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Mr. Bean: Animated Series is a comedy remake of the Mr. Bean show, but the only difference is the animated version is a cartoon. The entire plot of the animated series is just like the actual Mr. Bean with all his natural antics and hilarious ways. The show is perfect for kids, as it also shows a couple antics of a young Mr. Bean.

The entire plot of the movie starts off with Mr. Bean living his normal life with his Teddy and his Landlord (an old grumpy lady). Mr. Bean then finds something he wants to mess around with like cake or a toy. He then finds out that he wasn't supposed to even look or touch the item he already messed around. Therefore, he needs to cover up his trails so that no one finds out about what he did. In the end he gets caught and winds up in the same place he was in the beginning. This Mr. Bean show also shows how competitive of a person Bean is and how he would do anything to beat everyone.

Mr. Bean loves competition and would compete with anyone and everyone he sees. Some of the episodes revolve on his competitiveness alone, and how even though he competes, he still winds up losing.

This series in shown in many countries all over the world and is played over and over again in Asian and European countries.

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (150 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 2002.

Where do I stream Mr. Bean: The Animated Series online? Mr. Bean: The Animated Series is available for streaming on ITV1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mr. Bean: The Animated Series on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3:30 PM et/pt on ITV1
3 Seasons, 150 Episodes
January 5, 2002
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Teddy
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Mr. Bean: The Animated Series Full Episode Guide

  • Mr Bean is kicked out of his flat.

  • Mr Bean plays sleuth as he connects a jigsaw piece and a treasure map

  • Mr Bean destroys the centrepiece of his meal during a romantic evening.

  • Mr. Bean beats some unusual fraudsters.

  • Mr. Bean attempts to remove a loose tooth.

  • Mr. Bean helps an overweight family.

  • Spiteful Mr. Bean gets revenge on his neighbours.

  • Mr. Bean attempts to cut his own hair.

  • Mr. Bean takes care of a flock of birds.

  • Mr. Bean enters a marathon.

  • Mr. Bean competes against his neighbours in growing a watermelon.

  • Mr. Bean has a royal Makeover.

  • Mr. Bean saves a dog?

  • Mr. Bean deals with a frog infestation.

  • Mr. Bean has a doppelganger.

  • Mr. Bean has a crush on a sultry singer.

  • Mr. Bean runs into a selection of movies he finds in his dreams where he seeks the help for Mr. Tiny to defeat the villains.

  • Mr. Bean mistakes someone for an art thief.

  • Mr. Bean attempts to retrieve his ship-in-a-bottle after he leaves it out for the milkman.

  • After Mrs. Wicket breaks her leg, Mr. Bean is forced to look after her pet cat, Scrapper.

  • Mrs. Wicket's Nephew is staying with her when he wins two tickets to an Outward Boundcourse. She refuses to go, but then ropes in Bean to look after the child. The two start a competition to see who will win the trophy. Bean is a relentless competitor, winning everything up until the point things start getting out of hand ...

  • Bean discovers Declan giving Irma a lift in his swanky new SUV. Bean is unimpressed until Declan shows off all the car's features. Undeterred, Bean professes his car superior. Declan issues a challenge -to see which car Irma will choose for her lift back to work. Bean decides his car may need a little 'pimping' ...

  • Mr. Bean thinks he's just dug up a valuable coin in the back-garden and goes rushing off to the Museum to have it valued, little knowing that it's actually Bruiser Snr's much-loved but valueless fake gold medallion. Bruiser Snr wants it back; and forces Bean to break back into the Museum to get it.

  • Bean discovers Mrs. Wicket's nephew and Bruiser Jnr swopping football stickers and decides that he wants to fill up a sticker album, too. He buys-up all the stickers in the neighbourhood and has almost completed his task, when Nephew points out that he's missing one: the famous sticker owned by local footballing celebrity, Jamie Studds. Bean turns thief to be the best collector of 'em all.

  • Mrs. Wicket becomes annoyingly inconsolable when Scrapper goes missing -calling for him at all hours of the day and night. Bean can't get any sleep! He decides that the only way to restore peace in the household is to go out and find Scrapper himself -a journey that takes him deep into London's sewers ...

  • Mr. Bean wants to learn skateboarding but hurts himself on his first try. Meanwhile, Miss Wince is showing off her new mobility scooter at Mrs. Wicket's. Bean is entranced. He could do wicked 'ollies' with that! He absconds with a souped-up scooter and heads straight to the skate park, ready to challenge Bruiser Senior and Junior ...

  • Bean is showing Irma his favourite tree in the park one day when he discovers a tree surgeon getting ready to cutit down. He darts up the tree and won't come back down. Irma loves this new side of Bean-ey! The tree surgeon is frustrated and tries various ploys to get Bean down. But can Bean make it to the toilet without being discovered and still save that tree?

  • Bean wants to avoid lunch with Irma's Mum, at all costs. He persuades Mrs. Wicket to let him join her on a coach trip to a concert -but he has to disguise himself as an old-aged pensioner or he won't be allowed on the coach. Once on the coach, Bean driveseveryone mad with his anti-boredom antics.

  • Irma wants a romantic break; Bean doesn't. It's too expensive. Irma kidnaps Teddy and refuses to give him back unless Bean promises to take her to Paris. Caught between his inability to pay and his love of Teddy, Bean doesn't know what to do! Until he spots a cat beauty competition in which first prize is a romantic break in Paris-if only he can catch Scrapper ...

  • r. Bean wakes up on a freezing cold winter's morning to discover that the boiler is broken and no sign of the repairman. He tries increasingly ridiculous ways to warm up his tea, his toothpaste and himself, before venturing out to discover somewhere to hunker down and get warm.

  • Mr. Bean is out shopping when it starts to rain. Taking refuge in a trendy coffee bar, Bean is fascinated both by the brewing machinery andthe amount of money people will pay for small cups of coffee! Scenting a fortune to be made, Bean opens up his own, strange, successful coffee bar ...

  • Mr Bean has little issue scratching a certain itch and ends up calling on Mrs Wicket for help.

  • Mr Bean is on his way to the seaside when the mini runs out of petrol. Undeterred he manages to get a push, but will it be enough?

  • Mr Bean accidentally spills all of Mrs Wicket's new, expensive perfume on the floor. He has to try and hide the crime and cover his tracks.

  • Mr Bean is trying to impress some kids in the park with his football skills but winds up kicking their ball into a dilapidated, scary-looking house.

  • Miss Wince takes Mrs Wicket off on holiday in her brand new, swanky caravan and Bean is left behind. But never one to let a setback knock his confidence, he decides to build his own caravan and sets off in search of the perfect quiet.

  • The Great Eduardo, violinist supreme, is in town and Irma wants to go to the concert. But Bean won't pay for the tickets. More than that, he claims that he can play the violin better.

  • Mr Bean is cajoled by Irma and spurred by jealousy of the fund-raising star Declan into raising money for a donkey sanctuary.

  • Mrs Wicket demands Mr Bean drive her and Miss Wince to the spa, and wait outside until they are done. But Mr Bean soon gets bored waiting around and looks for fun instead.

  • Mr Bean breaks his bed using it as a trampoline. He tries to fix it, but he can't. Next morning, he goes to buy a brand-new bed.

  • It's Irma's birthday. Bean writes out two cards - one nice, one silly. He gets his envelopes mixed up and sends off the wrong card.

  • Mr Bean crashes his mini into a pool of slurry and is desperate to get himself and his car - and poor Teddy - clean again!

  • Mr. Bean is charged with keeping an eye on Irma's dog Mopsy, but Mopsy is a very willful pooch! Who is really in charge of who?

  • Mrs Wicket demands that Bean stay in to take delivery of a new lounge chair. He is forced to dress up as Mrs Wicket to make sure it is delivered.

  • Mr Bean becomes obsessed with gaming after being introduced by Mrs Wicket's nephew. He decides he must have his own console.

  • Mr Bean is locked in a department store overnight and has the time of his life.

  • Mr Bean needs to learn to dance to impress his girlfriend Irma.

  • Mr Bean needs a new passport photograph and goes to incredible lengths to get one.

  • Mr. Bean's pizzas are a huge success with everyone -well almost everyone.

  • Mr Bean doesn't like sharing the local soft play centre with a load of rowdy kids -so he goes home and builds his own house of fun.

  • Mr Bean accidentally swaps trunks with a magician with magical results!

  • Mr Bean needs a new spade but why buy one when you can win one!

  • Mr Bean's feeling down -everyone has forgotten his birthday and to make it worse, Mrs Wicket is having a noisy party downstairs.

  • Mr Bean wants an ice cream from the ice cream van, but ends up serving himself -along with every kid in town.

  • Mr Bean buys a robot to clean his flat, but it ends up trashing half the town.

  • Mr Bean is a bit too enthusiastic while cleaning his flat and Teddy ends up on his way to the dump.

  • Bean turns superhero in an attempt to outwit a cunning cat burglar.

  • Mr Bean challenges Irma to a game of golf -inside his flat.

  • Mr Bean finds himself babysitting a baboon.

  • Mr Bean loves bird spotting and is desperate to tick off the last elusive bird in his book.

  • Mr Bean becomes an accidental wrestling champion -with a little help from two little old ladies.

  • Mr Bean has painted his room bright green. But will Mrs Wicket approve?

  • Mr Bean takes trick or treating to the next level in a war with his next-door neighbours!

  • Mr Bean plays gooseberry when Mrs Wicket falls in love with a man Mr Bean doesn't trust.

  • Mr Bean is wracked with guilt after he chases Scrapper and ends up with a flattened cat.

  • Mr. Bean is the fall guy for a thieving magpie.

  • Mr. Bean must be off his trolley with his escapades at the supermarket.

  • Mr. Bean looks for aerial revenge on a fatty.

  • Mr. Bean goes camping in a caravan made out of Mrs. Wicket's storage.

  • Mr. Bean buys a piano to learn how to play it.

  • When Mr. Bean's old TV breaks, he tries to buy a new one.

  • Mr. Bean gets involved in a case of mistaken identity.

  • Mr. Bean forgets his wallet on a date.

  • Mr. Bean gets a kiss from a famous celebrity

  • Mr. Bean finds an unusual method of transport after his car breaks down.

  • A rich inventor inspires Mr. Bean

  • Mr. Bean tries training a goldfish in order to break a record.

  • Mr. Bean thinks about the good ol' days.

  • The last person you would expect to receive a knighthood is Mr. Bean...

  • Mr. Bean has an uninvited guest.

  • Mr. Bean becomes friends with a naughty Japanese boy.

  • Mr Bean becomes scoutmaster for the day, but his obsession with badge collecting doesn't win him any friends.

  • Mr Bean is obsessed with his favourite TV show, Super Spy, but takes his snooping a little too far.

  • Mr Bean becomes a famous internet sensation.

  • Mr. Bean's newspaper keeps getting stolen. Who is the cunning culprit?

  • Mr. Bean takes Teddy on a seaside holiday, but a precocious child decides she should be Teddy's best, and only friend!

  • Mr. Bean buys a new bookcase but it is missing one vital element!

  • Mr. Bean enters a competition to win a trolley of free food!

  • Mr. Bean tries to be romantic but his idea of romance is very different from his girlfriend's.

  • Mr. Bean has to deal with an unwanted house guest, but the stubborn pest refuses to leave.

  • Mr. Bean is tired of litterbugs and attempts to clean up the whole town himself, with disastrous results.

  • Mr. Bean attempts to retrieve his cash card and 'accidentally' ends up inside a bank vault.

  • Mr. Bean's electricity is cut off so he builds a wind turbine -all fine until there's too much wind!

  • Mr. Bean wins tickets for a Cruise, but if only he could stay on it!

  • Mr. Bean has to look after Mrs. Wicket's goldfish, but Scrapper the cat is keen to 'help'.

  • Mr. Bean makes his own horror movie and ropes in Mrs. Wicket as the star!