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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

AHC Presents is a television series from the American Heroes Channel, which is devoted to the exploration of historical events and personalities that have impacted American society. The series focuses on a variety of topics and periods, providing viewers with a fascinating insight into some of the defining moments in American history.

Each episode of AHC Presents is typically divided into a number of segments, each exploring a different aspect of the broader topic at hand. For example, an episode about the American Civil War might include segments about the political and social factors that led to the conflict, the military strategies employed by both sides, and the experiences of individual soldiers on the front lines. Similarly, an episode about the American space program might include segments about the scientific breakthroughs that made space travel possible, the political and economic motivations behind the program, and the training and experiences of astronauts.

One of the unique features of AHC Presents is its use of expert commentary and analysis. Throughout each episode, viewers hear from historians, researchers, and other experts in their field, who provide insights and context that deepen the viewer's understanding of the topic at hand. These experts often call upon a variety of primary sources, including letters, diaries, and other documents that provide a firsthand account of the events being discussed.

In addition to expert commentary, each episode of AHC Presents weaves together a rich tapestry of archival footage, photographs, and other visual materials. From rare historical documents to never-before-seen images of pivotal events, these visuals help to paint a vivid and engaging picture of the past.

Despite its focus on history and the past, AHC Presents is not a dry or academic series. Rather, it is a lively and engaging exploration of some of the most fascinating and impactful moments in American history. Whether you're a history buff or simply interested in learning more about the world around you, AHC Presents is a must-watch show that will entertain, educate, and inspire.

AHC Presents is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on March 3, 2014.

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9/11: The Falling Man
14. 9/11: The Falling Man
September 7, 2016
9/11: The Falling Man tells the story of the unforgettable photograph of a 9/11 'jumper.' It follows the trail of the photographer who nearly lost his life shooting the image and a journalist who committed himself to uncovering the falling man's identity.
Justice for MLK: The Hunt for James Earl Ray
13. Justice for MLK: The Hunt for James Earl Ray
January 17, 2016
The remarkable story of the assassination of Martin Luther King and the desperate search for his killer which was (and remains to this day) the biggest, most extensive manhunt ever conducted, and the first to use forensic techniques.
Castro: The World's Most Watched Man
12. Castro: The World's Most Watched Man
October 22, 2015
Fidel Castro has been one of the most notorious political figures of the 20th century. With exclusive access to those who worked for and against him, we uncover the inner workings of the vast spy network that allowed him to remain in power.
Nazi Jihad
11. Nazi Jihad
September 7, 2015
As Allied forces close in on Germany, the Nazi dream looks to be over. But two men will carry Hitler's vision beyond Germany: Otto Skorzeny and Amin Al Husseini. From their Nazi stronghold in the Middle East, these men create a new kind of terror.
Hitler's Messiah Complex
10. Hitler's Messiah Complex
August 31, 2015
How did an unremarkable drifter from Vienna instigate the most devastating military conflict in the history of the world? Nazi Secret Files reveals how a series of psychotic episodes_4-18 in his early life convinced Adolf Hitler he was a modern day Pharaoh.
Mad Science: Nazi Killer Bugs
9. Mad Science: Nazi Killer Bugs
August 24, 2015
Hitler famously said he was against biological weapons, but new evidence shows the Nazis were colluding with experts on germ warfare. They had a deadly plan to launch a disease attack on the Allies that could have even changed the course of the war.
Hitler and the Aryan Myth
8. Hitler and the Aryan Myth
August 17, 2015
A laughable pseudo-history dreamt up by occult fantasists lay behind the myth of the Aryan super race. Yet it inspired the Nazis into war, legitimized the holocaust and led to the abduction of tens of thousands of young Aryan-looking children.
Hitler's Death Ray
7. Hitler's Death Ray
August 10, 2015
5,100 miles fromthe Earth a solar death ray can be found orbiting the skies. At the thrust of rocket, this solar mirror will obliterate any city. This was the Nazi dream, but what was the reality?
One Giant Leap
6. One Giant Leap
August 5, 2015
The 1960's brought America to its knees – with the exception of one mission, one light in the darkness that captured our imagination and brought us to our feet giving us the hope we needed to carry on.
High Hitler and His Nazi Supersoldiers
5. High Hitler and His Nazi Supersoldiers
August 3, 2014
Newly discovered secret files reveal the huge drugs program that fuelled the Nazi war machine. Led by Hitler, himself possessed by narcotics, the German troops consume tens of millions of Crystal Meth tablets throughout the war, driving them to extremes.
How Superman Defeated the KKK
4. How Superman Defeated the KKK
January 19, 2015
In the aftermath of World War II, writer and activist, Stetson Kennedy, sets out on a one-man mission to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. Kennedy risks his life to pass on valuable Klan information to the producers of the Superman Radio Show.
The Real Inglorious Bastards
3. The Real Inglorious Bastards
November 11, 2014
The Real Inglorious Bastards recounts the story of the most successful OSS mission of WWII and the two Jewish-American refugees of Nazi Germany who went behind enemy lines for vengeance.
AHC Films: Chosin
2. AHC Films: Chosin
May 26, 2014
During the Korean War, 15,000 U.S. troops are surrounded and trapped by 120,000 Chinese soldiers in the frozen mountains of North Korea. Refusing surrender, the men fight 78 miles to freedom and save the lives of 98,000 civilian refugees.
RAW WAR: The Lost Film of Dak To
1. RAW WAR: The Lost Film of Dak To
March 3, 2014
RAW WAR presents gripping personal stories through newly discovered film and photographs from combat cameramen who filmed some of the most significant military engagements in Vietnam.
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    March 3, 2014