Kimagure Orange Road

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The television series Kimagure Orange Road follows Kyousuke who is a regular high school student. He likes two girls and has a hard time choosing which one he would rather be with. He also has telekinesis; no one knows about his ability. He finds that at times it is hard to keep this ability under control.

1 Season, 49 Episodes
April 6, 1987
Cast: Eriko Hara, Hiromi Tsuru, Chieko Honda, Toru Furuya, Michie Tomizawa
Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road Full Episode Guide

  • Kyosuke awakens after a traffic accident to discover that three years have passed, and that his entire life is falling apart!

  • Madoka's father has fallen ill, and she must leave Japan to visit him. Unable to find Kyosuke in order to say good-bye, Kyosuke's grandfather "helpfully" sends her back in time 6 years to where Kyosuke is now and was then!

  • When Madoka tells Kyosuke about an old promise; that she'd vowed 6 years ago to meet someone again on this very day, Kyosuke travels back in time to find out who her "first love" was.

  • Trapped in a gondola, and with his powers exhausted; Kyosuke must try to keep himself and Madoka from freezing to death!

  • Kyosuke wishes that Hikaru would get sick so he could spend more time with Madoka. He gets his wish and then some... Hikaru's dead!

  • Kazuya ambushes Kyosuke and switches bodies with him, so that Kyosuke will have to go to the dentist in his place. The sweet-toothed Kazyua, in Kyosuke's body, is out to get all the Valentine's Day chocolate he can!

  • Hikaru is crushed to learn that Kyosuke and Yukari spent the night together. Of course, they didn't actually do anything wrong, but...

  • Kyosuke has a real problem when a young girl named Sumire gets a crush... on Madoka!

  • Kyosuke's grandfather hands him a pocket watch that allows him to actually stop time - for normal human beings! But using it too much is so very tempting...

  • New Year's Special. The KOR characters play various roles in this parody of "Top Gun" and Toho monster films.

  • Kyosuke's unreliable time traveling ability gets put to the test as he repeats a day several times, each time trying to make things better...

  • Madoka's past comes back to haunt her when she helps out an old friend, and ends up in a duel with a gang leader!

  • When Komatsu and Hatta accidentally witness Kyosuke teleporting, they use the student film they are making as a vehicle to try and expose him!

  • Kyosuke's grandparents invite the gang to visit them in the country, and drive Kyosuke up the wall because they aren't very careful about using their powers!

  • While out on a hiking trip, the gang discovers the legendary "Mushrooms of Truth". One bite, and you'll confess your innermost secrets...

  • Yuusaku confesses his love for Madoka in front of Kyosuke, and soon the two are spending a lot of time together. When they head off to a known "suicide mecca", Kyosuke assumes the worst!

  • Kurumi's first crush leads to chaos and confusion when Kyosuke discovers that the object of her desire wants Madoka instead!

  • Strange behavior by Jingoro leads to a frenzied quest to find a mate for the poor cat. But what does Jingoro really want?

  • Manami changes her image with a glamorous makeover; only to get in trouble with some bad girls. Kyosuke, in heroic disguise, tries to rescue the damsel in distress -- and neither knows who the other is!

  • Kyosuke tries to protect Madoka from a gang of tough girls, but it is Hikaru that winds up in their cross hairs!

  • When Kyosuke learns that he can switch bodies with his little cousin Kazuya, he hatches a plot to use Kazuya's telepathic abilities to find out exactly what Madoka thinks about him!

  • Kyosuke's little cousin Kazuya arrives for a visit. Unfortunately for Kyosuke, Kazuya is tuned into his brain waves and does everything he thinks!

  • Egos get in the way when Kyosuke and Madoka are chosen to represent their class in the big school marathon.

  • Kurumi's "help" allows Kyosuke to excel at Tennis Camp, allowing him to get closer to Madoka. Unfortunately, Hikaru sees him getting closer to Madoka...

  • Stranded on a deserted island, Kyosuke finds himself alone in paradise with Madoka!

  • A trip to the seashore ensnares everyone in a spooky mystery, and Madoka must challenge the legendary "Big Monday"!

  • Durnng the summer break, Kyosuke makes two dates and finds himself frantically teleporting between Hikaru at the pool and Madoka at the library.

  • Kyosuke and Madoka see a UFO, but Kyosukes's reluctance to confirm her story lands him in the doghouse!

  • When Hikaru fears that Kyosuke has a new girlfriend, she turns to Madoka for advice on how to win him back!

  • Afraid of being looked down upon by Madoka as a wimp, Kyosuke overdoes it trying to quickly become a hunk.

  • Kyosukes feelings for Madoka get wobbly when Hikaru gets a makeover that makes her look much more mature.

  • Madoka decides to move to America to be closer to her musician parents, sending all her friends into a panic.

  • Circumstances convince Kyosuke that Madoka is about to get married, resulting in a hilarious "The Graduate" parody ending.

  • A precognitive dream convinces Kyosuke that Hikaru is about to die, and when Hikaru learns of this, she decides to use his anxiety to get closer to him.

  • When Kyosuke's sister Kurumi is apparently kidnapped, he learns a lot about his friends.

  • Hikaru is "discovered" by a photographer and gets a modeling job, but the trip to the beach to keep an eye on her has happy consequences for Kyosuke and Madoka.

  • Kyosuke gets concerned when it seems that Madoka is considerabley more "experienced" than he is.

  • Madoka tutors Kyosuke for some crucial exams, while a the same time Kyosuke tutors Hikaru. Meanwhile, an angry young man wants Kyosuke's head for stealing his girl!

  • A chance encounter by Hikaru leads Kyosuke to believe that Madoka is having an affair with an older man, and when the truth is revealed, brings them closer.

  • Komatsu and Hatta lust after Kyosuke's sisters, and Kyosuke's plans to date Hikaru end up with him all wet.

  • Kyosuke uses his powers when he shouldn't, and Hikaru becomes infatuated. We are also introduced to the "legendary" Cutlet Sandwich.

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