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LEGO City Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • Harl wants to help the whole city but ends up getting overwhelmed with the Harl mania; Billy's mother joins a race challenge from Tread Octane.

  • Duke gets a high tech, smart car. He and the temperamental car chase Ice Cream Truck Bandits. / The oblivious Ms. Blumfeld turns into a superhero, stopping crimes around the city, as Duke struggles with his orders to arrest her.

  • It's a mad dash by Buster to retrieve his runaway mustache in this fast-paced, zany city-wide chase. / Grizzled and Rooky go undercover to root out the criminal mas-termind behind a counterfeit pie operation.

  • Tippy Dorman, faces the trial of the century after his attempt to take over the world.

  • Harl attempts to prevent Tippy from bringing the fabled "Mars Door" back to Earth.

  • Astronauts reach Mars orbit and prepare to launch their probes, but Tippy Doorman has other plans.

  • It's Christmas Eve and Officer Duke DeTain is the only cop on patrol without a partner.

  • It's the day of the big rocket launch, and the entire city has Mars/launch fever!

  • Firefighter Buster Lloyd gets the opportunity to live out his fantasy of being a police officer.

  • Duke DeTain and Shirley Keeper investigate the true identity of the Master Criminal.

  • Billy and Madison lose a flying disc inside a creepy looking house.

  • Teenage superstar, Poppy Starr, visits her grandfather, Sargent Sam Grizzled.

  • A nature documentary crew follow Billionaire Fendrich as if he was an animal in the wild.

  • It's "Hands Off Day!" a city holiday, where the entire city doesn't use their hands for anything.

  • An off-screen narrator, narrates a day in the life of helpful handyman, Harl Hubbs.

  • Fendrich and Sinclair compete to win the City's tallest building contest.

  • Police captain, Tom Bennett, gets a call that his wife has gone into labor early.

  • Police Chief Wheeler announces the formation of the 700 million dollar Sky Police.

  • Fire Chief McCloud accidentally buys a malfunctioning Twirly Hat for her nephew.

  • A movie promotion stunt goes wrong, unleashing a humongus "Cubby the Cop" balloon on the city.

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