team why Kislyak left.

  • Kislyak refuses to tell his father why he needs money from selling a car. Father Kostrov informs mother Kostrov that he will go to Germany with his son and leave his mistress. Makeyev meets Julia and informs her that he knows that Belov is actually Anton's father. Romanenko spoils the sharpened skates of Ponomarev. Kazantsev beats Ponomarev in the face and demands to say that Makeev did it.

  • Yulia and Belov communicate after a long separation. Kostrov's parents together decide where they can get money for the operation and are soon discovered by a graduate student. The Bears transfer Kostrov collected money for the operation of the team. Belov meets Julia and finds out that Anton is actually his son.

  • The businessman - Razin, offers Kislyaku money for the fact that he and several other players from the Bears will play for their team in a commercial match. They go to the ice and find out that in the opposing team, too, there are shell players. Makeev talks with Antipov heartily about his relationship with Olga. Kostrov finds himself underworking - unloading furniture.

  • Tensions flare and fights break out on the ice. Zharskiy, alone in the stands, gives himself up to nostalgic memories and says that he respects Makeyev, for what he did with the team that no one believed. Father Ponomarev gets into a situation where a former drinking companions pours him vodka, and the police get involved. Romanenko adds fuel to the fire.

  • Several months passed and some thing have changed. Bakin brags to his father that he became the team's main goalkeeper, but problems with his studies threaten his playing time. Kazantsev is approached by an official who offers him a bribe for throwing the next game.

  • The team receives big news about their future.

  • Dima struggles to find balance between schoolwork and hockey.

  • The team is preparing for the next game as the coach faces his biggest decision yet.

  • Yegor commits an act that affects the fate of the team.

  • Bakin fulfills one of his dreams while Yegor finds new reason to quarrel with his brother.

  • The coach has a difficult time addressing the media about the problems of the Bears.

  • The team receives unpleasant news about Antipov while Julia and Makeev have a frank discussion.

  • The Bears are playing away at their rival's hometown giving them ice advantage. The kids get acquainted with the local customs in an extraordinary fashion.

  • The Bears are preparing to leave for a series of games, but the departure is delayed due to the sudden disappearance of one of the players...

  • Ponomarev gets a new job, while Antipov tells his mother that he will no longer interfere in her personal life.

  • An old injury forces the coach to take leave. The team visits him at his apartment but in the midst of the gathering an unexpected guest appears.

  • Tensions fly high during the game. The coach is unhappy with their performance and finds a way to improve the team's morale.

  • The Bears prepare intensively for their next game on the ice while resolving quarrels off the ice.

  • Antipov isn't welcomed back to the team and confronts his mother about having conversations with the coach.

  • The return of Antipov is opposed by his parents and his old teammates.

  • The team continues their losing streak on the ice. The coach plans to bring back a former player and extend practice time.

  • The kids and their parents are unhappy about the coach's new changes. Some players refuse to play with others because of old quarrels.

  • The team is unsure about their new coach's abilities while trying to resolve conflicts within the locker room.

  • As the Bears continue their losing streak, they appoint a former NHL player with the hard task of turning the team around.

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