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The television series entitled trial and Tribulation is centered on the activities and adventures of some police detectives. The series starts when a child murder is uncovered and the police start carrying out an investigation as to the causes and events surrounding the murder of the victim known as Julie. However, the trial is not easy for the police due to contaminated evidence. The washing line is used to cover up the cause of Julies death as she got strangled by it. This is believed to be arranged by the prime suspect Dunni. Not long after, another piece of evidence, a broken bottle, is mentioned as a possible murder weapon, and the challenge is to find the bottle for further investigation. The case continues and becomes even more complicated as time goes on due to insufficient evidence.

The series continues when a mysterious murderer known as Morton appears and starts killing only women. A lady known as Marilyn survives Mortons attack and exposes him. A thorough investigation into Mortons activities leads to the uncovering of body parts of his victims in his house. These serve as sufficient evidence against him, and he is taken to court. He hires the services of Maddox, a well known attorney, Mortons wife however appears in court and testifies against him.

A young lady known as Cassie disappears, and her clothes are later found in one of Karls beach houses. He is named the main suspect. Karl is a drug addict who lives in a quiet house with his wife Rebecca. Stephen shows up and defends Karl, stating that he knows him too well and he is not capable of such a crime.

The characters in the series comprise well-known actors and actresses such as David Hayman starring as Michael Walker, Victoria Smurfit starring as DCI R

Trial and Retribution is a series that is currently running and has 22 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on October 19, 1997.

Where do I stream Trial and Retribution online? Trial and Retribution is available for streaming on ITV1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Trial and Retribution on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla online.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on ITV1
22 Seasons, 61 Episodes
October 19, 1997
Cast: David Hayman, Victoria Smurfit, Kate Buffery, Dorian Lough, Mark Smith
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Trial and Retribution Full Episode Guide

  • Walker's obsession with convicting the Bilkin family irks Connor, who questions the purpose of the investigation. Jamie enlightens Connor with information about the romantic life of Barry Bilkin, intensifying speculation about the family and its emerging issues.

  • The arrest of Pavel yields unsatisfactory results, forcing Walker and Connor to continue searching for the motives behind the growing number of crimes. As they do, the line between criminal and victim blurs.

  • A teenager's fatal fall from a Ferris wheel initially seems to be an unfortunate accident. DCI Connor quickly realizes that to uncover the muddled truth behind the death, she must confront the carnival's mystic owners, including Satchel's fortune-telling aunt, Tess.