Originally known as the Military Channel, the American Heroes Channel offers a glimpse of all things military. The channel became the American Heroes Channel in September of 1999. The channel can be viewed national wide.

A part of the Discovery Channel family, the shows on this channel are geared towards military, warfare and military history in general. The channel is also known as a huge sponsor of the USO.

Unlike other military channels, American Heroes Channel does not focus on the time period before WWII. There are occasional shows that deal with historical military issues, such as military happenings during Medieval and/or Roman times or even earlier dates. This channel deals primarily with more contemporary subjects.

There are many shows that can be viewed on the channel, including: Tank Overhaul, 20th Century Battlefields, Weapon Masters, Weaponology, Special Ops Mission, Codes & Conspiracies, How We Got Here, Top Ten, American Revolution, The Secret War and many more.

On the American Heroes Channel, there are a multitude of television show episodes that center around military content. In addition, the channel periodically airs feature films that concentrate on the military theme. For viewers that are interested in military history, the American Heroes Channel offers access to that subject matter.