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  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (374)

Like Father Like Son is a gripping, suspenseful two-part drama series that aired on ITV1 back in 2005. Conceived and produced by a talented team of creators who excelled at telling mesmerising stories, Like Father like Son explores a complex and formidable tale of family ties, mysterious murders, identity struggle, and deep-seated fears embodied in its stealthy progression and charismatic characters, designed to challenge and captivate audiences.

Set in a tranquil town in England, the plot centres on the Corrie family, specifically focusing on their teenage son, Dean. The lives of the Corrie family take a gruesome turn when a series of murders occur in their peaceful town, reminiscent of a set of killing that happened about a decade ago. What delivers an even bigger shock is that the earlier set of murders were committed by none other than Dean's father, who is currently serving his sentence in jail. As tensions mount in the community, all eyes inadvertently turn to Dean, with the chilling possibility that he might be following in his father's footsteps.

This tale is primarily orientated around the character of Dean, brilliantly played by Reece Noi, whose portrayal of the conflicted teenager is central to the narrative. He is constantly under the looming shadow of his imprisoned father's reputation and has to combat both his community's growing suspicion and his own personal identity struggle. Despite his bitter resentment, he struggles with the fear of inheriting his father's violent traits.

Simultaneously, the series introduces another key character, Detective Constable Harding. The woman detective's role brilliantly played by Jemma Redgrave, is to try and draw explicit connections between the past and the present instances of murders. Harding is determined and thorough, bringing her own emotional baggage to the scenes as she grapples with dismissing Dean as an innocent boy and seeing him as a potential criminal.

John Shrapnel stars as Dean's father, who sits at the epicentre of this turmoil. His character Braam, serving life for the past murders, is shown to be a man marked by manipulation and deceit, capable of casting a chilling spell even from behind bars. The dynamic between Dean and Braam adds further to the suspense, guided by a series of prison visits by Dean.

Sarah Parish also delivers a sterling performance as Dean's dedicated mother, a woman determined to protect her son from his father's sinister legacy. Struggling to break free from her husband's dark past, she attempts to maintain semblances of normalcy while battling constant fear for her son's impending future.

The direction style and cinematography of Like Father Like Son create an eerie atmosphere that heightens the series' overall suspense. The story betrays a deceptive tranquillity, camouflaging the undercurrents of fear and suspicion running through it. The palette of the series gravitates towards soft yet gloomy shades, matching its unsettling plot.

The narrative unravels slowly, each episode revealing more ties between the characters, their past, and the present, gradually thickening the plot. Stark and detailed portrayals from the star-studded cast intensify the experience, tastefully communicating the impact of familial dynamics and the societal pressure that characters encounter.

Viewers are kept engaged by the writers' meticulous and efficient story development. The series masterfully framework an ambiguous moral landscape where no character is wholly villainous or virtuous. The actions taken by characters, combined with the gripping dialogues, add depth and layers to the narrative structure.

Like Father Like Son is a powerful combination of suspenseful storytelling and compelling performances. It beautifully dwells upon the complexities of inherited guilt, the psychological impact of stigma, and the moral quandary faced by individuals thought to follow their parents' footsteps, albeit in a chilling and fearful manner.

In conclusion, Like Father Like Son is a series that will undoubtedly captivate anyone who enjoys enthralling dramas filled with suspense, exceptional performances, and thought-provoking narratives. The show leaves behind lingering questions about nature versus nurture and the profound influence parents' past mistakes can have on their children's lives.

Like Father Like Son is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (2 episodes). The series first aired on January 24, 2005.

Like Father Like Son
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Like Father Like Son is available for streaming on the ITV1 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Like Father Like Son on demand at Amazon Prime and Crackle.
  • Premiere Date
    January 24, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (374)