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  • TV-MA
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.0  (6,625)

Kengan Ashura is an action-packed anime series that premiered on Netflix in 2019, based on the manga of the same name by Yabako Sandrovich. The show centers around a tournament called the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, where powerful business owners choose fighters to compete in one-on-one battles to determine the strongest and most influential corporation in Japan.

The protagonist of the show is Ohma Tokita, a mysterious and skilled fighter who enters the tournament as a representative of a wealthy businessman named Nogi Hideki. Ohma's backstory is slowly revealed as the show progresses, and it becomes clear that he is not just fighting for his employer, but also for his own personal reasons.

The supporting cast of the show is vast and varied, with each fighter hailing from a different corporation and possessing their own unique fighting style and backstory. Some of the more notable fighters include Raian Kure, a brutal and violent fighter from a family of assassins; Cosmo Imai, a young and petite fighter who practices the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; and Julius Reinhold, a hulking behemoth of a man with incredible physical strength.

The fighting in Kengan Ashura is intense and brutal, with fighters utilizing a variety of martial arts techniques and special abilities. Each battle is filled with fast-paced action and visually stunning animation, making for a thrilling viewing experience. The show also delves into the strategy and tactics involved in each fight, with fighters and their coaches analyzing their opponents and adjusting their game plans in order to gain the upper hand.

Despite the high stakes and intense battles, Kengan Ashura also features plenty of humor and lighthearted moments. Ohma's relationship with his manager, Yamashita Kazuo, provides plenty of comedic relief, as Yamashita struggles to cope with the constant danger and excitement of the tournament.

Overall, Kengan Ashura is an exhilarating anime series that will appeal to fans of action and martial arts. With a diverse and interesting cast of characters, intense battles, and plenty of humor, it is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Kengan Ashura is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on July 31, 2019.

Kengan Ashura
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12. Melee
September 21, 2023
With Ohma still in his hospital room, Hayami and his men attempt to complete their coup -- but there might be a traitor foiling their plans.
Rebel Flag
11. Rebel Flag
September 21, 2023
Hayami gives everyone a choice; either join him, or die. When Ohma was a kid in the slums, Niko Tokita trained him the ways of the Niko fighting style.
Life and Death
10. Life and Death
September 21, 2023
After the match between Kaolan and Agito, round two of the Kengan Life-or-Death Tournament comes to an end. Suddenly, a change of schedule is announced.
9. Superiority
September 21, 2023
While facing Kaolan Wongsawat, Agito Kanoh begins moving in a strange way; he seems to have developed a brand new fighting style during their match.
8. Resurrection
September 21, 2023
Having survived 45 hanging attempts, death row convict Yohei Bando has a certain physical advantage that he deploys against Sen Hatsumi.
7. Hell
September 21, 2023
The bout between Setsuna and Gensai Kuroki comes to an end. Ohma remains hospitalized, leaving the Nogi Group with Sen Hatsumi as their only fighter.
An Old Friend
6. An Old Friend
September 21, 2023
All Setsuna Kiryu wants to do is win this match -- and the next two matches -- so he can face the man he's been dreaming of: Ohma himself.
Suicide Attack
5. Suicide Attack
September 21, 2023
Saw Paing is known for his match-ending head-butts, but his lightning-fast opponent Rei Mikazuchi might not let him get close enough to use it.
4. Dignity
September 21, 2023
During his match against Muteba, Jun Sekibayashi remembers how his life changed when he began training as a pro wrestler at 15-years-old.
The Clown
3. The Clown
September 21, 2023
The crowd goes wild when Jun Sekibayashi enters the arena as Marvelous Seki, his legendary pro-wrestler persona.
Blast Core
2. Blast Core
September 21, 2023
Takeshi Wakatsuki was raised to be the ultimate fighter for Furumi Pharma, but even he's intimidated by his opponent, Julius Reinhold.
1. Omen
September 21, 2023
Despite insisting that he's fine, Ohma ends up collapsing -- and recalls a childhood memory. Then, the Kengan Life-or-Death Tournament kicks off again.
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Kengan Ashura is available for streaming on the Netflix website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kengan Ashura on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    July 31, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (6,625)