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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (86)

The Defected is a Hong Kong action-thriller television drama series produced by TVB. It premiered on April 1, 2019, and ran for 30 episodes. The show stars Ming Yeung, Wai-Ho Yuen, and Kara Wai, who play key roles in the plotline. The series revolves around the underworld crime organizations in Hong Kong and Macau, which are led by the powerful triad boss To Yik-tin (played by Ben Wong). To Yik-tin's businesses include smuggling, drug trafficking, and illegal gambling, among others. He is known for his cunning tactics and the influence he wields over the law-enforcing authorities.

The story follows the lives of several characters who are somehow associated with To Yik-tin's criminal empire. Sam (played by Benjamin Yuen) is an undercover agent who infiltrates To Yik-tin's gang to gather evidence against him. He adopts the name Kiu Tin-sang and befriends the low-level gangster Ching Fung (played by Philip Ng). Meanwhile, the veteran cop King (played by Chun Wong) has a personal grudge against To Yik-tin and is determined to bring him down at any cost.

Another key character is Cho Tin-nam (played by Joey Thye), a young woman who flees from Macau to Hong Kong after being accused of a crime she did not commit. She ends up in the care of Madam Chiu (played by Kara Wai), a kind-hearted but tough-as-nails landlady who provides shelter for those in need. Cho Tin-nam soon finds herself in the middle of To Yik-tin's turf war as various factions try to recruit her for their own purposes.

Adding to the mix are various other characters, such as the hitman Kwan Ka-hang (played by Philip Keung) and his protege Ching Ho-yin (played by Matthew Ho), who struggle with their sense of loyalty and morality as they are caught up in the gang war.

The Defected is notable for its realistic portrayals of the criminal underworld and police operations, as well as its high-octane action sequences. The show features numerous car chases, gun battles, and hand-to-hand combat scenes, which are choreographed and executed with great finesse. Moreover, the show's attention to detail when it comes to the inner workings of triad organizations is impressive, as it sheds light on the structures, rituals, and customs of these criminal groups.

The show's pacing is also a strong point, as it keeps the viewers engrossed with its twists and turns, cliffhangers, and character development. The dialogue is sharp and witty, with plenty of humor and pathos sprinkled throughout. Furthermore, the show's production values are top-notch, as it showcases the stunning landscapes, ornate interiors, and intricate props that are characteristic of Hong Kong and Macau.

Overall, The Defected is a must-watch for fans of action, thriller, and crime dramas. Its intense storyline, complex characters, and slick execution make for a gripping television experience that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With its mix of grit and glamour, the show offers a window into the underbelly of two of Asia's most fascinating cities.

The Defected is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on May 13, 2019.

The Defected
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Episode 30
30. Episode 30
The trial starts again, and HEI-WAH plays her trump card by using her two sons’ sacrificial death, gaining the upper hand. In the end, SHEUNG SING loses the case, and the court rules that it’s him who “brought it upon himself”. Meanwhile, WING-SA, who is just reassigned as a patrol officer, bumps into TUNG-TUNG, from whom she gets the mobile phone left by BING-GO. SHEUNG SING gets vital clues from the mobile phone, so YU-SUM seizes the opportunity to bribe the Battalion Commander’s henchman KEUNG. However, the Battalion Commander sees through them, and is ready to lure YU-SUM to a trap, creating an even bigger event regarding the killing of the police officers…… After YU-SUM gets promoted to Assistant Commissioner, his first task is to launch an investigation into HEI-WAH, who soon reaps the bitter fruits of her power struggle obsession……
Episode 29
29. Episode 29
SHEUNG SING is ready to sue HEI-WAH, and he still insists even after learning that HEI-WAH has retained a famous lawyer to defend her and his chances of winning are slim. One year later, SHEUNG SING is transferred back to Mong Kok District, but he still hasn’t given up on investigating the Battalion Commander. In such dire circumstances, family support becomes very important for SHEUNG SING. However, not wanting to drag his family members into this, SHEUNG SING instead tries to convince HIU-YEE to take CHING-CHING to Finland to start anew. On the day of trial, SHEUNG SING finally sees the long absent WING-JING. WING-JING seems to have changed, and he even becomes an adverse witness, testifying in favor of HEI-WAH…… After the trial, WING-JING is once again dispirited; whereas WING-SA still has a firm belief. WING-SA hopes that HEI-WAH will eventually admit her mistakes, to which HEI-WAH refuses……
Episode 28
28. Episode 28
SHEUNG SING arrives at the scene where BING-GO and WAI-CHUNG were shot and questions HEI-WAH sternly. He even gets a letter written by BING-GO from WING-SA. There is an explosion in WAI-KIU’s home, and WING-JING suffers severe injuries. LAI-KIT is buried at Gallant Garden, and CHIN-LEUNG hints that HEI-WAH could become the first female Commissioner of Police. Joining forces with YU-SUM and KWOK-CHU to look for evidence, SHEUNG SING vows to topple HEI-WAH. SHEUNG SING is experiencing complications which are getting worse, but he refuses surgery. On top of that, he is still working around the clock while preparing for the Inspectorate Professional Examination, because he has so little time yet so much to do. During a high-rise rescue, HEI-YI unexpectedly finds that the person is…… Once again, HEI-WAH stops SHEUNG SING from investigating LAW BIU, but SHEUNG SING swears not to let her get away with it, claiming to sue her!
Episode 27
27. Episode 27
The police narrow down the suspect pool and focus on LAW BIU, surmising that he is also linked to the acid attack case. Meanwhile, LAW BIU is taken away by WAI-KIU and LAI-YIU, who have him tortured. WAI-KIU secretly installs surveillance software on WING-JING’s mobile phone, reporting the RCU operations to the Battalion Commander. After WING-SA takes LAI-HAN to the hospital to visit BING-GO, HEI-WAH personally escorts BING-GO from the hospital back to the detention center. It turns out that HEI-WAH tries to use BING-GO to lure out the Battalion Commander, but her plan fails. In the meantime, the Battalion Commander is in WAI-KIU’s home interrogating her, above which he even plots to lure WING-JING there to kill one more police officer. After BING-GO is forced out of the car, he reveals HEI-WAH’s secret to her loyal subordinate NG WAI-CHUNG. Right away, HEI-WAH orders a sniper to shoot at them, and WAI-CHUNG is shot……
Episode 26
26. Episode 26
Though SHEUNG SING is confused about HIU-YEE’s feelings for him, he fortunately finds consolation in HEI-YI’s company as they are in the same boat. WING-JING and WAI-KIU start their new life together, suddenly, WAI-KIU receives news of her bestie NGUYEN THI QUE being raped and murdered. HEI-YI senses that she has been followed, feeling her life being in danger, so SHEUNG SING transfers her to a safe house. Disregarding HEI-YI’s feelings, HEI-WAH wants her to be a bait to lure out the killer rapist, to which SHEUNG SING resolutely opposes, but HEI-YI herself volunteers to cooperate. Under WING-JING’s encouragement, SHEUNG SING and HIU-YEE open up to each other, which eventually helps SHEUNG SING get a load off his mind. The arrest operation begins, yet the killer out of the blue shifts his target to HIU-YEE. SHEUNG SING dashes out but is knocked down……
Episode 25
25. Episode 25
Accompanied by SHEUNG SING and WING-JING, HEI-YI goes to pay tribute to the late LAI-KIT, and she finally accepts the fact of losing him. The dinner that was scheduled before the operation takes place as usual, during which YU-SUM, SHEUNG SING and other fellow officers encourage each other. HEI-WAH initiates a housecleaning, and her first move is to transfer YU-SUM out of the regional headquarters, following which she assigns SHEUNG SING and his subordinates to investigate cold cases. She then leads her team to raid on the Battalion Commander’s hideout, unfortunately, the firearms have vanished without trace. On the other hand, the Battalion Commander is also looking for the firearms. BING-GO thinks of some clues, so he secretly tells WING-SA to go looking for SHEUNG SING in his stead. Meanwhile, several cold cases of rape and murder trigger the sequelae of HEI-YI’s PTSD……
Episode 24
24. Episode 24
WING-SA discloses her undercover cop identity to BING-GO, and both of them find out that they were deceived by HEI-WAH. The Battalion Commander escapes and HEI-WAH seizes the opportunity to take back control of the operation. She not only kicks YU-SUM out of the command center, but also removes LAI-KIT from the office. LAI-KIT leaves a message in HEI-WAH’s message box, revealing his thoughts and feelings. Just as HEI-WAH thinks that she gains control of everything, the Battalion Commander out of the blue turns back running towards CHING-LUNG... WING-SA is ready to release BING-GO, suddenly SHEUNG SING jumps out. Knowing it is time to redeem himself, BING-GO follows SHEUNG SING back to the police station. Despite a devastating result, HEI-WAH refuses to give up power, and she even requests BING-GO to conspire with her to give a false statement……
Episode 23
23. Episode 23
WAI-KIU secretly plants the listening device on CHING-LUNG, helping the police locate where the drugs are hidden and catch them red-handed. HEI-WAH fiercely criticizes LAI-KIT for being not as good as LAI-CHUN, right away, LAI-KIT speaks a fact that HEI-WAH finds hard to believe. YU-SUM and CHING-LUNG reach a deal, to which HEI-WAH is opposed but in vain. To make YU-SUM lose face, HEI-WAH even plans to let the Battalion Commander go. There is police deployment at the dealing location for the arrest of the Battalion Commander and his accomplices. When the deal takes place, BING-GO out of the blue receives a threatening text message, leaving him no other choice but to alert the Battalion Commander then take a car and drive them away. After BING-GO takes the Battalion Commander to the designated location by HEI-WAH, SHEUNG SING also chases after them to the place, so the Battalion Commander hops on a motorcycle to flee……
Episode 22
22. Episode 22
LAI-KIT actively takes the blame for SHEUNG SING who was accused of eavesdropping, but HEI-WAH deliberately hands the whole thing over for YU-SUM to deal with. Understanding HEI-WAH’s intention of sacrificing LAI-KIT for the power struggle, YU-SUM only launches an investigation focusing on the mole in the police force, deducing that the mole is KWOK-CHU, and LAI-KIT decides to help YU-SUM after a thorough consideration. CHIN-LEUNG and TIN-YUK arrive at Kowloon West, and TIN-YUK requests HEI-WAH to hand over CHING-LUNG’s case. Meanwhile, with SHEUNG SING receiving intelligence from BING-GO, YU-SUM instantly comes up with an idea, so he asks HEI-WAH to surrender her power through a text message, to which HEI-WAH refuses. YU-SUM then storms into CHIN-LEUNG and HEI-WAH’s meeting…… Arranging to release WAI-KIU and CHING-LUNG, WING-JING plants a listening device on WAI-KIU……
Episode 21
21. Episode 21
BING-GO reveals the secret of him being a cop to his mother; whereas the Battalion Commander does not trust BING-GO anymore, treating him as expendable. The investigation stalls so SHEUNG SING suggests releasing WAI-KIU while cooperating with BING-GO. Dissatisfied with his ways, WING-JING quarrels with SHEUNG SING intensely, but HEI-YI supports SHEUNG SING. BING-GO hands the evidence proving the dealings between CHING-LUNG and the Battalion Commander to KWOK-CHU, seeking to take the opportunity to confirm whether or not he is the mole in the police force. Thinking he is doomed, BING-GO hopes that SHEUNG SING will help fulfill his last wish……
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
SHEUNG SING and the others go to see their peers one last time, and they are grief-stricken, reminiscing about the past when they fought side by side with each other. But they soon regroup to gather new evidence against CHING-LUNG, following which they deduce there must be a senior officer colluding with the Battalion Commander. AH LEI plans to kill TUNG-TUNG after discovering that TUNG-TUNG gains evidence of their dealings with CHING-LUNG. On the other hand, SHEUNG CHING is dissatisfied with immigrating to Finland so she runs away from home, during which she bumps into TUNG-TUNG. Their lives are in danger due to AH LEI’s ambush, fortunately, WING-SA and BING-GO go to their rescue. Bringing along SHEUNG CHING, BING-GO contacts SHEUNG SING, and the two decide to use the two girls’ identities as a cover-up for the secret communication channel……
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
SHEUNG SING returns and his first mission is to bring CHING-LUNG to justice by causing him to give the game away through his trade with the Battalion Commander, but to no avail. Plus the pressure from another Assistant Commissioner of Police, WAN TIN-YUK, HEI-WAH arranges for WING-JING to persuade WAI-KIU to gather evidence for the police, and WAI-KIU agrees for old time’s sake. According to the clue left by WAI-KIU, CHING-LUNG is about to carry out trade with other gangs, so the police immediately take the necessary measures to tackle this. When it’s time for the trade, they discover that CHING-LUNG attempts to kill the police officers and rivals in a bomb explosion! With CHIN-LEUNG seeking to hold someone accountable for the whole thing, HEI-WAH surprisingly takes full responsibility instead of shifting the blame onto the operation commander, YU-SUM. WING-JING blames WAI-KIU for coming too late in terms of relaying the information……
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
After TUNG-TUNG accidentally sees the illegal firearms trade, AH LEI attempts to kill her to cover up his crime but is stopped by BING-GO. For TUNG-TUNG’s safety, BING-GO lets CHING-YU look after her. LAI-KIT is concerned that HEI-WAH’s power struggle will bring more chaos to Kowloon West, to which HEI-WAH expresses that she knows what’s going on. YU-SUM not only brings the police officers who were oppressed by HEI-WAH back to RCU, but also gives a reason that even HEI-WAH can’t say no. Stating that both LAI-KIT and SHEUNG SING form vital roles in Kowloon West region unity, YU-SUM wants LAI-KIT to try to persuade SHEUNG SING. Unfortunately, SHEUNG SING is determined to leave. In the meantime, he sees BING-GO so he chases after him regardless of the consequences. Taking LAI-KIT hostage, BING-GO, with the help of his mother’s new neighbor, KWONG WING-SA, manages to escape……
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
HEI-WAH heeds KWOK-CHU’s warning and joins forces with him to counter YU-SUM, seeking to use the case involving SAI-HAU’s henchman, KONG CHING-LUNG, to humble him. HEI-YI throws her bracelet into the sea so as to break free from her relationship with LAI-KIT, above which she even passes the selection test for the Force Abseiling Cadre (FAC). Upon his discharge from the hospital, SHEUNG SING frankly discloses to WING-JING that he is struggling with the gunshot wound-related medical complications and has applied to get reassigned to work in the office. A watch evokes WING-JING’s memory of his romantic relationship with WAI-KIU when he worked as an undercover cop. Unexpectedly, he runs into WAI-KIU at court and she is with CHING-LUNG now. Seeing her being treated poorly, WING-JING becomes enraged. He secretly tails after them, but is soon thwarted by LAI-KIT, who is also focusing on CHING-LUNG as a target……
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
CHIN-LEUNG is supportive of YU-SUM’s redeployment of Kowloon West Regional police officers. Though HEI-WAH appears to agree, she is ready to alienate YU-SUM from the rest of the team. YU-SUM has confirmed his redeployment plan, which still can’t shake HEI-WAH’s powerful status. WAI-NGA wants him to seek help from experienced KWOK-CHU, unfortunately, their meeting ends in discord, leaving WAI-NGA no other choice but to ask for KWOK-CHU’s help in private. HEI-WAH flies into a rage after receiving YU-SUM’s plan as scheduled. Right away, she assembles all the senior officers of the Kowloon West Regional Headquarters, urging them to pledge allegiance to her right in front of YU-SUM. Unexpectedly, YU-SUM and WAI-NGA come prepared…… YU-SUM heaves a sigh of relief, only to uncover that WAI-NGA meets up with KWOK-CHU in private……
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
Accompanying his wife SO WAI-NGA to attend a social event, YU-SUM is taunted by KWOK-CHU, which instead inspires his determination of changing himself. With her work capability gaining recognition from CHIN-LEUNG, HEI-WAH receives news about her being promoted. She then asks LAI-KIT about getting transferred to the RCU, but LAI-KIT turns her down. YU-SUM is also notified of the meeting with CHIN-LEUNG, thinking he can re-open the investigation over HEI-WAH. However, CHIN-LEUNG’s decision is totally unexpected…… Holding a high position, HEI-WAH starts striking back against YU-SUM aggressively, above which she even advises him to quit as soon as possible. The unfavorable situation, however, stimulates YU-SUM’s fighting spirit. HEI-WAH’s arrogance provides an opportunity for YU-SUM, who gets help from CHIN-LEUNG to restrain HEI-WAH’s unbridled attitude.
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
YIK-TAI’s intention of blaming SHEUNG SING for the escape of the prisoners provokes dissatisfaction from CHIN-LEUNG, who arranges for him to retire early. SHEUNG SING is hospitalized as a result of another head injury, fortunately, he receives the good news that TUNG-TUNG was rescued. SHEUNG SING decides not to report this to his superior because he believes that BING-GO will protect TUNG-TUNG. WING-JING is transferred out of the armoury, and it turns out that KWOK-CHU is behind this because he hopes that WING-JING will help him gain the upper hand in the year when promotions are decided. SHEUNG SING’s situation does not look good, and he may suffer permanent damage to the urinary system. To make things worse, he learns that HIU-YEE might leave him and take SHEUNG CHING with her. HEI-YI does not pass the selection test for the Force Abseiling Cadre (FAC), to which YU-SUM points out that it’s due to her own fragile heart……
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
BING-GO secretly tells SHEUNG SING to find HEI-WAH so as to get clues regarding the Battalion Commander. Just as SHEUNG SING and HEI-YI are one step away from success, AH LEI’s girlfriend, KONG LAI-YIU, suddenly appears, giving the Battalion Commander an opportunity to move TUNG-TUNG to somewhere else. During the crime reconstruction with BING-GO and AH LEI respectively, BING-GO out of the blue recants his statement and seeks an opportunity to talk to SHEUNG SING alone, hoping that SHEUNG SING will release him so that he can save TUNG-TUNG. Meanwhile, AH LEI escapes and SHEUNG SING’s fellow police officer gets shot as a result. Realizing that only BING-GO can save TUNG-TUNG’s life, SHEUNG SING agrees to release BING-GO but on one condition which is to go with him to get the ransom money, so BING-GO orchestrates a car accident then escapes……
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
After BING-GO receives the ransom money, the Battalion Commander orders KWONG-HING to kill the hostage. KWONG-HING is stabbed by AH LEI while trying to protect CHI-MAN. Following the clues provided by BING-GO, SHEUNG SING and HEI-YI rush there to apprehend AH LEI and rescue CHI-MAN. BING-GO discovers that KWONG-HING’s daughter, LAU TUNG-TUNG, was taken by the Battalion Commander. After SHEUNG SING and the others track them down to BING-GO’s hideout, HEI-YI deduces that it must be the place they hide TUNG-TUNG, triggering a relapse of her post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to lack of evidence, YIK-TAI refuses to acknowledge that TUNG-TUNG was kidnapped. SHEUNG SING requests YIK-TAI to delay the announcement of KWONG-HING’s death, and eventually gets half a day. With HEI-WAH taking BING-GO back to the police station, BING-GO persistently wants to see SHEUNG SING, telling him that TUNG-TUNG was in fact kidnapped……
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
SHEUNG SING is not only kicked out of the team by HEI-WAH, but also under investigation by the Internal Investigation office (IIO). He tries to convince YU-SUM to use the power of IIO to stop HEI-WAH from jeopardizing public safety. YIK-TAI is satisfied with HEI-WAH’s performance in the acid attack case, so he lets her handle NIM-BOK’s son CHEUK CHI-MAN’s kidnapping case, and HEI-WAH is very happy seeing her superior trust her. HEI-WAH has confidence in solving the case because one of the persons involved turns out to be BING-GO, who is cooperative. YU-SUM successfully forces YIK-TAI to put pressure on HEI-WAH, letting SHEUNG SING replace her as the commander of the acid attack and kidnapping cases. After taking over the kidnapping case, SHEUNG SING discovers that HEI-WAH talked to the kidnapper. In the meantime, HEI-WAH deliberately goes missing. Thus, SHEUNG SING guesses that BING-GO is the kidnapper.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
BING-GO receives a new task from the Battalion Commander, which is to contact the Deputy Commander LAU KWONG-HING. In the process, he runs into SHEUNG SING and HEI-YI who are tracking down YAU-FAI. SHEUNG SING and HEI-YI learn that YAU-FAI is organizing multiple attacks, which means they are unable to prevent his accomplices even if they manage to stop YAU-FAI. The acid is seen to be thrown from a height, splashing all over HEI-YI…… SHEUNG SING is convinced it’s BING-GO who did this after recalling seeing him appear at many scenes. He catches up with BING-GO seeking to confront him, suddenly, the Battalion Commander drives a car to arrive there, and BING-GO manages to flee. BING-GO later learns that the Battalion Commander attempts to kidnap KWONG-HING’s daughter so as to coerce KWONG-HING into abducting tycoon CHEUK NIM-BOK’s son for ransom……
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
SHEUNG SING’s condition deteriorates due to a wound infection. Meanwhile, BING-GO locates the whereabouts of the mastermind behind THE BEAST, the Battalion Commander, and proves to him that he is able to make things work through HEI-WAH. WING-JING is transferred to the armoury; whereas HEI-YI also starts working at the Traffic Department. Though SHEUNG SING is actively trying to recover in hopes of returning to the frontline as soon as possible, HEI-WAH regards his effort of seeking to return to the DCS with disdain. HEI-WAH has lost contact with BING-GO, so she seeks aid from KWOK-CHU to assign another undercover cop to check upon on BING-GO. On top of that, she even heeds KWOK-CHU’s advice about taking back SHEUNG SING. It has not been smooth sailing for the launch of the Sky Eye surveillance system in the wake of the acid attack, so HEI-WAH decides to deploy additional manpower to the area……
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
SHEUNG SING learns that he might suffer sequelae. Despite that, he still insists on going back to the frontline because he knows that HEI-WAH’s undercover is linked to his injuries as well as many other incidents. The police names LUK WAI-KIU as a suspect in the acid attack case; whereas WING-JING seems to have something to hide. It turns out that HEI-WAH seeks to dig up the truth of LAI-CHUN’s death through WING-JING by using WAI-KIU’s incident as a pretext. WING-JING disappears after having a heated argument with HEI-WAH. Disregarding his own physical condition, SHEUNG SING goes to a gambling den to look for WING-JING, above which he even decides to go with him to the Internal Investigations office (IIO) to strike back at HEI-WAH. HEI-WAH rushes there to quarrel with Chief Superintendent of Internal Investigations CHING YU-SUM……
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
HEI-YI runs into LAI-KIT upon her discharge from the hospital, so she drags him back home to prepare some food for celebration. At the dining table, HEI-YI hopes that LAI-KIT will confess his love for her, which unfortunately ends up in an awkward situation. SHEUNG SING is getting better, so he finally has a chance to discuss the secret of THE BEAST with WING-JING. WING-JING discloses the secret that he has been keeping to himself, which strengthens the bonds of amity and brotherhood between them. Everything seems to go back to normal, yet the peacefulness is broken by alleged acid attacks. With the police going all out for the case, WING-JING takes the lead to hunt down the suspect, but HEI-WAH dampens his enthusiasm. SHEUNG SING distributes the anonymous donations he received to those from the neighborhood, and HIU-YEE frankly admits that she understands his action, leading to the pair’s reminiscences of the day when they first met.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
Facing constant pressure from KWOK-CHU, HEI-WAH ferociously declares war against him, and her first step is to find BING-GO. BING-GO suggests joining forces with HEI-WAH to flush out the mastermind behind THE BEAST, seeking an opportunity to settle a score with KWOK-CHU. He takes out the narcotics he secretly hid to continue to trade with LIK-YIN. Walking a thin line between both sides of the law, BING-GO can hardly define his own identity. KWOK-CHU grills SHEUNG SING, who just regains his consciousness, in an attempt to gather more evidence against LAI-KIT. On top of that, he even takes credit for the arrest of LIK-YIN. Unexpectedly, HEI-WAH directly presents the evidence of KWOK-CHU absence at the scene to the Commissioner of Police, KWOK CHIN-LEUNG, who then angrily transfers him to Police College. Having averted the crisis, LAI-KIT finally gets some time to worry about the one that has been on his mind and is still hospitalized.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
The police vehicles are ambushed by THE BEAST and ransacked of all the seized property. HEI-WAH immediately rushes to the crime scene; whereas SHEUNG SING and the others see through her power struggle plot. The car that carries the robbers loses control veering off the roadway. In a hurry to arrest THE BEAST, HEI-WAH dashes out followed by LAI-KIT, SHEUNG SING and WING-JING. WING-JING is subdued by THE BEAST, who is shot and killed by SHEUNG SING. While asking WING-JING how he knows THE BEAST, SHEUNG SING is suddenly shot and the round passes through the left side of his brain. SHEUNG SING is rushed to the hospital for surgery. It turns out that the bullet fired came from LAI-KIT’s gun. After HEI-WAH reveals the loss of the firearm concerning LAI-KIT to the media, she learns that she suffers partial hearing loss in her left ear as a result of this operation……
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Seeing HIU-YEE and SHEUNG CHING move in with him, SHEUNG SING thinks there might be encouraging change to improve their relationship, without realizing that HIU-YEE has other options. SHEUNG SING and the others are forced to stop investigating LIK-YIN and assigned to destroy narcotics. Unbeknownst to them, THE BEAST and the others have already cast their nets wide in an attempt to rob the narcotics from the police. Taking advantage of this, HEI-WAH plots on the sly, seeking to topple KWOK-CHU and boost her own reputation by exploiting BING-GO to gain detailed information regarding the heist. SHEUNG CHING has an outburst as a result of her anxiety disorder, so HIU-YEE can’t help but disclose her choice. SHEUNG SING’s family issue causes delay in the operation of destruction of narcotics, which is thus taken over by LAI-KIT……
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
Hunting down the drug dealers, SHEUNG SING and LAI-KIT eventually apprehend SAI-HAU in a fierce exchange of gun fire and rescue HEI-YI. On top of that, they even gain new clues about the mastermind, CHAU LIK-YIN. THE BEAST escapes and returns to his lair but runs into SHEUNG CHING, so he orders his henchman LOONY to kill her. HEI-WAH is dissatisfied with LAI-KIT’s way of handling things, thinking he has feelings for HEI-YI, to which LAI-KIT can’t argue otherwise. In the nick of time, SHEUNG SING helps him out of trouble. SHEUNG SING rushes to the crime scene after learning SHEUNG CHING almost got killed. However, his action of prioritizing the crime investigation over his own daughter’s well-being makes HIU-YEE feel downhearted. SHEUNG SING assembles all his buddies to help WING-JING get out of financial trouble, resulting in their reunion in the Narcotics Bureau……
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
After being transferred, SHEUNG SING is sent by LAI-KIT to monitor a drug warehouse. On the other hand, BING-GO and the others are getting ready to take action after receiving instruction from THE BEAST. Seizing the opportunity, BING-GO tips off HEI-WAH. BING-GO turns out to be an undercover cop who works for HEI-WAH. He was introduced to THE BEAST after being stabbed defending BIG WAI in prison. LAI-KIT is getting ready to lead his team to arrest drug lord YIM SAI-HAU, so SHEUNG SING wants to join them, but his request is denied. However, SHEUNG SING comes prepared, managing to arrive at the command post together with HEI-WAH. HEI-WAH swallows her pride and lets Senior Superintendent KAN KWOK-CHU to lead the operation, seeking to bring her son’s murderer THE BEAST to justice. LAI-KIT’s undercover HEI-YI is stalling in front of SAI-HAU to buy more time, above which she even risks herself to try the drug……
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Leading his team to bust a drug trafficking ring, District Crime Squad Inspector SHEUNG SING is instead obstructed by Narcotics Bureau (NB) Inspector YAU LAI-KIT, so Monger CHIU HEI-YI seizes the opportunity to run away. By chance, SHEUNG SING receives intelligence while paying tribute to the late informant CHAN SING. He later sends his senior fellow officer KOK WING-JING to attend a parent-teacher meeting on his behalf. After finding out about this, his girlfriend YEUNG HIU-YEE flies into a rage, instantly, SHEUNG SING takes out a diamond ring to propose marriage to her. Meanwhile, he runs into diamond robbers leading to a wild pursuit, only to find his daughter SHEUNG CHING in the car. Jumping out of his car to continue the pursuit, SHEUNG SING shoots a criminal dead on a busy street; on the other hand, SHEUNG CHING and WING-JING are taken hostage by another criminal called YAU BING-GO…..……
Where to Watch The Defected
The Defected is available for streaming on the TVB website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Defected on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    May 13, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (86)