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Lives Of Omission is a crime drama from the perspective of the police that work undercover to get the information they need to arrest the members of organized crime operating in the city of Hong Kong. This show is an explosive mix of criminals that prey upon the city while being pursued by the special unit of the HKP. The policeman work with the chief barrister to secure the convictions of criminals brought in from the streets.

Lives Of Omission is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on August 1, 2011.

Lives Of Omission is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Lives Of Omission on demand at, Viki online.

1 Season, 30 Episodes
August 1, 2011
Action & Adventure Crime International
Cast: Michael Tse
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Lives Of Omission Full Episode Guide

  • Laughing finds himself back in court again for the last time.

  • The police busts Ether Union's drug trafficking operation. Spicy Ginger is out for revenge.

  • With Michael's help, Spicy Ginger escapes from prison. The police are closer to finding out about Ether Union, but information about undercovers may have been compromised.

  • The police discovers Michael's cocaine supplier is connected to a beauty products company where Kwan Nam happens to work.

  • Michael plans to expand Yee Fung internationally by joining Ether Union.

  • Fierce competition inside Yee Fung for the new chief position, Laughing and Michael pull out their ace cards to out the other.

  • Yee Fung set a date to elect a new Chief. T-Two seeks revenge as Dog Head struggles with the choices he has made.

  • Spicy Ginger goes on trial. Michael makes his move to be elected the new chief.

  • Mok Yat Lit escapes with help of a mole inside CIB.

  • Laughing gets intel from Mok Yat Lit's mistress to catch him red-handed.

  • Pissed that Laughing is moving up the ranks quickly at Yee Fung, Spicy Ginger make his move to get rid of his competition.

  • Jodie insists staying strictly business with Laughing, while Mung confess her feelings to Dog Head.

  • Laughing works with Michael to gain new terriory in Old Kiln Slope.

  • Laughing turns in his badge after an operation goes wrong leaving an agent severely injured.

  • CIB uses the twin agent as undercover to bust Michael's drug operation.

  • While undercover, Laughing and Jodie discovers one of their agents Kit has a twin brother who is involved in Yee Fung.

  • Mok Yat Lit appoints Spicy Ginger and Michael to run Willy's drug business.

  • Gangsters within Yee Fung compete to take over Willy's business in drugs.

  • The big boss of Yee Fung returns to Hong Kong and is ready to launch a new business.

  • The police are ready to bring down Yee Fung in one go with Operation Shadow Hunting, but Micheal has a plan of his own.

  • Yuen Kwan Nam is released from prison after being betrayed by Kung Sir 20 years ago.

  • Laughing helps Micheal to climb the ranks in exchange for intelligence.

  • CIB's new mission is to infiltrate Yee Fung's prostitution ring. Mung is forced to face her past when she is asked to go undercover.

  • The final test for the trainees' is to investigate Laughing's case.

  • Laughing is suspected of going rogue.

  • Jodie continues her surveillance on Laughing's home. Meanwhile, Laughing wants Michael to break into Four Happiness Finance Ltd.

  • Laughing trains new recruits for the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, while putting them all at risk.

  • An agent who has been working undercover to gain the trust of a criminal organization finishes his mission, and is then placed into a new job with the police.